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1994-95 Annual Report 

Four Years 
of Progress 

, he idea of progress, so ingrained in the Ameri- 
can character, is alive and well at Lebanon Valley College. 
Consider the progress achieved in the past four years. 

jFull-time enrollment has risen by 43 
percent to an all-time high of 1,163 students. The quality 
of our entering freshmen has risen as well: Three-fourths 
of them now graduate in the top third of their high school 
class, more than half graduate in the top fifth, and 
one-third rank in the top tenth. Part-time enrollment is 
also at a record high, with 721 students enrolled at our 
continuing education centers in Annville, Lancaster and 

Looking ahead, we see a period of much slower 
growth, with full-time enrollment reaching about 1,200 
by the end of the century. 

_J Increased enrollments have had a significant 
and positive impact on the college's finances. A larger 
student population has resulted in greater efficiencies in 
the use of facilities and personnel. Since 1991, revenues 
have increased 56.8 percent while expenditures have 
been held to 50.8 percent. It is worth noting that the 
resulting increases in operating margins were achieved 
while providing substantial gains in faculty and staff 
compensation. In addition, these larger year-end sur- 
pluses have enabled the college to address much of the 
deferred maintenance that had accumulated. 

In the past four years endowment and similar funds 
rose 28.5 percent, to $16.7 million. 


J Maintaining affordability is an impera- 
tive tor a small, private college. Happily, recent increases 
in enrollments have enabled the trustees to hold tuition, 
fees and room and board increases to an average of 3.4 
percent over the past two years, a rate of increase that is 
among the lowest in Pennsylvania. Currently, 95 percent 
of Lebanon Valley students receive various forms of 
financial aid; the college awarded a total of $14.5 million 
in aid on the basis of high school achievement and/or 
upon demonstrated need. 

Merit Scholarships 

Lebanon Valley has continued to attract 
attention for its merit-based scholarships, 
which recognize academically talented high 
school seniors by offering them sizable discounts 
on tuition. Since 1992, when the college incor- 
porated the scholarship program, media through- 
out the country, including the Washington Post, 
ABC Radio in New York, the Associated Press and 
most recently, the Los Angeles Times, have com- 
mented on the program's success. 

These merit-based scholarships are awarded at 
three levels: 

The Vickroy Scholarship: All high school 
seniors who rank in the top 10 percent of their 
class receive a one-half tuition scholarship. 

The Leadership Award: All high school 
seniors who rank in the top 20 percent of their 
class receive a one-third tuition scholarship. 

The Achievement Award: All high school 
seniors who rank in the top 30 percent of their 
class receive a one-fourth tuition scholarship. 

The scholarships are renewable over four years. 
So far, over 870 students have taken advantage of 
the program. Over 400 of them were Vickroy 
Scholars. Those who need additional funds or 
who do not qualify can apply for the college's 
many need-based awards. 



| An aggressive program of facility renewal is 
transforming the campus. Residential capacity was 
increased by nearly 200 by the addition of the Derickson 
Hall Apartments, the conversion of six college-owned 
houses and the renovation of several existing residence 
halls. Our new arts facilities include the Suzanne H. 
Arnold Art Gallery the Zimmerman Recital Hall and the 
Leedy Theater. Kreiderheim, former residence of the 
college's presidents, is now a lovely guest house and small 
conference center. 

Other projects undertaken during the past four years 
include new tennis courts, additional parking, new 
campus entrances and improved lighting, as well as 
elevators and other modifications to enhance access for 
those with physical disabilities. And soon we will open 
and dedicate the Vernon and Doris Bishop Library a 
state-of-the-art facility now nearing completion. 


jThe new Bishop Library will be the 
capstone of several years' worth of effort to create an 
information-intensive campus. All academic buildings 
and several residence halls are now connected by fiber 
optic cable. All faculty and nearly all administrative and 
office staff have personal computers. Students have access 
to computers in centers throughout the campus. Faculty 
students and staff have access to the Internet, and thus to 
data bases and information from all over the world. 
Soon the college will have its first classroom with 
interactive video, a technology that utilizes digitized and 
compressed video, voice and data signals sent across 
telephone lines. This new technology will permit the 
sharing of courses with other similarly equipped colleges 
and universities throughout the world. 

International Initiatives: 

[Clearly the world is a 
much smaller place as a result of linkages afforded by the 
new information technologies. It is not surprising that 
more and more of our students are interested in opportu- 
nities to study abroad. Four years ago we had but two 
students overseas, both in a single program in Cologne, 
Germany. Now there are 28 students in eight specially 
designed international programs. There has been a similar 
increase, from seven to 26, in the number of students 
from other countries coming to Lebanon Valley. We 
expect both the number of our students going abroad and 
the number of those coming here from other countries to 
peak at around 60 within a few years. 

A Site on the Web 

After several months of behind-the-scenes 
tests and prototypes, the official Lebanon 
Valley College home page is available on 
the World Wide Web (WWW), a storehouse of 
information accessible through the Internet. 
Our home page contains basic background 
information on the college, and on admission, 
financial aid and several academic and adminis- 
trative departments* Prospective students can 
even use the home page to apply electronically to 
Lebanon Valley. The store of information is grow- 
ing daily, and many more pages are currently 
under construction. 

The home page is accessible from both on- and 
off-campus, and can be reached through World 
Wide Web browsers such as Lynx and Netscape 
by typing in the URL: 

Lebanon Valley has also developed a faculty exchange 
program with Nanjing University in China. This past year 
brought Professor Wu Yingen to our campus to 
team-teach courses on Chinese literature, history and 
politics. Professor of Political Science Eugene Brown will 
be spending the coming year in Nanjing. 

Cultural Events: 

| The college celebrated its new arts 
facilities by sponsoring a variety of cultural events that 
included lectures, symposia, concerts, art exhibits, films, 
theater and dance. Music and art students and faculty 
joined outstanding artists from all over the world in 
presenting truly memorable performances. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 3 

Media Magic 

Over the past four years, Lebanon Valley 
has received nationwide recognition for 
its quality academic programs, its accom- 
plishments in sports and its distinctive cultural 
programs. Here is a sampling of that coverage: 

• Lebanon Valley was named best regional value 
in The Guide for Students and Parents to 101 of the 
Best Values in America's Colleges and Universities, 
a 456-page guide published by the Center for 
Studies in College Enrollment and Tuition Issues, 

• The college was ranked by US. News and World 
Report as one of the top 10 regional liberal arts 
colleges in the North and was included in The 
Ultimate College Shoppers Guide, a guide to the 

10 top liberal arts colleges in terms of chemical 
research productivity 

• Most recently, the college was listed in 
Peterson's Guides' Top Colleges for Science — 
Leading Programs in the Biological, Chemical 
Geological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, as 
one of 200 colleges and universities in the United 
States that offer an outstanding undergraduate 
program in the sciences and mathematics. 

• This past fall, Lebanon Valley students were 
featured on the cover of a special financial aid 
supplement of USA Today. The students discussed 
how they were able to work with Lebanon Valley's 
financial aid program to afford a quality education. 

• The 1993 reunion of "The Seven Dwarfs," the 
college's legendary 1952-53 basketball team, 
caught the interest of ABC and ESPN Sports and 
the New York Times. When the 1993-94 Dutch- 
men basketball team brought home the NCAA 

Division III trophy, Sports Illustrated and the New 
York Times commented on the victory In addi- 
tion, Sports Illustrated also printed a full-page 
color feature on AU-American point guard Mike 
Rhoades *95, On a sadder note, the college 
mourned the loss of "Hot Dog" Frank Aftosomes; 
radio commentator Paul Harvey honored the 
long-time friend of the college with a moving 
tribute on radio programs and in newspapers 

• The college celebrated its entrance into the 
Guinness Book of World Records with the creation 
of the "Amazing Maize Maze," a 126,000-square- 
foot maze cut into a cornfield adjacent to 
campus. The maze raised over $32,000 for 
Midwest flood relief and attracted thousands of 
visitors, among them a crew from ABC's "Good 
Morning America," reporters from USA Today, the 
Associated Press and United Press International 
(which led to articles in over 100 papers nation- 
wide). The event was also mentioned on the 
national news on CNN, NBC and CBS. Word 
even spread as far as the Fukutake Publishing 
Company in Tokyo, which used a map of the 
maze in one of its children's magazines. 

• "China 2000," a semester-long colloquium held 
in the spring of 1995, immersed the college and 
community in Chinese politics, economics, edu- 
cation, art, music, film and martial arts. It also 
attracted the attention of two diplomats from the 
Chinese Consulate in New York, as well as the 
director of Xinhua News Agency in New York. 

The College Relations Office is always interested in receiving 
news about Lebanon Valley If you see the college mentioned in 
a newspaper or magazine in your area and would like to send 
a clip, you can address it to: Office of College Relations, 
101 North College Avenue, Annville t PA 1 7003. 



| More than 40 percent of Lebanon Valley 
students participate in at least one intercollegiate sport 
during their four years. Graduating seniors will recall 
many exciting basketball seasons, including ones that 
resulted in NCAA Division III, Commonwealth League 
and Middle Atlantic Conference Championships. They 
thrilled to performances by All-American Mike Rhoades 
'95, who scored a record-breaking 2,050 points in his 
career at the Valley During the same period, our field 
hockey teams collected two MAC Championships and 
received three invitations to NCAA Tournaments. Joda 
Glossner '95 was named to the Academic All-American 
Field Hockey Team and received a coveted NCAA Post- 
graduate Scholarship. This year's graduating class also 
included Jennifer Nauss, who won a gold medal in the 
MAC Track and Field Championships, and Howie 
Spangler, who won three gold medals in the MAC 
Swimming Championships. 

Strategic Planning 

In today's volatile environment, 
no college or university can afford to take success for 
granted. In that spirit, Lebanon Valley recently engaged in 
and completed a new round of strategic planning. 
Chaired by Trustee Ross Fasick '55, this widely represen- 
tative committee worked for 18 months to develop a set 
of broad strategic objectives designed to carry the college 
forward in the coming years. The committee held more 
than 20 meetings and sponsored several forums gathering 
opinions and ideas from more than 175 students, faculty 
members and other individuals. The report, objectives 
and recommendations that emerged from this effort are 
excellent. They are, however, truly less significant than 
the commitment the college is making to incorporate 
strategic planning into every decision and facet of our 

Toward 2001 Campaign: 

| The following pages detail 
the status of the college's fund-raising efforts. It need only 
be said here how grateful and proud we are of the many 
donors, volunteers and staff who through their efforts and 
their generosity have brought the Toward 2001 Campaign 
within sight of its $21 million goal. We thank, too, the 
members of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Commit- 
tee of the Faculty, the Alumni Council, the Parents' 

Council, the Student Council and all those who serve on 
the many standing and ad hoc committees of the college's 
constituent boards and councils. Without the willingness 
of so many to share their time, talents and resources, the 
gains of the past several years simply would not have 
been possible. 


Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

Chairman, Lebanon Valley College Board of Trustees 


John A. Synodinos 

President, Lebanon Valley College 

Board Chair Thomas C. Reinhart '58 (left) and President John A, Synodinos. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 5 

The Year 
in Review 

A symposium on 
China, a new art 
gallery and a "top 10" 
ranking were among 
the highlights in the 
college's 1994-95 year. 

15 Some 25 teachers from 15 
area school districts spend their 
second week on campus in the 
summer institute of the Science 
Education Partnership for South 
Central Pennsylvania. The college 
earlier received a $560,498 grant 
from the National Science 
Foundation and $428,817 from 
the Whitaker Foundation to 
fund the project, which seeks to 
strengthen science teaching in 
grades K-8. 

10 Over 70 junior and senior 
high school musicians from five 
states arrive for the Eighth 
Annual Summer Music Camp. 

25 The college community 
and friends gather for a ground- 
breaking ceremony for the new 
$7 million library, the cornerstone 
of the Toward 2001 Campaign. 

27 Some 308 new freshmen 
and 52 transfer students are 
welcomed at Opening Convoca- 
tion. More than 1,754 full- and 
part-time students are enrolled 
as undergraduates and in the 
M.B.A program. 

1 Nine Men on the Bench, Dr. 
Edna J. Carmean '59's book about 
the history of the Lebanon County 
court system, is launched. 

18 The Suzanne H. Arnold Art 
Gallery season opens with "The 
Art of Treasure: Duke E. Long 
Memorial Exhibition." 

1 6 Lebanon Valley makes the 
top 10 list in US. News & World 
Report's annual "America's Best 
Colleges" issue. The college is 
rated number five of the best 
regional liberal arts colleges in 
the North. 

23 The Fifth Annual Achieve- 
ment Challenge Golf Tourna- 
ment raises $36,800 for the 
Lebanon Valley Education 


1 A group of faculty, admin- 
istrators and trustees gather for 
a two-day session — the PEW 
Higher Education Roundtable — 
at Kreiderheim to look at 
challenges facing the college. 

1 Dr. William J. McGill, dean 
and vice president, does the 
premiere of The Waters of Kronos, 
an original, one-man play by Dr 
Arthur Ford '59, associate dean 
of international programs. 

7 The renowned Turtle Island 
String Quartet performs in Miller 

21-22 Some 500 alumni 
return to campus for Home- 
coming Weekend. 

25 Over 250 high school 
students chart their futures at 
Management Career Day 

27 A time capsule found in the 
cornerstone of the old library is 
opened; it contains papers dated 
between 1956 and 1957. 

4 The Suzanne H. Arnold 
Art Gallery is dedicated during 
a ceremony and reception. 
The opening exhibit features 
Arthur Hall Smith's Japanese 
ink paintings. 

9 The college community 
dons working clothes to plant 
some 20,000 flower bulbs. 

9 Leslie Harris, acclaimed 
young filmmaker, shows her 
award-winning movie, Just 
Another Girl on the I.R.T. 

13 Actor Max McLean 
presents Genesis: In the Beginning, 
a one-man play portraying the 
biblical account of creation. 


1 The Kresge Foundation 
awards the college a $500,000 
challenge grant designed to spur 
fund-raising for the new library. 

4 An appreciative audience 
fills Miller Chapel for the annual 
Christmas at the Valley celebra- 
tion of inspirational music and 

5 A four-person panel dis- 
cusses "Society and its Weapons: 
The Nature and Morality of 
Modem Warfare." 

8 The Auxiliary treats the 
college to Christmas Interna- 
tional, a program featuring 
Lebanon Valley's students from 
many countries. 

anuary 19 

14 An exhibit of the prints 
of Dox Thrash opens at The 
Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery. 

22 Dr. Leslie King-Hammond, 
a foremost authority on 
African-American printmakers, 
lectures on "Expressions: 
African-Americans in Regional 

22 The college's international 
film festival, Passion Plays, 
opens with Sirens. 


23 The Leonardo Trio 
presents its 10th anniversary 


12 Dr. Donald Sutton of 
Carnegie Mellon University 
lectures on "The Art of Chinese 
Film" and The Story ofQiuJu is 
screened as the opening event in 
the semester-long humanities 
colloquium, "China 2000: 
The Next Century" 

14 The college's Science Edu- 
cation Partnership Program for 
South Central Pennsylvania is 
featured in the Whitaker Foun- 
dation's 1994 Annual Report. 

2 1 E.H. Hess, president of 
Lancaster Laboratories, is key- 
note speaker at the 16th Annual 
Founders Day Convocation. The 
college honored Hess with the 
1995 Founders Day Award. 


9 The Whitaker Foundation 
awards the college a $316,817 
grant for continued support 
of the Science Education 
Partnership for South Central 

1 1 The best and brightest 
students from 68 high schools 
throughout south central and 
southeastern Pennsylvania 
lock horns in the 15th Annual 
Quiz Bowl. 

14 Dr. Andrew Nathan, 
director of the East Asian 
Institute at Columbia University 
presents the keynote address, 
"China in the 21st Century" for 
the "China 2000" colloquium. 

18 At the "Light in the Valley" 
youth rally, NFL quarterback 
Frank Reich is featured speaker 
and contemporary Christian 
musician Kenny Marks performs. 

26 Peter Pucci Plus Dancers 
delight the Leedy Theater 

3-5 Students lobby against 
a proposed congressional cut 
in financial aid by launching a 
postcard campaign. 

6 Nationally known band 
Toad the Wet Sprocket rocks 
Lynch Gym. 

10 The Class of 1995 raises 
$20,000 for its class gift to 
construct an arched bridge in the 
Peace Garden, which will be 
located behind Vickroy and 
Center halls. This is the largest 
class gift to date. 

23 The student musical 
production Carnival lights up 
Leedy Theater. 

28 The college co-sponsors a 
seminar on schizophrenia at 
Harrisburg State Hospital. 

8 The National Science 
Foundation awards a $49,188 
grant to Dr. Richard Cornelius, 
chemistry department chair, and 
Dr. Carl Wigal, associate 
professor of chemistry, for a 
project called "Molecular 
Modeling Throughout the 
Chemistry Curriculum." 

1 1 Dr. David Brigham, director 
of The Suzanne H. Arnold Art 
Gallery, launches his new book, 
Public Culture in the Early Republic: 
Peak's Museum and Its Audience. 
The book was published by 
Smithsonian Institution Press. 

13 Some 240 people receive 
diplomas at the 126th annual 
commencement ceremonies. 
Ronald A. Wolk, president of 
Editorial Projects in Education 

(EPE) and editor of Education 
Week and Teacher Magazine, is 
the commencement speaker, and 
Judith Craig, bishop of the Ohio 
West Area of the United 
Methodist Church, is the 
baccalaureate speaker. 

8 The New Generation 
Concert Series, spotlighting 
promising young musicians, 
returns to Zimmerman Recital 
Hall for its second season. 

8 "The Spiritual Dimension," 
an exhibit of drawings and 
paintings by six contemporary 
artists, opens in The Suzanne H. 
Arnold Art Gallery. 

1 1 The college plays host to 
over 40 older adults from 20 
states who are participating in 
Elderhostel, a weeklong 
academic program. 

19 Some 67 elementary and 
middle school teachers from 

20 school districts arrive on 
campus for the three-week 
Science Education Partnership 
for South Central Pennsylvania 
summer institute. 

25 More than 200 high school 
students from six states come to 
campus to attend the weeklong 
Daniel Fox Youth Scholars 


Statement of Current Funds Revenues 
Expenditures and Other Changes 


for the 

years ended June 30, 

1995 and June 30, 1994 



Education and general: 
Student tuition and fees 
Government grants 
Gifts and private grants 
Endowment and current investment income 

Total educational and general 
Auxiliary enterprises: 

Total Unrestricted Total Unrestricted 
and Restricted and Restricted 

$17,058,773 $14,987,619 

1,258,496 1,094,749 

1,528,519 1,028,381 

875,433 622,591 

$20,721,221 $17,733,340 
5,378,971 4,802,837 


$26,100,192 $22,536,177 

Education and general: 


Academic support 

Student services 


Plant operation 

General administration 

General institution 

Student aid 

Mandatory transfers 

Total education and general 














$20,907,124 $18,245,316 

Auxiliary enterprises: 
Mandatory transfers (Auxiliary) 







Transfer from endowment to support 

total return authorized draw 
Transfer for plant and equipment 
Other transfers 
Unrestricted surplus transfer to plant reserve 

$24,802,752 $21,812,149 







Source: 1994-95 audited financial statements, Coopers & Lybrand 

Source as % of Total 

Source as % of Total 

^^^ Auxiliary 21% 

Transfers (AUX) 1% 

~~"~^^ Auxiliary 14% 

Tuition and Fees^ 

65% X 

\ Endowment/ 

W Investment Income 3% 

1 Gifts and Private 
KGrants 6% 

instruction 31% / \ 

\ Mandatory 
/^Transfers (E&G) 2% 

J^ K Student Aid 23% 

\ Government Grants 5% 

Academic Support 4%/\ // 

Student Services 3%/\ 

Advancement/Admissions 8%/ 

\ \ /^General Institution 5% 
J^\ General Administration 2% 
\ Plant Operation 7% 


Consolidated Rep< 

3it of Gifts and Grants 


Lebanon Valley 
































































































Total Current 

5,001 ! 


Total Capital 
























































































































Total Current 



Total Capital 





















* Categories overlap: trustees included in alumni, friends and parent totals. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 9 

Loyal Volunteers Made It a Special Year 

Dear LVC Friends: 

"People Come first." Three words that set the stage for the 
Toward 2001 campaign also symbolize the success of Lebanon 
Valley College and the Advancement Program for the 1994-95 year. 

People — their achievements and aspirations — gave Lebanon 
Valley another outstanding, and in many aspects, a record year in 
Alumni Programs, College Relations, Development and the Toward 
2001 campaign. 

The Alumni Council involved more people than ever before by 
reaching out to friends across the country. In 14 gatherings large 
and small, alumni and parents of students came to talk with 
faculty, council members and staff. The innovative, computerized 
Career Connection program — a cooperative effort among the 
Alumni Programs, Career Planning/Placement and Computer 
Services Offices, as well as the Parents Council — puts students in 
contact with over 800 alumni and parents who have volunteered to 
help our young people with career planning. And the second 
annual Alumni Hostel gave returning graduates a weeklong 
immersion in academe. 

National recognition of Lebanon Valley and its people grew 
during the year through the College Relations program. In October 
1994, the higher education issue of U.S. News & World Report 
placed the college among the top 10 regional liberal arts colleges in 
the North, citing its reputation, selectivity, faculty resources and 
alumni satisfaction. The college also received regional, statewide 
and national publicity for its people and programs, including 
articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA. Today, the Chronicle of 
Higher Education, the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Higher Education 
& National Affairs. Two college publications — the admissions 
viewbook and the information piece — received silver and bronze 
awards from CASE (the Council for Advancement and Support of 
Education), a national professional organization. Awards also came 
from the International Association of Business Communicators, the 
Public Relations Society of America and Women in Communica- 
tions for The Valley magazine, admission publications and two 
public relations campaigns. 

The office also played a key role in organizing "China 2000," the 
semester-long colloquium that brought a number of experts to campus, 
including the consul general of the People's Republic of China. 

Perhaps one of the most meaningful ways in which people and 
organizations expressed their belief in Lebanon Valley College was 
through their voluntary support. Under capable volunteer leaders, 
private giving in 1994-95 — $3,141,644 from 4,559 donors — was a 
record in both the amount and the number of gifts received. Includ- 
ing government grants, total support for the year was $3,782,456. 

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society, recognizing leadership gifts to 
Lebanon Valley, again increased in membership. This devoted band of 
339 good friends provided over $2.6 million in support, 84 percent 
of the total in this record year. My appreciation goes out to the 
people whose confidence and support led the Valley to new heights. 

It was particularly gratifying to learn, in June, that Lebanon Valley 
was one of 10 liberal arts colleges with fewer than 10,000 alumni to 
win a national 1995 Circle of Excellence in Educational Fund Raising 
Award. The award program, sponsored by CASE, recognized growth 
in the college's development program over a three-year period. 
Heartiest congratulations to the development volunteers and staff. 

The Toward 2001 Campaign ended its fourth year in fine style, 
building our confidence for success in this final year of activity 
1 am gratified to report that more than $6.5 million in new 

campaign commitments was recorded during the year, bringing the 
total to $20,942,795 by June 30, 1995. 

In December, the college was awarded a $500,000 challenge 
grant from The Kresge Foundation of Troy, Michigan, on the 
condition that Lebanon Valley secure $2.1 million in new library 
commitments by December 1, 1995. We enter the fall semester 
with $1.8 million assured and plans in place to invite ail alumni 
and friends to help reach the final goal. 

Among the many campaign milestones this past year was the 
magnificent commitment of Vernon Bishop, who provided the gift 
to name the new Vernon and Doris Bishop Library. Mr. Bishop's gift 
will fund library construction and also the Vernon and Doris 
Bishop Distinguished Chair in Chemistry, Lebanon Valley's first 
fully endowed faculty chair. 

Toward 2001 regional campaigns continued to meet with success. 
Volunteers participating in every one of the six completed cam- 
paigns — Lebanon Business, College Staff, Lebanon Community, 
Capital Region, Lancaster and Reading — encouraged each effort to 
exceed its goal. My heartiest congratulations and thanks to all 

People do come first, and people make it all happen. I'd like to 
extend special appreciation for the hard work of our loyal volunteer 

• To John Schoch 72 and the members of the Alumni Council for 
their leadership, which has fostered increased alumni involvement. 

• To Alumni Fund Chair Wes Dellinger 75, under whose 
direction alumni participation again surpassed 36 percent, placing 
Lebanon Valley among the leaders in the nation in alumni giving. 

• To Tom Reinhart '58, chair of the Toward 2001 campaign, and 
to Edna '59 and Clark Carmean, who have to be the hardest-working 
co-chairs of any campaign. 

• To our regional campaign chairs who have done themselves 
proud. Special thanks to Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger (Area 
Businesses), The Drs. Carmean (College Staff), to Libby Glick '58 
(co-chair with me of the Lebanon Community), Gene Geesey '56 
(Capital Region), Harry and Carol Smith Yost '62, '62 (Lancaster), 
Clair and Jeanne Winter Noll '55, '57 (Reading Area), and Steve 
and Janet Gessner Roberts '65, '68 (who are still actively working 
on the Greater Philadelphia area effort). 

• Rev. and Mrs. M. Thomas Shatto '68, '68, P'92, P96 for their 
leadership of the Parents Council; Peter '65 and Donna Stanilla for 
their work with the Parents Fund; Lee Glowacki for leading the 
Business Friends Fund; Len Schott for chairing the Friends Annual 
Fund; Professor Bryan Hearsey for heading the Faculty/Staff Fund; 
and Don Lesher for taking the Lebanon Valley Education Partner- 
ship golf tournament through its fifth successful year. 

• To the dedicated Advancement staff in Laughlin Hail — Alumni 
Programs, College Relations and Development — 1 offer thanks for 
their professionalism and strong volunteer support. 

People do come first. It's a guiding principle of Lebanon Valley 
College. With the help of those mentioned in this report, we will 
continue our work so that Lebanon Valley will remain a 
people-oriented college, worthy of your continued confidence. 

A /b^^u 

Darwin G. Glick '58 

Trustee and Chair, Advancement Committee 


The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society 
1994-95 Honor Roll 

Alumni and other friends who are members of 
the Vickroy Society demonstrate outstanding 
leadership in support of Lebanon Valley 
College. Through the dedication of Vickroy 
Society members, the strength of Lebanon 
Valley College continues to grow. It is with 
heartfelt thanks that we list their names below. 
Membership in the Vickroy Society is open to 
alumni, parents of students, parents of graduates and other friends 
of the college on an annual basis, renewable each year. The Society 
recognizes gifts of $1,000 and above given to the college for any 
purpose during each academic year. 

Active memberships are available in the following categories: 

Trustee Associate: A gift of $10,000 and above 
Five Founders Circle: A gift of $5,000 to $10,000 
President's Circle: A gift of $2,500 to $5,000 
Society Associate: A gift of $1,000 to $2,500 

Active membership may be fulfilled with gifts of cash, securities, 
real estate or other property 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates are members whose cumulative 
contributions to Lebanon Valley College total $100,000 and 
above. Annual Active and Lifetime Vickroy Society Memberships 
may be held concurrently 

Note: This Honor Roll recognizes Vickroy Society members whose gifts were 
made during the academic year July 1, 1994 through June 30, 1995, and 
includes both annual and capital gifts, as well as contributions to endowment 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Mrs. Sylvia E. Baker '36 

Mr. Vemon Bishop 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 

Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick '58, '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Herr, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E Leedy 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Allan W Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Penturelli '48, '49 

Mrs. Rhea P. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, '57 

Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 

Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 

Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman '53 

Trustee Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 

Mr. John L. Cousler 

tMrs. Mildred Demmy 

f Mr. Enos A. Detweiler '29 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James T. Frantz '33 

Mr. Donald S. Gingrich '52 

Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick '58, '58 

Dr. Martin L. and Mrs. Karen McHenry 

Gluntz "53, '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Loy H. Harris '74 
Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
Kenneth and Linda Leedy 
Dr. Harry K.Miller, Jr. '43 
Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. '58 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Mr. John F Onofrey '64 
tMrs. Gertrude E. Richards '43 
Bruce and Janet Rismiller, '59, '59 
tMr. Alvin W Shenk 
Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 
tMr. Edmund H. Umberger '34 
tMiss Margaret I, Weaver *35 
tMiss Margaret S. Weimer '40 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
tDr. Mervie H. Welty '26 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman *53 

Five Founders Circle 

Attorney and Mrs. Bemerd A, Buzgon '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Frantz '43, '43 

Mr. A.L. "Jim" Hanford, III 

Steven J. and Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

Mr. Erich G. Linker, Jr. 70 

Mr. Dick London '65 

Ted Lyter 71 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 

Mrs. Virginia C Miller 

Mr. Ronald E. Pawlak 

Dr. and Mrs. E Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 

Dr. David P. Sheetz '48 

Earl and Trudy Spangler '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 

Mr. Charles W Wolfe '44 

President's Circle 

Dr. John B. Allwein '56 

Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 

Mr. Vernon Bishop 

Dr. Nancy H. Bright '50 

Mr. Robert U. Cassel '36 

Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

Mr. David S. Etter '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling '45 

Ms. Dorothy L. Gray '44 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kauffman '67, '67 

tDr. Victor V Leske 

Peter S. and Lois Brong Miller '6 1 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Morgan '3 1 

Mr. Brian R. Mund 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83 

Mr. Daniel L. Newman 

tMs. Almeda R. Noll 

Mr. J. Robert and Dr. Agnes B. O'Donnell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G, Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider, Jr. '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C Reinhart *58, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Roberts '65, '68 

Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 

Mark H. and Charlotte O. Tice 

Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 

Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham '45 

Ms. Bonnie L. West 

Mr. Russell L. Williams '34 

Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman '67, '68 

Dr. Ralph E. Yingst '55 

Harry B. and Carol A. Yost '62, '62 

Mrs. Grace K. Zerbe '30 

t Deceased 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 1 1 

Society Associates 

Ms. Lois L. Adams '52 
Dr. Bruce A. Albert 70 
Mr. Charles B. Allwein '64 
Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi '63 
Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D., 74 and 

David A. Hoffman, M.D. 
Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 
Loy C. and Rose Marie Awkerman 

'50, '49 
Philip and Beth Bach 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Bains '64 
Miss Florence E. Barnhart '47 
Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer '39 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bex 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Bomgardner '46 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Boswell 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
Rev. and Mrs. William J. Brown 
Donald L. and Phyllis B. Burkholder 

'54, '53 
Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carson 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Catlin '60, '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E Charles 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Chernich '50 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert P. Crist '44 
Mrs. Betty R. Daiber '41 
James K. and Elizabeth Sattazahn 

Davis '50, '42 
Mr. James J. Davison 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Dehart '68, '69 
Wesley T. and Amy H. Dellinger 75, 

Mrs. Curvin N. Dellinger, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Ditzler '68, 

Mr. Robert J. Donough *45 
Mr. Richard T. Early 
Vera J. and Robert F. Early Sr., M.D., 

'49, '48 
Mrs. Sandra B. Edmunds '64 
Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Erdman 77 
Mr. Dale H. Everhart 76 
Mr. David J. Farling '56 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth '33 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey '39, '39 
Mr. John M. Galat '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 
Mr. and Mrs. G. W Gibble 38 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

'47, '49 
Attorney and Mrs. Arthur L. Goldberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Graves 79 
Dr. Judith F Grem 72 
Mrs. Lois H. Guise '37 
Mr. Thomas V Haas 
Robie Lauman Hall '58 
Robert and Judith Hamilton 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Harris 
Ronald B. and Estelle B. Hartranft 

'58, '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Hatz '37, '36 
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan V Hearsey '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Hedgecock '53 
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Heffley '52 
Ned and Linda Heindel '59, '59 
Dr. and Mrs. Rex A. Herbert 72 
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Herman 
Mrs. June E. Herr '34 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Herr, II 

Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 

Mr. Gregory P Hoover '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund M. Hyman 

Drs. William G. and Charlotte R. 

Jones '50, '50 
Lawrence E. and Georgianne F Jones 

'56, '57 
Dr. Robert R. and Bette S. Kaneda 

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Kauffman '44, '46 
Dr. and Mrs. John P Kearney 
Mr. Theodore D. Keller '48 
Mrs. Margaret L. Kern '34 
Mrs. William Klatchko 
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Klinefelter '38 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff 
Mrs. Kathleen P. Land '36 
Mrs. Ruth S. Lark '32 
Mr. Howard F. Lebegern '49 
Mrs. Cora G. Limmroth '39 
Dr. Theodore K. Long '35 
Mr. Richard A. Look 72 
Miss Lela W Lopes '40 
Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87 
Dr. JonnaLynn K. Mandelbaum *69 
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Marquette 

'48, '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis W McCracken '63 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Algire McFaul '34, 34 
Mrs. Jean E. McKeag 38 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKinley '69 
Dr. Stephen J. Metro '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Miller '65 
Mr. George R. Moyer '69 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Moyer '62 
Bob and Sue Mrazik 79, '80 
Hon. and Mrs. Paul Mueller 
Dr. David D. Neiswender '53 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 
Clair W and Jeanne C. Noll '55, '57 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 
Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 
Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer '57 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pleet 
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plummer, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Barney T Raffield, III 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
tDr. Robert C. Riley 
Mr. Frank A. and Dr. Gail E. Ritrievi 

'54, '54 
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample '52 
Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 
Mr. John A. Schoch 72 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Schott '67 
Dr. and Mrs. James W Scott 
Charles R. and Sarah L. Seidel '62, '63 
Capt. Marlin D. and Dr. Nancy D. 

Seiders '47, '52 
Mr. George D. Shaak '55 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Boyd Shaffer 38, 38 
Mr. Harold A. Shaub 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 38, 36 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Siegel 
Mr. Gary H. Sipe '58 
Dr. Tibor Sipos '64 
Mr. Arthur Hall Smith 
Dr. Gary K. Smith 74 
Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Mr. Calvin D. Spitler 38 

Frank and Cheryl Steam '67, '68 

Dr. Sterling F. Strause '52 

Mr. John F Swope '42 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Thompson 

'65, '67 
Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 
Frank X. and Brenda B. Troisi '62 
Mr. Brian C. Trust '83 
Robert L. and Beth R. Unger '69, 72 
Mrs. Miriam M. Vanderwall '29 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vaszily '66, '69 
Mr. George W Veale 
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer 38, 37 
Mim Warden '57 
Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. Scott M. Weaver 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Weicksel 
Ronald B. and Dorothy A. Weinel '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Wengert '53 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wengert 
Mrs. Debbie K. Wilkowski '82 
Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Wolf, Jr. '49, '52 
Jim and Nancy Wolfe '58 
Rev and Mrs. D. Darrell Woomer 
Larry L. and Mary Ellen Ziegler '57, '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

'64, '65 

Business, Foundation and 
Organization Associates 

ACTEX Publications 

Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 

ALCOA Foundation 

American Federation of Musicians 

The AMP Foundation 

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 

APR Supply, Inc. 

Arnold Industries, Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Bell Atlantic-PA 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

John H. Boger <Sz Son, Inc. 

Boscovs Department Store 

Mr. &r Mrs. William F. Brossman 

Charitable Foundation 
Butler Manufacturing Company 
Central Pennsylvania Conference of 

the United Methodist Church 
Chemical Banking Corporation 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
Consortium for the Advancement of 

Private Higher Education 
Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
CoreStates Hamilton Bank 
Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust 

Derek & Edson Associates 
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
Dow Chemical Company 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of 

the United Methodist Church 
Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc. 
Ernst & Young Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Farmers Trust Bank 
D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company 

and Travel Agency 

Foundation for Independent 

Colleges, Inc. of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. 
Gallery 444 
GE Fund 

Hallmark Management Services 
Hamilton Bank Foundation 
Hauck Manufacturing Company 
Henise Tire Service 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
High Foundation 
Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
The Hotel Hershey 
IBM Matching Grants Program 
Joel, Inc. 

Johnson & Johnson 
Jonestown Bank & Trust Company 
Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
Lebanon Valley Cable TV Company 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lesher Mack Sales and Service, Inc. 
Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
Meridian Bank, Camp Hill 
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 
Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
National Science Foundation 
New Penn Motor Express, Inc. 
New York Times Company 

Ono Transport Services 
The William Penn Foundation 
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
Pennsylvania Educational Telecom 

Exchange Network 
Pennsylvania Power & Light 
The Presser Foundation 
Procter & Gamble Fund 
Prudential Foundation 
Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, Schrum & 

Rohm & Haas Company 
Mary Sachs Trust 
Shell Oil Company Foundation 
Sheridan Corporation 
LB. Smith Educational Foundation, Inc. 
Sprint Cellular 

The John Frederick Steinman Foundation 
Stevens & Lee 
TCR Packaging, Inc. 
Terrific Science Programs 
United Methodist Women of Eastern 

Pennsylvania Conference 
The UPS Foundation, Inc. 
USF&G Insurance 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
The Whitaker Foundation 
Wimpey Minerals, USA, Inc. 
York Container Company 

t Deceased 


Honor Roll 

t°Dr. Joseph R. Fiorello 

°Mrs. Minna (Wolfskeil) Barnes 

Dr. John M. Brosious 

#Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 

Mrs. Eva L. (Shissler) Becktel 

°Mr. William H. Earnest 

of Donors 

Dr. J. Calvin Keene 

Mrs. Esther L. (Smelser) Duke 

°Mrs. Cordelia (Sheaffer) Felder 

OMrs. Pauline L. (Schaeffer) Matter 

Dr. K. M. Edwards 

*Mrs. Lois (Harbold) Guise 

Miss Mildred E. Myers 
Mrs. Ruth (Cooper) Sanford 

*Mrs. June (Eby) Herr 
°Mr. Peter W Kandrat 

♦Mr. Russell C. Hatz 
Dr. Charles I. Hoffman 


Mrs. Helen (Hain) Shearer 

°Mrs. Haidee (Blubaugh) Kaslusky 

t#Dr. Charles B. Kinney, Jr. 

Mrs. Madeline (Rife) Yundt 

*Mrs. Margaret (Longenecker) Kern 

Rev. Paul A. Miller 

CLASS OF 1917 

°Dr. Harry W Zechman 

Ms. Christine (Gruber) Kreider 

°Mr. Jack R. Morris 

Annual Fund $566.80 

*Mrs. Grace (Keener) Zerbe 

°Dr. John J. Light 

°Mrs. Pauline (Yeager) Richie 

fOMr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

°Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 

*Dr. F Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

CLASS OF 1931 

*Mrs. Charlotte (Weirick) McFaul 

Mrs. Ruth (Buck) Schlegel 

CLASS OF 1918 

Annual Fund $1,025.00 

*Mr. H. Algire McFaul 

°Mrs. Grace (Naugle) Sinclair 

Annual Fund $750.00 

Endowment $3,000.00 

•Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 

Mrs. Romaine (Stiles) Smeltzer 

•Mrs. Elizabeth (Gallatin) Snoke 

Mr. George J. Becker 

Mr. Rudolph B. Miller 

°Mrs. Claire (Adams) Stoudt 

#Miss Edna M. Early 

Mr. Earl S. Rice 

*Mrs. Edna (Binkley) Walmer 

CLASS OF 1919 

Mrs. Dorothy (Thompson) Gruber 

°Mrs. Martha (Kreider) Rudnicki 

ODr. Paul K. Waltz 

Annual Fund $125.00 

Mrs. Effie (LeVan) Kostenbauder 

#Mr. James H. Scott 

°Mrs. Mary (Creighton) McNelly 

°Mrs. Anna (Wolfe) Merkel 

t*Mr. Edmund H. Umberger 

CLASS OF 1938 

*Dr. Russell E. Morgan 

°Dr. Leonard Volkin 

Annual Fund $12,020.00 

CLASS OF 1922 

OMrs. Margaret (Young) Schrope 

*Mr. Russell L. Williams 

Endowment $280.00 

Annual Fund $100.00 

°Mrs. Anna (Wengert) Whitmire 

OMr. Robert D. Womer 

Facilities $1,415.00 

Dr. Oliver S. Heckman 

°Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 

Mrs. Anna (Stern) Wright 

CLASS OF 1932 

CLASS OF 1935 

#Mr. Lloyd D. Berger 

Annual Fund $3,875.00 

Annual Fund $195,889.12 

Mr. Ralph E. Billett 

CLASS OF 1923 

Facilities $100.00 

Facilities $1,000.00 

•Mr. Robert S, Black 

Annual Fund $391.67 

°Mrs. Henrietta A. (Wagner) Bamhart 

°Mrs. Catherine (Wagner) Conrad 

#Miss Helen I. Butterwick 

Facilities $183.33 

°Lt. Col. Newton M. Burgner 

°Mrs. Ethel (Keller) Erickson 

°Lt. Col. (Ret.) Adolph J. Capka 

°Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 

°Mrs. Margaret (Lehn) Coleman 

°Col. William E Etchberger 

#Dr. Herman A. Ellenberger 

#Mrs. Dorothy (Fencil) Smith 

Mrs. Naomi (Shively) Depuy 

Dr. C. Willard Fetter 

°Mr. Walter R Fridinger 

°Mrs. Delia (Herr) Thomas 

Miss Mary J. Eppley 

#Mrs. Anne (Butterwick) Gilbert 

*Mr. G. W Gibble 

Mrs. Lorayne (Seele) Freeman 

*Dr. Theodore K. Long 

*Mrs. lsobel (Cox) Klinefelter 

CLASS OF 1924 

#Dr. Paul K. Keene 

ODr. Bruce M. Metzger 

°Mrs. Wanda (Price) Koehler 

Annual Fund $100.00 

#Dr. Alvin E. Kinney 

°Mr. Francis S. Rotunda 

°Mr. John W Kreamer 

°Mr. Samuel D. Evans 

*Mrs. Ruth (Shroyer) Lark 

°Mr. Gerald B. Russell 

Mr. George W Lazorjack 

°Mrs. Dorothy (Haldeman) Morris 

#Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

*Mrs. Jean E. McKeag 

CLASS OF 1926 

°Mr. John H. Morris 

Mrs. Mary (March) Speg 

#Mrs. Lena (Risser) Mitchell 

Annual Fund $50.00 

OMrs. Ruth A. D. (Armacost) Muffly 

OMr. Allen W. Steffy 

#Mrs. Hazel (Heminway) Muth 

Endowment $30,994.31 

Mrs. Eva (Peck) Murphy 

t*Miss Margaret I. Weaver 

°Mrs. Greta (Heiland) Payne 

Mrs. Marion (Hess) Kolb 

°Mrs. Edith (Fields) Reynolds 

*Dr. C. Boyd Shaffer 

t*Dr. Mervie H. Welty 

•Mrs. Dorothy (Garber) Roudabush 

CLASS OF 1936 

*Mrs. Louise (Stoner) Shaffer 

Mrs. Lenora (Bender) Shortlidge 

Annual Fund $7,065.00 

*Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 

CLASS OF 1927 

°Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 

Endowment $25.00 

Mrs. Ethel M. (Houtz) Slonaker 

Annual Fund $1,300.00 

Mrs. Martha (Daley) Wampler 

Gift-In-Kind $1,500.00 

*Mr. Calvin D. Spitler 

Facilities $800.00 

Facilities $615.00 

Mrs. Nora (Franklin) Strohman 

#Mrs. Madeline (Mark) Colman 

CLASS OF 1933 

#Dr. George S. Bachman 

OMrs. Elizabeth (Bender) Ulrich 

°Mrs. Blanche (Stager) Fox 

Annual Fund $3,550.00 

°Mr. Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. 

OMaj. Paul T. Ulrich 

°Miss Emma 1. Madciff 

Endowment $100.00 

#Ms. Louise E. Bishop 

* Dr. John D. Walmer 

•Mr. Walter L. Ness 

Facilities $1,000.00 

#Mr. Jay H. Bolton 

OMrs. Dorothy (Kreamer) Wendel 

#Bishop W Maynard Sparks 

Ms. Ruth M. Agen 

*Mr Robert U, Cassel 

#Mr. John F Walter 

Mrs. Ruth (Coble) Burkhart 

Mrs. Mary (Kauffman) Clagett 

CLASS OF 1939 

#Mrs. Myra (Sheaffer) White 

Mrs. Gloria (Lavanture) Erb 

Mrs. Iva Claire (Weirick) Edwards 

Annual Fund $7,306.17 

*Dr. Mae 1. Fauth 

Mrs. Lela I. (Eshleman) Fretz 

Endowment $1,050.00 

CLASS OF 1928 

*Lt. Col. James T. Frantz, Jr. 

Miss Evelyn C. Frick 

Facilities $2,167.83 

Annual Fund $2,110.00 

Miss Dorothy R. Hartz 

Mrs. Louise (Shearer) Gingher 

°Mrs. Janet (Whitesell) Afford 

Facilities $100.00 

°Mr. Albert A. Kaslusky 

Dr. Dorothy F. Grimm 

Mrs. Grace (Geyer) Aston 

ODr. C. Ray Bell 

°Mrs. Marion (Kruger) Light 

Mr. Harry G. Gruber 

ODr. Howard N. Baier 

Mr. Ralph A. Daubert 

°Miss Sophia Morris 

Mr. Samuel S. Harnish 

°Mrs. Evelyn (Fridinger) Baker 

ODr. Monroe H. Martin 

#Mrs. Luella (Heilman) Myers 

Mrs. Louise (Gillan) Harris 

*Rev Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 

°Mrs. Mabel (Brewbaker) Mentzer 

OMr. Leonard M. Schrope 

*Mrs. Nancy (Bowman) Hatz 

Mrs. Anna Louise (Light) Blatt 

•Dr. Millard J. Miller 

Dr. Samuel D, Ulrich 

Miss Anna M. Hen- 

°Mr. Stanley Bulota 

°Mrs. Deborah (Orth) Orbock 

Rev. Stuart W Werner 

Mr. Paul W Hershey 

#Mrs. Irene (Ranck) Christman 

°Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 

°Mrs. H. Jane (Muth) Whiteman 

*Mrs. Kathleen (Pool) Land 

Mrs. Arlene (Hoffman) Crone 

Mrs. Fredricka (Baker) Yetter 

°Dr. Harry E. Zech 

#Mrs. Marian (Leisey) Light 

Mrs. Jeanne (Houck) Daniels 

°Dr. Calvin H. Reber 

°Mrs. Catherine (Lawson) Diehl 

CLASS OF 1929 

CLASS OF 1934 

Mrs. Mary (Haddox) Rockwell 

°Mrs. Gertrude (Ellenberger) Dupler 

Annual Fund $9,696.34 

Annual Fund $8,550.00 

*Mrs. Irma (Keiffer) Shearer 

Mrs. Julia (Johnson) Edwards 

Endowment $353,111.58 

Endowment $1,065.00 

Mr. John W Engle 

OMrs. Hilda (Wolfersberger) Bell 

Facilities $26,650.00 

CLASS OF 1937 

°Mrs. Kathryn (Yingst) Etchberger 

t*Mr. EnosA. Detweiler 

•Mrs. Emmeline (Shaffer) Miller 

Annual Fund $5,984.57 
Endowment $30.00 

°Dr. Arthur S, Evelev 
°Mrs. Ruth (Rohrer) Freed 

_ , 

*Mrs. Miriam (Muth) Vanderwall 

Donor Clubs 

Gift-In-Kind $1,500.00 

*Mrs. Dorothy (Null) Frey 

CLASS OF 1930 

* Vickroy Society $1 ,000 and above 

Facilities $6,291.77 
°Mrs. Sara (Light) Aungst 

*Mr. Raymond T. Frey 

#Rev. Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 

Annual Fund $3,097.50 

• Society of 1866 $750 to $1,000 

#Mr. Edward R. Bachman 

°Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

Facilities $1,854.17 

o Valley Club $500 to $750 
# Charter Club $250 to $500 

#Mrs. Ruth (Goyne) Berger 

Mrs. Virginia (Niessner) Hess 

#Mrs. Marian (Heaps) Cote 

°Mr. Paul C. Billett 

OMs. Ruth C. Keene 

° Quittapahilla Club $ 100 to $250 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 13 

#Mr. Harlin S. Kinney 

Lt. Col. Frank L. Shenk 

Mrs. Grace (Smith) Schillich 

#Mrs. Edna M. (Hollinger) Budy 

°Mr. Edward K. Kress 

Mrs. Ellen (Ruppersberger) Silvers 

#Mrs. Jane (Gruber) Seiverling 

°Mr. John E. Carbaugh 

*Mrs. Cora (Graby) Limmroth 

°Lt. Col. Frederick W Smee 

Mrs. Genevieve (Stansfield) Shenk 

#Dr. Gene U. Cohen 

Mrs. Lillian (ZubrofD Melman 

°Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 

Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 

Mrs. Viola (Shettel) Crites 

°Mrs, Amy (Meinhardt) Melson 

Mrs. Ethel (Fisher) Steiner 

°Dr. Warren B. Silliman 

Ms. Catherine Deraco 

°Mrs. Helen (Banlett) Miller 

Mrs. Margaret (Bordwell) Twyford 

Rev Earl A. Troup 

°Mrs. Jean (Thrush) Hawkins 

Mrs. Pauline (Leininger) Minnick 

Mrs. Rebecca (Parks) Umstead 

°Mr. Hans W Uberseder 

•Mrs. Nancy (Sattazahn) Hoff 

^Dr. John H. Moyer, III 

°Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman 

°Mrs. Evelyn J. (Stine) Ziegler 

•Mrs. Eleanor (Hershey) Kauffman 

#Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

#Dr. Gordon B. Kemp 

OMr, Robert P. Tschop 

CLASS OF 1942 

CLASS OF 1944 

Mrs. Martha (Light) Klein 

Mr. Samuel E. Vaughan 

Annual Fund $7,877.50 

Annual Fund $8,247.51 

Mrs. Mary (Wieland) Lutz 

°Col. Roy A. Weidman 

Endowment $1,800.00 

Endowment $7,000.00 

Mrs. Elizabeth (ReifD Marino 

Mrs. Marianne (Treo) Worley 

Facilities $2,053.00 

Facilities $6,559.20 

Mrs. Grace (Cully) Marquette 

°Mrs. Fredericka (Laucks) Albert 

°Ms. Betty V Bartels 

#Mrs. Edith (Kreiser) Probus 

CLASS OF 1940 

Ms. Jean P. Anger 

°Rev Samuel H. Beamesderfer 

°Dr. George P. Rutt 

Annual Fund $3,895.20 

°Ms. Kathryn E. Brehm 

°Dr. Marian (Kreider) Bosien 

•Mrs. Sarah E. (Stauffer) Sandy 

Endowment $1,575.00 

OMr. Joseph E. Carr 

Mr. Norman M. Bouder, Jr. 

Mr. Richard D. Seidel 

Facilities $2,768.80 

*Mrs. Elizabeth (Sattazahn) Davis 

°Dr. DeLene (Yocum) Congello 

Mr. George B. Wagner 

Mrs. Jeanne (Schock) Agnellini 

°Mrs. Martha (Davies) DeHaven 

*Rev Robert P. Crist 

•Mrs. Frances (Workman) Weiser 

#Mrs. Mary (Albert) Attick 

Mrs. Phyllis (Deitzler) Dimpsey 

Mrs. Grace (Spangler) Drager 

#Mr. Charles M. Belmer 

#Mrs. Georgia (Gravell) Dobbs 

°Mrs. JoMarie (Shannon) Dresel 

CLASS OF 1947 

°Mrs. Evelyn (Evans) Broderick 

#Mr. Guy L. Dobbs 

°Mrs. Esther (Wagner) Ebright 

Annual Fund $5,083.50 

*Mrs. Lucille (Gollam) Byerly 

°Mr. Harry I. Drendall 

*Ms. Dorothy (Landis) Gray 

Endowment $75.00 

°Mrs. Evelyn (Seylar) Cassady 

°Cmdr. Robert F Dresel 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Light) Hamilton 

Facilities $2,750.00 

°Mr. Florian W Cassady 

Mrs. Margaret (Cox) Glen 

OMr. Richard J. Hoerner 

°Dr. J. Ross Albert 

°Mr. J. Stanley Deck 

#Dr. David W Gockley 

*Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 

♦Miss Florence E. Barnhart 

°Mrs. Lillian (Leisey) Deck 

°Mr. Herbert R. Greider 

Mrs. Dorothy E. (Moyer) Keller 

#Ms. Jean E. Bedger 

°Mr. Robert E. Dinsmore 

OMr. RusselJ. Horst 

Dr. Paul Lipsitz 

°Mrs. Barbara (Kolb) Beittel 

°Dr. CarlY. Ehrhart 

°Mrs. Virginia (Goodman) Hunsicker 

°Mr. John C. McFadden 

°Dr. Carl L. Derr 

•Dr. Paul E. Horn 

°Mrs. Pauline (Smee) Jacoby 

°Mrs. Ruth (Haverstock) Ness 

Mrs. Madalyn (Quickel) Drew 

°Mrs. Esther (Wise) Hovis 

°Mrs. Viola (Snell) Maury 

°Rev Bruce C. Souders 

°Dr. George E. Edwards 

Mrs. Anna (Evans) Hower 

Mr. Edward C. McFerren 

Mr. Edward E. Stansfield 

°Mr. Lloyd V Fegan 

#Dr. W Frederick Huber 

°Mrs. Lois (Seavers) Miller 

°Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Hess) Uberseder 

°Mr. Vemon M. Fickes 

°Rev William H. Jenkins 

OMr. William P Mueller 

Dr. Martin R. Weber 

Mrs, Betty J. (Butt) Fiorello 

°Mr. George A. Katchmer 

°Mrs. Mary-Louise (Clark) Mylin 

*Dr. Elizabeth (Kreiser) Weisburger 

°Dr. Paul G. Fisher 

#Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 

*Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

♦Mr. Charles W Wolfe 

°Mrs. Sara (Schott) Fisher 

°Mr. Ralph R. Lloyd 

Dr. Richard F. Seiverling 

Mrs. Jean (Garland) Woloshyn 

♦Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

*Miss Lela W Lopes 

♦Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

#Miss Nora M. Goodman 

°Mr. Gustav T. Maury 

°Mrs. Louise (Boger) Silliman 

CLASS OF 1945 

Dr. Gerald J. Gruman 

Dr. Edward R. Minnick 

Mrs. Rosanna (Brandt) Slayton 

Annual Fund $8,809.00 

°Dr. Miles D. Harriger 

°Mr.JohnY Moller 

Rev. Samuel H. Stoner 

Facilities $2,760.02 

Mrs. Esther (Engle) Hivner 

°Dr. John H. Ness 

*Mr. John F Swope 

°Rev. Dale R. Beittel 

#Mrs. Arlene (Schlosser) Keller 

°Dr.JohnG. Oliver 

t°Mr. Charles J. Tyson 

#Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 

Dr. William J. Lloyd 

Mr. Freeman D. Rice 

°Mrs. Martha (Foster) Tyson 

Mrs. Rosalie (Reinhold) Bross 

Rev. Earl R. Marks 

Mr. Clayton M. Rider 

°Mr. George C. Ziegler 

Mrs. Marian (Ulmer) Cams 

°Mr. Frank R. Meze 

Mrs. Adele (Black) Russell 

Mrs. Norma (Kiscadden) Daihl 

°Mr. Charles R. Miller 

Mr. John A. SchaefFer 

CLASS OF 1943 

*Mr. Robert J. Donough 

°Dr. George L. Moore 

#Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling 

Annual Fund $138,362.51 

Mrs. Sarah (Blauch) Early 

°Mr. Wayne L. Mowrey 

°Mrs. Vema (Schlosser) Sollenberger 

Endowment $16,150.00 

°Mr. Russell B. Ebling 

Mrs. W Jeanne (Kitchen) 

tMiss Margaret S. Weimer 

Gift-In-Kind $50.00 

°Mrs. Mary Jane (Brown) Fitz 


°Mrs. Ellen (Reath) Wert 

Facilities $10,700.00 

Dr. James E. Flinchbaugh 

Mrs. Betty (Gingrich) Rauch 

°Dr. John A. Bamberger 

Mrs. Evelyn (Hiester) Frick 

°Mrs. Helen (Dickel) Sandrock 

CLASS OF 1941 

°Mrs. Adelaide (Sanders) Burgner 

♦Mrs. Janice (Stahl) Geiling 

Mr. Henry W. Schmalzer 

Annual Fund $3,830.52 

OMrs. Jean (Daugherty) Carr 

#Mrs. Caroline E. (Matter) 

•Capt. Marlin D. Seiders 

Facilities $1,283.18 

Rev. Lloyd H. Crall 


°Mrs. Pearl (Miller) Siegel 

°Mrs. Irene (Seiders) Bigler 

Mrs. Dorothy (Brine) Dillin 

OMrs. Jeanne (Waller) Hoerner 

Mrs. Marion (Schade) Stauffer 

Mrs. Eloise (Hollinger) Blanck 

Mrs. Anna Mae (Boeshore) Duke 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Moyer) Hom 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Miss Jeanne L. Bliven 

°Mrs. Janet (SchopD Ebersole 

Mrs. Gilda (Tulli) Hutchinson 

Mrs. Jean (Myers) Swanson 

Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo 

#Mrs. Martha (Crone) Eppley 

Mrs. Lizette (Fisher) Knorr 

Mrs. Margaret (Todd) Trumbo 

Mrs. Marian (Reifl) Craighead 

°Mrs. Elizabeth (Kerr) Ewen 

#Mrs. Vema (Cassatt) Loftus 

Dr. Warren D. Trumbo 

*Mrs. Betty (Rutherford) Daiber 

♦Mrs. E. Louise (Keller) Frantz 

Mrs. June (Day) Norvell 

•Dr. Herman J. Weiser 

Mr. John H. Dressier 

*Mr. Frederick S. Frantz 

°Ms. Yvonne L. Raab 

°Rev. M. Lucile Esbenshade 

Mrs. Norma (Grogan) Lenney 

#Rev E. Stephen Raby 

CLASS OF 1948 

Mr. Harry L, Fehl 

°Mr. Harry N. Matala 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Gooden) Rhodes 

Annual Fund $16,025.25 

Mrs. Dorothea (Kroll) Fisher 

°Mrs. Dorothy (March) Meals 

Mrs. Miriam (Jones) Rudy 

Facilities $157,820.13 

°Mr. Raymond C. Hess 

Col. John B. Mengel " 

°Mrs. Patricia (Bartels) Souders 

°Dr. Robert M. Bashore 

°Mrs. Frances E. (Prutzman) 

*Dr. Stephen J. Metro 

♦Mrs. Ruth (Karre) Wareham 

Mrs. Mildred (Neff) Beck 


*Dr. Harry K.Miller, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne (Adams) Zart 

Mr. Robert F. Beck 

°Mrs. Mildred (Rittle) Keiser 

Mr. Albert H. Morrison 

#Mrs. Sarah (Koury) Zimmerman 

Mrs. Mary Helen (Long) Bickel 

Mrs. Louella (Schindel) Koenig 

°Mrs. Jane (Klucker) Mowrey 

Capt. Charles D. Bolan 

°Mrs. Evelyn (Ware) Lynch 

*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig 

CLASS OF 1946 

OMrs. Dorothy (Kauffman) 

#Dr. Charles R. Miller 

°Dr. Robert K. Ness 

Annual Fund $5,167.50 


•Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 

•Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Endowment $665.00 

Ms. E. Kathryn (Rhoads) Boyer 

Mr. Harold L. Moody 

t*Mrs. Gertrude (Enders) Richards 

Facilities $967.50 

OMr. A. Alfred Delduco 

Mrs. Jeannette (Kalbach) Partridge 

ODr. Helen (Ross) Russell . 

Mr. James S. Bachman 

#Dr. John A. Detweiler 

*Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 

°Mrs. D. Pauline (Keller) Rutt 

•Mrs. Jean (Gingrich) Bomgardner 

OMr. Herbert E. Ditzler 

Mrs. Edna (Rutherford) Sheckart 

°Mrs. Verna (Kreider) Schenker 

°Mrs. Phyllis E. (Snyder) Boyer 

♦Dr. Robert F. Early, Sr. 

* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 ^Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 


#Mrs. Nellie (Walter) Eaton 

Mrs. Virginia (Werner) Richards 

Mr. Kenneth L, Lewis, Sr. 

°Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Mr. Edwin E Englehart 

°Mrs. Joanna (Norris) Roe 

°Mr. Clifford J. Light 

Rabbi Bernard B. Goldsmith 

Mr. Anthony J. Gerace 

Rev Dr. Laverne E. Rohrbaugh 

Mrs. Mary C. (Edelman) Light 

°Mrs. Miriam (Keller) Gottlieb 

Mrs. Ruth (Billow) Guida 

Mrs. Ella (Shultz) Roman 

Mr. Richard H. Light 

#Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

°Dr. Samuel A. Hartman, 11 

Mrs. Luzetta J. (Warfel) Stair 

°Mrs. Ellen Qepsen) Lukens 

Mrs. Betty (Zimmerman) Hallman 

°Urs. Mary (Eckert) Hoffman 

Dr. Russell I. Steiner 

Mr. Harold G. Madeira 

Mrs. Carolyn (Gassert) Harris 

Mrs. Joyce (Meadows) Kauffman 

Mr. Charles W Tome 

°Mrs. Phyllis (Dale) Magill 

Mrs. Mary (Sweigard) Hayes 

*Mr. Theodore D. Keller 


°Dr. Alonzo L Mantz 

•Dr. John C. Hoak 

#Mr. Frederick D. Koons 

Mrs. Dorothy (Zink) Werst 

°Mrs. Ethel (Beam) Mark 

Mr. Lemoyne W. Hoffman 

Mr. John H. Light 

°Mrs. Marion (Geib) Wilhelm 

°Dr. Paul D. Mattern 

Mrs. Barbara (Metzger) Kline 

Mrs. Dorothy (Strassburger) Mark 

Mr. Clarence W Witt 

Mr. Bernard R. Mazzoni 

Mr. Richard L. Kline 

*Dr, George R. Marquette 

♦Mr. Karl L. Wolf, Jr. 

Miss Esther C. McNeal 

Rev. W Richard Kohler 

Dr. Anna (Dunkle) McVay 

Mrs. Erma (Gainor) Yeakel 

Mr. William R. Merriman 

#Mrs. Sara (Etzweiler) Linkous 

Ms. Rena (Biely) Miller 

#Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel 

°Mr. Simon J. Meyer 

°Rev Robert P Longenecker 

Mr. Robert H. Miller 

#Mrs. Lois J. (Shank) Yeakel 

•Mrs. Geraldine (Rothermel) Nease 

°Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

Mrs. Burnell (Kessel) Moore 

°Mr. William J. Yingst 

Mr. John R. Nilan 

•Mrs. Rufina E (Balmer) Marquette 

OMr. Bernard J. Penturelli 

°Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman 

Mr. James W Parsons 

°Dr. Robert L. Meals 

Mr. William A. Rothrock 

Col. Donald A. Potter 

Dr. Robert K. Miller 

°Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 

CLASS OF 1950 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

Mr. William F Miller 

*Dr. David P. Sheetz 

Annual Fund $15,260.00 

Mr. George Roman 

Mr. Robert Mrgich 

Mr. Paul O. Shettel 

Endowment $2,650.00 

°Mrs. Jeanne (Hull) Russell 

Mrs. Dorothy (Morgan) Nye 

Mrs. Phyllis (Lambros) Shifler 

Facilities $3,115.00 

T°Rev. Howard H. Smith 

#Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mr. Alton M. Smith 

Dr. Luke S. Albert 

#Mr. John C. Smith, Jr. 

Mrs. Edith R. (Shanaman) Rothenberger 

°Mrs. Virginia (Vought) Smith 

Mr. Donald K. Anglemeyer 

Mr. Jack Snavely 

°Mr. Richard J. Schiemer 

*Mr. Earl J. Spangler 

*Dr. Loy C. Awkerman 

#Dr. Dale R. Snyder 

Mrs. Patricia (Werner) Schmid 

*Mrs. Elaine (Frock) Stepanek 

Mr. Arthur J. Bacastow 

Mr. Richard H. Spangler 

OMrs. Anne E. (Shroyer) Shemeta 

"fOMrs. Martha (Ross) Swope 

Dr. Richard W Bailey 

#Mr. William D. Steely 

Mrs. Joyce (McAllister) Simons 

^Mrs. Ruth (Whitman) Yingst 

°Dr. George W. Battels 

Mr. Donald B. Steinberg 

#Mrs. Jeanne (Edwards) Tesnar 

#Mr. Robert A. Zimmerman 

Mrs. Betty (Camp) Barto 

Mrs. Jean (Kostenbauder) Stolte 

°Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 

Mr. Carl R. Baum 

Mrs. Sidney (Garverich) Tome 

Mr. Donald L. Trostle 

CLASS OF 1949 

Mr. Edgar O. Beck 

°Miss Nan E. Urich 

°Rev. Martin W Trostle 

Annual Fund $9,337.50 

°Mr. John R. Beddall 

°Mrs. Lillian (Keller) Van Natta 

Mrs. Nancy (Lutz) Weber 

Endowment $3,025,00 

#Dr. Lewis W Bowman 

°Dr. David H. Wallace 

°Ur. William O. Wert 

Facilities $2,515.00 

Mr. Robert K. Bowman 

°Mrs. Dorothy (Kline) Welsh 

Dr. Harry W.Wolfe 

*Mrs. Rose Marie (Root) Awkerman 

♦Dr. Nancy H. Bright 

°Mr. William Wertz 

#Mr. Henry F Wolfskeil 

Mrs. Marion (Hackman) Bair 

Mr. Paul E. Broome 

°Mr. James A. Wilhelm 

°Mr. Neal E. Woll 

Mr. Robert E. Baker 

Mr. Allen H. Brown 

°Mrs. Marian (Achenbach) Wise 

Rev Donald D. Zeiders 

Mr. James L Barto 

°Mr. Frederic W Brown 

°Mr. J. Ellis Wood 

Mr. Charles L. Zimmerman 

Mr. Donald A. Behney, Jr. 

Mrs. Janet (Eppley) Bucher 

Mr. Harold E. Yingst 

°Mrs. Ruth (Brown) Zimmerman 

°Mr. Arthur I. Bodden 

Rev. Norman B. Bucher 

Rev. Paul M. Youse 

Mrs. Hattie (Cook) Bowman 

Mr. Ronald M. Burd 

°Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1952 

Mr. John K. Carl 

♦Mrs. Kathryn M. (Noll) Chernich 

Annual Fund $11,743.86 

Mr. Harlan A. Daubert 

♦Mr. James K. Davis 

CLASS OF 1951 

Endowment $1,225.00 

°Mrs. Olive M, (Reemsnyder) Derr 

°Mrs. Mary (Furhman) Dyer 

Annual Fund $8,282.50 

Facilities $6,591.14 

*Mrs. Vera J. (Boyer) Early 

Mr. Hugh L. Eberly 

Endowment $25.00 

•Ms. Lois L. Adams 

Mr. Richard Y. Eby 

Dr. Charles R. Eigenbrode 

Facilities $11,775.75 

°Mrs. Elaine (Barron) Auerbach 

#Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth 

Mr. R. F. Eigenbrode 

°Mrs. Dawn (Hornbaker) Albert 

Mrs. Janet (Weidenhammer) Baker 

Mrs. Beatrice (Meiser) Euston 

Mr. Robert N. Englehart 

Mr. Robert L. Allen 

°Dr. Anthony K. Bering 

°Mr. William D. Ferguson 

Mr. Ralph S. Espenshade 

Rev. David H. Andrews 

#Dr. Joseph P. Bering 

°Dr. Dennis L. Funck 

•Mr. David S. Etter 

Mr. Harold R. Baer 

°Mr. Alden G. Biely 

°Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 

Mr. William G. Fisher 

°Mrs. Helen (MacFarland) Bartels 

#Dr. Samuel H. Black 

°Rev Dr. Paul J. Gerhart 

Mr. Fred B. Fore 

Mr. Floyd M. Baturin 

°Mr. Donald Blanken 

*Mrs. Nancy (Meyer) Gingrich 

Dr. Wallace W Furman 

#Mr. John D. Boag 

Mr. Frederick R. Boltz 

#Mr. Charles K. Greenawalt 

Mr. Carl W Gibson 

#Mrs. Margaret (Bower) Boag 

OMr. Nicholas Bova 

°Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

Dr. James E. Gregg 

°Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

OMrs. Virginia A. (Wagner) Curfman 

#Mrs. Dorothy (Smith) Heisey 

Dr. Robert W. Haines 

#Dr. William J. Boyd 

#Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 

*Rev. Alvin S, Hildebrand 

Mr. Francis A. Heckman 

Dr. George D. Charles 

#Mrs. Ruth (Sheaffer) Daugherty 

•Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 

Mr. Robert W Hess 

°Mr. George A. DeLong 

•Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 

Dr. Henry G. Hostetter 

Mr. Frank W Hockley 

°Mrs. Jeanne (Stine) DeLong 

^Mr. Paul F Edwards 

Mrs. Mary-Catherine (Wolf) Jackman 

Mrs. M. Louise (Jagnow) Hockley 

°Mr. Donald A. Degler 

°Dr. Daniel W Fasnacht 

Mr. Earl F Kauffman 

Mrs. Doris (Klingensmith) Hoepfer 

Rev. Paul W. Diener 

Mr. M. Eugene Fisher 

OMrs. Mary Ellen E. (Budesheim) Kinch 

Mrs. Rachel (Gerhart) Hook 

Capt. Paul L. Downey 

#Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

°Mrs. Mary (Glover) Kleinfelter 

*Dr. Charlotte (Rohrbaugh) Jones 

°Mrs. Anna (Hall) Edwards 

Mrs. E. Maxine (Garvin) Fritz 

Mr. Howard B. Kreider 

•Dr. William G. Jones 

•Mr. Harold G.Engle, Jr. 

Mrs. Elma (Breidenstine) Frysinger 

Mr. Wesley R. Kreiser 

°Rev. Paul W Kauffman 

Mr. Guy J. Euston 

Rev. Golden A. Gaither 

*Mr. Howard F. Lebegern 

Mrs. Vivian (Werner) Keefer 

#Mr. Robert K. Feaster 

°Mr. John E. Giachero 

Mr. John F Loser 

°Mrs. Doris L (Eckert) Ketner 

°Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

*Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 

°Dr. Donald V Malick 

Mr. Raymond A. Kline 

Mrs. Arlene (Shuey) Fisher 

♦Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. Robert H. Marquette 

#Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mrs. Mary (Brandt) Fowler 

Mr. Richard D. Hartman 

Mr. Robert P McCoy 

°Mr.JohnW Krieg 

Mr. Joseph J. Frank 

Mr. Phillip W. Hayes 

Mr. Sidney S. Miller 

Mr. Anthony J. Kutchever 

Mrs. Joan (Mattern) Franks 

Mr. Robert J. Heath 

#Mrs. Betty (Jones) Moller 

Mrs. Barbara (Kleinfelter) Lawver 

Ms. Jean E. Frantz 

♦Mrs. Elizabeth (Beittel) Heffley 

#Mr. Richard W. Moller 

Mr. Joseph W Layser 

Mr. Louis L. Fried 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Roper) Hess 

Mr. Dean S. Moore 

Mr. Ray A. Layser 

Rev. Roland E. Garvin 

•Mrs. Dorothy (Winner) Hoak 

OMrs. Martha (Miller) Penturelli 

Mrs. Miriam (Fuller) Lemon 

Mrs. Francene (Swope) Gates 

OMr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane (Reed) Pope 

Mr. William K. Lemon 

Mr. Carl L. Gerberich 

°Mrs. Nancy A. (Myers) Inners 

°Dr. Stuart K. Remley 

Mrs. Geraldine (Miller) Lesher 

#Mrs. Joanne (RicedorO Jacoby 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 15 

Dr. George M. Knobl 

°Mrs. Claire (Caskey) Krieg 
Mrs. Adele (Begg) Lauder 


#Ms. D. Jane Lutz 
Mr. Joseph J. Lutz 

Annual Giving by 


°Miss Geraldine E. Mease 

Dr. Mardia Melroy 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 
#Mr. Joseph T. Oxley 
°Dr. James S. Pacy 

Class Amount 

No. of 

Percentage of 

\ Class 

Amount No. of Percentage of 




Contributed Donors Participation 

°Dr. Michael J. Papp 


°Mr. Josef G.Parker 

1917 $566.80 




$41,11330 64 60 

*Dr. Frederick P Sample 
Mr. Melvin Schiff 

1918 $750.00 




$8,614,99 64 47 

*Dr. Nancy (Deimler) Seiders 

1919 $125.00 




$6,330.00 42 34 

OMr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

1922 $100,00 




$8,737.50 49 39 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder 

1923 $391.67 



| 1963 

$10,282.03 72 48 

Dr. Paul E. Stambach 

1924 $100.00 




$11,550.00 68 41 

Miss Ruth M. Stambach 

Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

1926 $50.00 



i 1965 

$15,856.45 65 40 

*Dr. Sterling E Strause 

1927 $1300.00 




$8,363.34 59 40 

Mr. John I, Sweigard 

; 1928 $2,110,00 




$13,145.00 53 33 

Dr. Michael W Szollose 

1929 $9,69634 




$14,315.45 69 42 

#Mr. Edward E Tesnar 

Mrs. Julia (Thatcher) Witmer 

1930 $3,097,50 




$10,220.79 82 43 

*Mrs. Priscilla (Frantz) Wolf 

1931 $1,025,00 




$9,490.79 69 41 

°Mrs. Diane (Randolph) Woodward 

1932 $3,875.00 



j 1971 

$10,071.50 61 31 

Mrs. Gloria (Dressier) Zeigler 

; 1933 $3,550.00 



| 1972 

$6,859.99 47 25 

1934 $8,550.00 




$6,930.49 80 36 

CLASS OF 1953 

Annual Fund $18,300.95 

1935 $195,889.12 




$13,836.00 69 36 

Endowment $1,657.74 

1936 $7,065.00 


44 | 


$6,875,00 78 39 

Facilities $32,423.25 

1937 $5,984.57 




$4,870.00 73 30 

Mr. Robert A. Brandt 

1938 $12,020.00 




$4,980.00 62 29 

*Mrs. Phyllis (Barnhart) Burkholder 
°Mrs. Joyce (Hammock) Carson 
Mr. Robert Y. Clay 

1939 $7,306.17 

1940 $3,895.20 




$5,899,10 63 32 
$10,831.96 74 33 

Mrs. Grace (Frick) Coady 

1941 $3,830,52 




$6,885.00 70 31 

<>Dr. George D. Curfman 

1942 $7,877.30 




$5,805.00 58 27 

Mr. Carl W Daugherty 

1943 $138,362.51 




$11,323.09 64 32 

Mrs. Martha (Rapp) Daugherty 
Mrs. Janice (DeLong) Diehm 
Mrs. Jean (Stahle) Donohue 

1944 $8,247.51 




$8,025.00 50 25 

1945 $8,809.00 




$3,222.50 54 24 

Rev. Henry R. Early 

1946 $5,167.50 




$2,445.00 47 26 

Dr. Warren L. Early 

1947 $5,083.50 




$3,585.00 49 27 

°Mrs. Patricia (Wood) Edris 
OMr. Lloyd O. Evans 

1948 $16,025.25 




$3,310.00 41 23 

Mr. M. Ross Evans 

1949 $9,337.50 




$2,571,76 39 20 

Rev. Clarence R. Funk 

1950 $15,260,00 




$1,770.00 34 20 

°Mr. Richard M. Furda 

\ 1951 $8,282.50 




$2,674,99 65 28 

°Mr. Ralph R. Giordano 

- 1952 $11,743.86 




$2,485.00 43 20 

*Dr. Martin L, Gluntz 
Mrs. Jane (McMurtrie) Hart 

. 1953 .$18,300.95 




$2,650.00 57 21 

*Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock 

1954 $8,066.40 




$2,406.36 64 29 

°Mrs. Joan (Bair) Herman 

■ 1955 $16,062.27 




$2,020.23 62 30 

°Mr. Melvin E. Hostetter 

1956 $7,375,00 



Mr. Winslow Johnson 

1957 $11,604,80 




$714,386.00 3,140 36 

°Mrs. Pauline (Ritde) Kauffman 

Mrs. Evelyn M. (Gehman) Kegerise 
°Mr. Edgar D. Landis 
Mr. Abram L. Leaman 

1958 $23,739.79 



There is a duplicated dollar count for peopk with spouses in 
different class years. 

°Mr. Don E. McNamara 

°Mrs. Alma (Mariani) Wood 

Mr. Kenneth C. Donmoyer 


Rev. Albert E. Moser 

°Mr. William H, Wood 

Mrs. K. May (Eschenbach) Ertle 

°Mrs. Geraldine (Nichols) 

*Dr, David D. Neiswender 

*Mrs. Nancy (Cramer) Zimmerman 

Mr. John T. Ervin 


°Mr. Barrett E. Oxley 

Dr. Jay A. Felty 

Mr. Robert L. Krieg 

Mr. Harold A. Rothenberger 

tn. m ¥ St* i \ r* i 

CLASS OF 1954 

ODr. Herbert Fields 

#Mr. Robert Mackrides 

°Mrs. Joan (Spangler) Sachs 

€Xl i tVI • 1 * it /* 1, i 

Annual Fund $8,066.40 

#Mr. Donald S. Fleming 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Gaskill) Miller 

°Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Jr. 

Gift-In-Kind $32.00 

#Mrs. Janice (Walker) Fleming 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

°Mrs. G. Arlene (Snyder) Shaffer 

Facilities $1,781.60 

Mr. Boyd C. Flickinger 

°Mrs. Lucie (Portier) O'Brien 

Mrs. Mary Lou (Kurtz) Sweigard 

Mrs. Sara (Herr) Alecxih 

Mr. Waiter H. Fry 

Mrs. Joan (Ringle) Policastro 

Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo 

°Dr. F Paul Alepa 

Mrs. Barbara (Hess) Gaither 

*Mr. Frank A. Ritrievi 

Mr. Stanley C. Vansant 

Mr. Bruce A. Baver 

Mr. Donald J. Gingrich 

*Dr. Gail (Edgar) Ritrievi 

°Mr. William J. Walborn 

Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

#Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

°Mr. Harold Y. Sandy 

•Hon. John Walter 

♦Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 

#Mrs. Doris (Cortright) Heck 

°Mr. John Sant'Ambrogio 

Rev Russell E. Walters 

Mr. Robert B. Campbell 

Mr. Robert A. Houston 

Mr. Prowell M. Seitzinger 

Mr. Edward H. Walton 

Mr. George J. Cardone 

OMrs. Betty (Criswell) Hungerford 

°Mrs. Carol Oohnstone) Smith 

*Mrs. Joan (Gilbert) Wengert 

#Dr. Wiley E. Daniels 

°Mrs. Alice (Daniel) Kelly 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 O Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quitiapahilla Club t Deceased 

°Mr. Lee C. Smith 

Mr. Herbert M. Forrest 

Mr. Edward A. Anderson 

♦Dr. Edna (Jenkins) Carmean 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

Mrs. Irene (Urian) Gattiker 

°Dr. Jerald G. Bachman 

°Mr. James W Checket 

#Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

♦Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

Mr. Barry B. Barnhart 

°Mrs. Ruth (Howell) Cook 

#Mrs. M. Rosie (Hollinger) Sorrentino 

•Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 

Mrs. Marlene (Brill) Bell 

°Mr. LeRoy E. Copenhaver 

°Miss Agnes M. Souders 

Mrs. Joan (Napoliello) Horn 

Mrs. Janet M. (Tingley) Boehm 

Mrs. Shirley (Bair) Crumlich 

#Mrs. Julia (Ulrich) Spangler 

♦Mr. Lawrence E. Jones 

#Mrs. Sessaly (Prugh) Boyd 

#Mr. William F DeLiberty 

Mr. Richard G. Styling 

°Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 

°Mrs. Fern (Liskey) Bucher 

°Mrs. Sarah (Cook) Downs 

°Mrs. Barbara (Ranck) Taylor 

°Mrs. Joan (Eckenroad) Kirk 

Mrs. Virginia (Smedley) Burkhart 

°Rev Harvey W Ebrightjr. 

°Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Lower) Theophilos 

Mrs. Shirley (Warfel) Knade 

•Dr. Thomas B. Carmany 

#Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Lt. Col. Clair D. Wagner 

Mr. Robert G. Miller 

Mrs. Joan (Heindel) Cornflower 

°Mrs. Joanne (Grubb) Gain 

Mr. Robert J. Wagner 

Mr. Benedict C. Salamandra 

Mr. M. Delmar Cook 

Dr. Helen (Graham) Gill 

°Mrs. Betty Jane (Swisher) Wolfgang 

Rev. H. Rodney Stoner 

°Mrs. Susan (Zimmerman) Dietrich 

Mr. Robert H. Gingrich 

Mrs. Sylvia (Wolfskill) Woodin 

°Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 

#Mr. Henry G. Douglass 

Mr. James E. Greenwood 

Mr. Donald H. Umberger 

°Mr. Earl V Edris 

♦Mrs. Estelle (Berger) Hartranft 

CLASS OF 1955 

Mr. Robert M. Walker 

♦Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger 

♦Dr. linda (Heefner) Heindel 

Annual Fund $16,062.27 

#Mr. John W Walters 

Mrs. Janice H. (Demko) Epler 

♦Dr. Ned D. Heindel 

Endowment $4,120.00 

Ms. Jean (Lowry) Wolf 

♦Mr. Darwin G. Glick 

#Dr. John B. Hoffman 

Facilities $10,254.70 

Mr. J. Bashore Yorty 

♦Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Speicher) Glick 

Mr. Sheldon K. Hoover 

Mr. Fred W Arnold 

OMr. Eugene W Zimmerman 

°Mrs. Nancy (Grace) Good 

Mrs. Janet (Zuse) Hostetter 

Mr. Robert H. Ayers 

♦Mrs. Robie (Lauman) Hall 

Mrs. Barbara (Deiter) Houston 

Mrs. Hazel (Kindt) Beish 

CLASS OF 1957 

♦Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 

Rev. William A. Hower 

#Mrs. Nancy (Daugherty) Conner 

Annual Fund $11,604.80 

^Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

Mrs. Linda (Shirey) Huber 

Mr. William C. Diehm 

Endowment $400.00 

°Rev Jack R. Hoffman 

Hon. Wayne G. Hummer 

Mr. Arthur J. Dukes 

Facilities $7,937.20 

°Mrs. Jean (Henninger) Hoffman 

ODr. H. Dale Kreider 

#Mr. Roger L. Dundore 

#Mr. Theodore L. Blumenthal 

°Mr. Donald R. Hole 

Mr. Sterling R. Krumbine 

OMr. Robert L. Enders 

°Rev. Dorothy M. Book 

ODr. Michael P. Hottenstein 

Dr. John P Lambert 

♦Dr. RossW Fasick 

°Mr. Roy E. Boush 

°Ms. Barbara G. Johnson 

Mr. Nello M. Lavorini 

OMr. D. John Grace, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph A. Brechbill 

°Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner 

•Mr. Gene R. Layser 

Mrs. Joyce (Dissinger) Herr 

Mr. Donald S. Burkhart 

°Ms. Glenda L. (Wilson) Kirker 

•Mrs. Marilyn (Kreider) Layser 

T°Mrs. Dorothy (Roudabush) 

°Mr. Frank J. Catanzaro 

Mr. Fred S. Kreider, Jr. 

Mr. James O. Lebo 


°Ms. Grace (Gorbey) Connell 

°Mr. William RKrick, Jr. 

°Mr. H. Kenneth Lee 

°Dr. Henry B. Hollinger 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

Mrs. Kathryn (Hoerner) Lanz 

OMrs. Susan (Oaks) Leonard 

#Rev Stanley F Imboden 

#Ms. Hazel A. Davis 

Mrs. Marcia (Shirley) Lavorini 

Mr. David M. Long 

•Mr. Robert R. Jenkins 

°Mrs. Elaine (Henderson) Forbes 

Mr. John F Lenker 

Mrs. Phyllis (Luckens) Lowe 

Mr. John E. Kauffman 

Mr. Ralph W Fortna 

°Mrs. Sally A. Miller-Checket 

Mrs. Nancy (McDonald) Marsteller 

°Mrs. Carol (Achenbach) Keblinger 

•Dr. Murray B. Grosky 

♦Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. 

Dr. Robert S. Martin 

Mrs. Hilda (Yost) Landis 

°Mrs. Carol (Kelly) Hamilton 

Mrs. Barbara (Klinger) Nelson 

Rev. Alexander R McCullough 

Mrs. Mary (Wurster) Ludwick 

Miss Emma E. Herr 

Mrs. Charlotte (Long) Paschall 

Mr. David R. Meder 

#Mrs. Rita (Castiglia) Mackrides 

°Dr. F R Hottenstein 

Mrs. Roberta K. (McBride) Peightel 

•Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 

Mrs. Joyce (Hill) Madden 

Mrs. Louise (Roberts) Hrizuk 

°Dr. Jackson G. Perry 

°Mr. Mark L. Miller 

•Mr. J. Stanley Mull 

♦Mrs. Georgianne (Funk) Jones 

Mr. Richard E. Powell 

°Mr. Myles L. Miller 

•Mrs. Joan (Wingert) Mull 

Mr. Thomas F. Kershner 

Mrs. Ruth (Obert) Ranalli 

Miss Ruth A. Miller 

♦Mr. Clair W Noll 

OUr. William H. Kiick 

Mr. Chester T Rebok 

°Mrs. Carolyn (Schairer) Moyer 

Mrs. Mary Jane (Kern) Parsons 

Mr. Charles C Kindt 

♦Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 

°Dr. Karl E. Moyer 

Mr. George Radanovic 

Mr. R. Lee Kunkel 

Ms. Rosemary D. Ruhl 

°Mr. Walter H. Muller 

Dr. Robert E. Reasey 

Mrs. June (Lykens) Lantz 

°Mr. David H. Schell 

Mr. William D. Murray 

Ms. Fay-Ann (Weiler) Reynolds 

Rev. W Franklin Lantz 

Mrs. Donna M. (Williamson) Shafer 

#Mr. James G. Novinger 

OMrs. Alice (Bomberger) Savastio 

°Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

Mrs. Sandra (Weit) Shipman 

Mrs. Susan (Artz) Richartz 

#Mr. William Schmidt 

Mrs. Nancy (Kettle) Lenker 

°Mrs. Mary E. (Swope) Shroyer 

♦Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 

Mr. Frederick L Shaak 

#Mr. James M. McArdle 

♦Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

♦Mrs. Janet (Blank) Rismiller 

♦Mr. George D. Shaak 

°Rev. Gerald A. McCormick 

Mr. Richard H. Smith 

Mr. Joseph C. Saile 

Mrs. P. Sally Ann (Whitmoyer) Shaak 

°Mr. Frank R. McCulloch 

°Mr. Joseph K. Snare 

°Mr. Richard M. Savidge 

#Mrs. Adora (Rabiger) Sholley 

°Mrs. Geraldine (Sheaffer) 

Mr. John H. Sproul 

Mr. Robert D. Sensenig 

Rev. Melvin G. Sponsler, Jr. 


°Mr. Joe L. Stauffer 

Mr. Edmund J. Slezosky 

#Mrs. Edith (Wemtz) Taylor 

°Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann 

Mr. Harold P Swanger 

Ms. Louise G. Swain 

Rev Clarence D. Ulrich 

°Mr. Robert J. Nelson 

OUiss Beverly A. Walp 

°Mr. John A. Tartaglin 

°Ms. Lynette E. Waller 

♦Mrs. Jeanne C. (Winter) Noll 

♦Mr. Ronald B. Weinel 

°Mrs. Catherine (Hellick) Van Ness 

Miss Dorothy M. (Pfautz) Wenger 

♦Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer 

Mr. George M. Wentling 

Mrs. Marion (Brooks) Vespe 

°Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

°Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer 

Mrs. Dorothy (Kamm) Whitman 

°Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 

♦Dr. Ralph E. Yingst 

♦Mrs. Polly (Risser) Reinhart 

♦Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

°Miss Doris E. White 

OMrs. Loretta (Hostetter) Risser 

♦Dr. James F Wolfe 

Mrs. Johanna (Hansen) Wilson 

CLASS OF 1956 

Mrs. Jane (Hoffman) Roush 

Mrs. Kathleen (Fisher) Zaleski 

Miss Jane E. Wolfe 

Annual Fund $7,375.00 

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Robert M. Sheaffer 

♦Mrs. Mary Ellen (Risser) Ziegler 

Endowment $2,125.00 

Dr. Thomas E. Silliman 

CLASS OF 1960 

Facilities $1,950.00 

Mr. Robert E. Snyder 

CLASS OF 1959 

Annual Fund $8,614.99 

Dr. Gene R. Adams 

Mrs. Hannelore (Wanner) Starsinic 

Annual Fund $41,113.30 

Endowment $400.00 

*Dr. John B. Allwein 

Mr. Thomas V. Uhrich 

Endowment $2,371.00 

Facilities $1,500.01 

Mrs. Doris (Brandt) Ayers 

°Mr. Calvin J. Wacker 

Facilities $96,440.04 

Mr. Edward J. Alexander 

°Dr. James N. Bollinger 

♦Mrs. Patricia (Lutz) Walter 

°Mr. D. Neil Aharrah 

Mrs. Georgia A. (Hertzler) 

#Dr. David N. Bosacco 

♦Mrs. Marian (Marcus) Warden 

°Mrs. Mary (Beaver) Aharrah 


Mrs. Dorothy (Grabau) Boyd 

Dr. William C. Workinger 

°Mrs. Shirley (Jacobs) Aichele 

Mrs. Brenda C (Funk) Berry 

Mr. Henry T. Chadwick 

♦Mr. Larry L. Ziegler 

#Rev. Wayde V Atwell 

Mrs. Patricia (Hagerty) Bohrs 

°Mr. Cyrus R. Dietrich 

#Mrs. Flora (Rhen) Blumenthal 

#Mrs. Eleanor (Black) Boyer 

#Dr. Jacquelyn (Fetterhoff) Douglass 

CLASS OF 1958 

Mr. Russell J. Boeshore 

Mr. Philip D. Bronson 

*Mr. David J. Farling 

Annual Fund $23,739.79 

Mrs. Jean (Blocher) Bowers 

Mr. James S. Bustard 

Mrs. Nancy (Kirby) Fisher 

Endowment $16,020.00 

♦Attorney Bernerd A. Buzgon 

Mrs. Joyce (Fuller) Bustard 

Mrs. Margaret (Martin) Flickinger 

Facilities $22,431.71 

Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 ] 7 

°Mrs. Barbara (Burns) Carpenter 

°Dr. James W Carpenter 

ORev Richard L. Cassel 

♦Mrs. Jean (Cunningham) Catlin 

*Mr John A. Catlin 

Mr. Richard M. Daugherty 

°Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty 

#Mrs. Joan (Turner) Derr 

#Dr. William F. Derr 

#Mr. Joseph B. Dietz 

°Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

ODr. Russel H. Etter 

•Atty Philip H. Feather 

Mr Ray K. Fields 

Mr. Charles F Gerberich 

•Mrs. Marsha (Chaitt) Grosky 

Mrs. Audrey (Rice) Hamm 

Mr. Robert G. Harlacker 

#Mrs. Dolores (Herner) Hartman 

ODr. Clark S. Hoffman, Jr. 

Mr. Richard K. Hollinger 

Mr. Ronald P Hovis 

°Mrs. Judith (Thomas) Imler 

Mr. Glenwood H. Krill 

Mrs. Rosalind (Horn) Kunkel 

Mrs. Marianne (Kanofi) Loney 

Miss Joyce E. Martin 


Mr. Robert C Musser 

Mr. Kenneth R. Nelson 

Mrs. Nancy (Lewis) Patton 

Mr. John H. Phillips 

°Mrs. Margaret (Garber) Philp 

Mrs. Margaret (White) Pierson 

°Mr. Joseph D. Ragno 

°Mrs. Nancy (Nickell) Ragno 

Rev. William B. Ramey Jr. 

Mrs. Jacqueline (Simes) Rossi 

Mr. John F. Schlegel 

Rev. David W Schmuck 

Mrs. Sally (Lynch) Seavey 

Mrs. Mary (Ranck) Slezosky 

°Mr.JohnJ. Stouffer 

Mr. Kenneth J. Swisher 

Mrs. Shirley (Angle) Tannenbaum 

°Mrs. Nancy (Kulp) Thorner 

°Mrs. Constance (Chambers) Trostle 

°Mr. L. N. Umble 

Mr. Fredric Vespe 

Mr. James O. Wargny 

Mrs. Carolee (Green) Weidner 

Mr. Karl A. Wesolowski 

Mrs. Constance (Cromwell) Wilkins 

Mrs. Martha (Rudnicki) Williams 

°Mrs. Patricia (Petrullo) Wise 

Mr. Ralph J. Ziegenfuss 

#Mr.JoelH. Zinn 

CLASS OF 1961 

Annual Fund $6,330.00 

Endowment $375.00 

Facilities $1,290.00 

Mrs. Janet (Hammerschmidt) Barndt 

Mrs. Sarah (Haigler) Corbitt 

#Mrs. M. Nancy (Ovates) DeLiberty 

#Mrs. Shirley (Landis) Dietz 

Mrs. M. Ruth (Messersmith) Erb 

°Miss Nancy I. Ford 

Mr. Richard N. Garwood 

Rev Dr. William K. Glaser 

Mr. Larry Q. Hall 

Rev John P Hamm 

Mr. John R. Harlacher 

°Mr. Robert D. Hartnett 

°Mr. Kenneth C. Hays 

Mrs. Jean (Dixon) Hetherington 

Mrs. Fay (Weik) Horst 

Mrs. Kathy (Bowman) Horst 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Black) Jones 

Mr. Buhrman G. Keim 

Mr. Barry L. Keinard 

°Dr. Robert W Kilmoyer 

Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 

°Capt. Alfred J. Kreiser 

Mrs. Joan (Mumper) Linnane 

Mrs. Judith (Leith) Lohmann 

Ms. Mary A. Maguire 

Mrs. Pauline M. (Fitz) Martin 

#Mrs. Selina (Hill) McArdle 

Mrs. Ruth (Thomas) McCracken 

°Dr. Frederick Meiselman 

*Mrs. Lois (Brong) Miller 

Mrs. Marjorie (Peters) Miller 

Mr. Nolan E. Miller 

Mr. Lynn B. Raver 

•James T. Reilly Esq. 

Mrs. Dawn (Bongart) Reinhart 

#Dr. Samuel J. Shubrooks 

#Mr. Jacque A. Smith 

Mr. Karl R Smith 

°Mr. Walter L. Smith 

#Mrs. Dianne (Arthur) Snook 

°Mrs. Barbra (Storaker) Stehlik 

°Mrs. Carol (Bronson) Steiner 

Mr. Charles J. Tobias, II 

°Mrs. Joan (DeConna) Walters 

°Dr. Dean G. Wetzel 

°Mrs. Marcia (Paullin) Wilson 

°Lt. Col. D. T. Winter 

°Rev Keith B. Wise 

CLASS OF 1962 

Annual Fund $8,737.50 

Endowment $1,210.00 

Facilities $3,762.50 

Mrs. Aglaia (Stephanis) Ahmed 

Mrs. Jane (Levine) Alexander 

Mr. Donald E. Bacastow 

Mr. Karl W Bordner 

°Mr. Lowell B. Brogan 

Mrs. Emily J. (Bowman) Brown 

°Mrs. Joan G. (Badgley) Bryant 

Mrs. Patricia (Davis) Bullock 

Mr. Gary H. Cronrath 

Mrs. Janice (Sevco) Crudele 

OMr. David L. Czirr 

Miss Sylvia A. Dillman 

Mrs. Georgiana (Kunzler) Doner 

Mrs. Isobel (Miller) Dottle 

•Mrs. Judith (Kline) Feather 

#Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 

°Dr Hiram E. Fitzgerald 

Mr. Dean A. Flinchbaugh 

Gifts to Current 
Operations 1991-1995 

1990-91 91-92 92-93 93-94 94-95 

°Dr. David H. Fortna 

Mrs. Barbara (Wogisch) Fragasso 

Mrs. Marilyn E. (McCleary) Funk 

Mrs. Bonnie (Williams) Garwood 

°Mr. Doyle W Ivey 

Ms. Marilyn (Rinker)Jennerjohn 

Mrs. Cecelia (Reed) Keehn 

Mrs. Gayle (Schlegel) Keinard 

Mrs. Kay (Steiner) Kelbley 

Mrs. Kay (Hoffer) Kemper 

°Mrs. Letitia (Crispen) Kilmoyer 

°Col. Walter A. Krueger 

Dr. June E. Lawrence 

Mr. Ray C Lichtenwalter 

°Dr. Barry W Light 

Mrs. Margaret (Seaber) Markert 

Mrs. Jane (McCann) Miller 

°Ms. Delores A. Mounsey 

*Mr. H. Lee Moyer 

°Mrs. Elaine L. (Wert) Pierce 

°Mrs. Judith (Kuchta) Reighter 

°Mr. K. William Reighter 

°Mr. C. Richard Rhine 

Dr. Carl B. Rife 

Mrs. Rosalie (Wida) Roth 

♦Mr. Charles R. Seidel 

Mr. Daniel F Shearer 

Mrs. Y. Viola (DeFino) Shepherd 

°Mrs. Sandra (Stetler) Stouffer 

Mr. Robert H. Stull 

*Mrs. Brenda (Brown) Troisi 

Mr. Russell R. Urey 

Mr. Henry F Van de Water 

*Mrs. Carol (Smith) Yost 

♦Mr. Harry B.Yost 

CLASS OF 1963 

Annual Fund $10,282.03 

Endowment $25.00 

Facilities $4,951.43 

OMr. H. William Acker 

♦Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi 

#Ms. Barbara H. Bailes 

°Dr. Mary (Haines) Berthold 

Mr. Barry V. Bishop 

°Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

°Mr. James L Boyle 

Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mrs. Judith (Newton) Brown 

Mrs. JoAnn (Whitman) Candelori 

Mr. Michael W Chabitnoy 

Dr. R. Frederick Crider 

°Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 

#Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

°Mr. Gerald H. Edris 

°Rev Richard G. Felty 

Mr. William W Focht 

°Mrs. Sandra (Kelly) Gahres 

Mr. L. Robert Gerberich 

°Mrs. Dianne (Ehrhart) Gray 

°Dr. Robert A. Gray 

Mrs. Charlotte (Hemperly) Hamilton 

Dr. Robert S. Hamilton 

Mr. Ronald C. Haring 

Mrs. Lynne (McWilliams) Hendrix 

Ms. Barbara E. Horst 

Mrs. Rebecca A. (Unger) Howard 

Mr. G, Thomas Keehn 

°Mrs. Margaret (Weinert) Kramer 

Mr. Ralph L Lehman, III 

♦Mr. Ellis W McCracken 

Mrs. Barbara (Bongart) McMinn 

#Capt. Herman J. Meyer 

Mrs. Shirley (Brown) Michel 

°Mrs. Leann R (Grebe) Miller 

Mrs. Shirley (Huber) Miller 

Mrs. Susan (Smith) Miller 

Mr. Byron N. Mock 

Mrs. ShelvyJ. (Stuck) Moorhead 

Mr. Lawrence R. Moss 

Mr. Dennis C. Phillippy 

°Rev David W Pierce 

Dr. George R. Plitnik 

Mr. Ronald J. Poorman 

♦Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. 

°Ms. Judith (Nichols) Renzulli 

Ms. Joy D. Rice 

°Mrs. June (Stringer) Rietdorf 

Mrs. Judith (Snowberger) Rife 

Mr. Richard H. Rotz 

Mrs. Nedra (Rine) Schmuck 

°Mrs. Priscilla (Brush) Schwenk 

♦Mrs. Sarah (Lane) Seidel 

°Rev. William A. Sherman 

Ms. N. Patricia Shonk 

°Mr. Robert R. Shope 

°Ms. Kathryn S. Skewis 

Ms. Janet (Taylor) Spengler 

OMr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Dr. Vance R. Stouffer 

Miss Jane A. Sunday 

Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart 

Dr. Ford S. Thompson 

Mrs. Nancy (Dutro) Thompson 

°Mr. Douglas K. Troutman 

Rev Donald E. Van Kirk 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Williams) Van de Water 

Mr. Harry M. Voshell 

°Mr. John R. Weaber 

Rev. George M. Weaver 

Mrs. Nancy (Napier) Wilbourn 

Mrs. Phyllis (Morrow) Wolfe 

Mrs. Betsy (McElwee) Zehner 

CLASS OF 1964 

Annual Fund $11,550.00 

Endowment $25.00 

Facilities $1,210.00 

♦Mr. Charles B.Allwein 

Mr. Lavelle H. Arnold 

♦Dr. Elizabeth (Miller) Bains 

Mrs. Carolyn (Hoffman) Baittinger 

Mr. John E. Baittinger 

°Mr. Richard L. Bashore 

Mrs. Linda (Bell) Becker 

Rev. Ronald J. Beistline 

Mrs. Lavinia (Beckner) Biltimier 

Ms. Janet E. Bisbing 

Mr. Russell P Bonsall 

Mrs. Helen (Haskell) Bosart 

°Mrs. Elizabeth (Vastine) Bowman 

#Mr. Donald J. Bums 

Mr. Robert F Daigneault 

°Mr. John W Davis 

°Ms. Roberta A. Dudas 

Mr. M. Jay Earley 

♦Mrs. Sandra (Beltz) Edmunds 

T#Mr. John W Etter 

Mrs. Judith (Aungst) Freeman 

Dr. Larry L. Funck 

Mr. Gordon J. Gingrich 

°Dr. David D. Grove 

°Mr. Walter S. Hamsher 

Mr. Marvin L. Hendrix 

°Mrs. Judith (Baker) Higgins 

°Dr. William R. Higgins 

OMr. Richard B. Hiler 

Mr. Richard E Honafous 

Mr. Marlin Houck 

°Mr. James D. Huey 

Mrs. Hannah (Pisle) Kaufmann 

#Dr. J. Michael Kildee 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Robinson) Klinger 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 O Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

#Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

°Mr. Terry R. Lenker 

Ms. Sallie A. (Gerhart) Light 

Mrs. Alice (Harkins) Loych 

°Mr. Wesley J. MacMillan 

Mr. Charles H. Martin 

Mr. Larry H. Miller 

°Mrs. Barbara (Speicher) Moyer 

Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 

Mrs. Dolores (Mallery) Neuroth 

*Mr. John F Onofrey 

Mr. Thomas L. Overly 

Mrs. Rita (Blauvelt) Patterson 

Mrs. Patricia (McDyer) Pece 

Mrs. Loretta (Schlegel) Rittle 

Mrs. Helen (Shumaker) Schmick 

Dr. Wayne A. Selcher 

Dr. Douglas V Shaw 

#Mrs. Judith (Ruhl) Shearer 

°Mrs. Sandra (Diener) Shope 

*Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne (Mainiero) Slothower 

°Mr. James C. Snell 

#Mr. E. Lee Spancake 

#Mrs. Lynn (Lewis) Spancake 

°Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy (Wagner) Stull 

Mrs. Carol (Klock) Taylor 

Mr. Jay H. Uhler 

Mrs. Judith (Garvin) Uhler 

°Mr. Thomas W Weik 

Mr. Kenneth S. Whisler, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy (Bintliff) Whisler 

°Mr. John H. Witter 

°Mr. Jon A. Yost 

Mr. Paul R. Young 

*Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1965 

Annual Fund $15,856.45 

Endowment $200.00 

Facilities $7,028.55 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbach 

°Mr. H. William Alsted 

Mrs. Constance A. (Lemke) Arnold 

Ms. Virginia D. Bergey 

Mrs. Jeanne (Bogert) Brody 

Mr. Richard A. Carlson 

Mrs. Caroline (Miller) DiGiacomo 

Mr. William C. DiGiacomo 

Mrs. Judith (Bowman) Downs 

Mr. W Bruce English 

Mrs. Carolyn S. (Leitner) Enterline 

Mr. Paul D. Enterline 

°Mrs. Joy (Klingler) Felty 

Mrs. Nancy (Dice) Fennell 

Ms. Kay F Fontenoy 

°Mrs. Patricia (Shreffler) Fredericks 

°Mrs. Runette (White) Gabrielle 

Mr. William C. Gingrich 

Mrs. Molly (Hartman) Goldsmith 

Mr, Grant G. Greider 

Mr. William A. Grove 

Ms. Dorcas R. Haines 

°Mr. Dale B. Hains 

°Dr. Suzanne (Hollingsworth) Hetrick 

#Dr. William H. Hillmann 

°Mr. George J. Hollichjr. 

#Mrs. Carole (Duncan) Horn 

Mr. William G. Hughes 

Mr. Richard T. Irwin 

ODt. Howard D. Jones 

Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 

Mr. Philip C. Kohlhaas 

Mr. Joel B. Lantz 

Dr. Kenneth L. Laudermilch 

°Mrs. Diana (Nelson) Laul 

#Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mr. David W Leigh 

Ms. Bonnie (Weirick) Lingerman 

*Mr. Dick London 

Mr. William E. Luce 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig 

°Mr. Barry L. Lutz 

°Dr. Frederic J. Marsik 

Mrs. Jill (Barckley) McConnell 

Miss Sally M. McCreary 

°Mrs. Audrey (Frye) Metro 

*Mr. Carl E. Miller 

Dr. Glenn A. Moser 

Mrs. Karen (Mellinger) Poorman 

Dr. Robert H. Rittle 

*Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 

Mrs. Mary Ellen (VanHorn) Rutter 

#Mrs. Mary E. (Olmsted) Shearer 

Mrs. Norma (Woolston) Shearer 

Mrs. Audrey (Wahler) Smith 

Mrs. Lois (Shroyer) Smith 

Mr. Peter A. Stanilla.Jr. 

Mr. Glenn R. Stech 

Mr. Albert J. Taylor 

*Dr. David G. Thompson 

°Mr. Mark R. Treftz 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

Mr. Jamie G. Wescott 

#Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 

°Mr. Harrison D. Woodruff, Jr. 

°Mrs. Louise (Royahn) Woodruff 

OMr. A. Barry Yocom 

*Mrs. Karen E. (Lutz) Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1966 

Annual Fund $8,363.34 

Facilities $3,468.34 

°Mr. James K. Brandt 

Mr. Zenas L Brehm 

#Dr. Linda J. (Plequette) Bums 

°Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Mrs. Jennifer (Codington) Campbell 

°Dr. David H. Deck 

°Mrs. Virginia (Shedd) Deck 

Ms. Mary J. Earley 

Mr. Paul A. Egbert 

#Mr. Sylvester F. Eppley 

Ms. Carol (Mickey) Fleisher 

Mr. Dennis P. Gagnon 

Mrs. Dorothy (Evans) Geesaman 

Mr. J. R. Gilbert 

Mrs. Sally (Breidenthal) Gilbert 

Dr. John W Gregory 

Mrs. Joanne (Scott) Haring 

°Mrs. Joan (Higgins) Hays 

Dr. Richard P Henzel 

OMrs. Sharon (Stetler) Herr 

°Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 

°Mrs. Carol (Frey) Hollich 

#Mr. Robert E. Horn 

Mrs. Penelope (Spencer) Horton 

Ms. Claudia M. Hostetter 

°Mr. Barry E. Howard 

Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 

•Mr. John M. Lafferty 

Mrs. Karen (Cooper) Lamb 

Mr. Mervin K. Lentz 

Mr. Charles V. Liles 

°Dr. George T. Loose 

°Dr. Eileen D. Lynch 

#Mr. Donald C. MacGowan 

°Mrs. Elspeth (Lowrie) MacMillan 

Mrs. Gail (Vissers) McFadden 

Mrs. Betty (Detweiler) Melcher 

Mrs. Sara (KaufTman) Moss 

°Mr. Albert E. Padley 

#Dr. Richard C. Reed 

Mr. W. Vemon Rice 

#Dr. Rodney H. Shearer 

°Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 

Mrs. Carolyn (Miller) Soderman 

Mr. Richard R. Stahl 

*Mr. Donald R. Stanton 

Mrs. Linda (Brunner) Stoe 

Mrs. Ellen (McFaul) Swierk 

Mrs. Carol (Warfield) Tallman 

Mrs. Carol (Woolley) Testa 

Mrs. Elaine (Kreller) Tomlinson 

Mrs. Barbara (Lenker) Tredick 

*Mr. John C. Vaszily 

Mrs. Kathleen (Gunnet) Wagaman 

Ms. Helen M. Warnke 

Rev. James W Weis 

Mrs. Ruth (Hively) Wert 

Dr. Stephen N. Wolf 

Mr. Richard J. Wolfe 

Mr. Charles R. Wright 

Mr. Frank F. Yeager 

Mr. John L. Yeingst 

Mrs. Anne (Sargent) Young 

CLASS OF 1967 

Annual Fund $13,145.00 

Endowment $1,650.00 

Facilities $5,210.00 

°Mrs. Doris (Kimmich) Allen 

°Mrs. Barbara J. (Macaw) Atkinson 

#Mr. D. Larry Bachtell 

Mrs. Barbara (Beltz) Banket 

#Mr. Kenneth S. Berry 

°Dr. Gary N. Brauner 

°Dr. Charlene Cassel 

Mrs. LeAnn (Leiby) Chandler 

Mr. George C. Clauser 

Mrs. Bonita (Young) Connolly 

°Dr. John E. Dougherty 

Mrs. Joan (Carissimi) English 

°Mr. Robert B. Evans 

°Mr. Tilman R. Frye 

Mr. George N. Fulk 

*Mr. John M. Galat 

Mr. Frank J. Geier 

°Dr. Harold F. Giles 

Ms. Susan J. Green 

Ms. Mary-Ann Halladay 

Mrs. Wendy (Ptacek) Harper 

Dr. David P Ingalls 

Mrs. Linda (Pierce) Irwin 

*Mrs. Ann M. (Leidich) Kauffman 

*Mr. Jack KaufTman 

Rev Donald B. Kitchell 

°Mrs. Donna (Diehl) Kuntz 

°Mrs. Patrice (Todd) Langdon 

#Mrs. Rayanne (Behney) Lehman 

Mrs. Mary (Smith) Luntz 

#Mr. Robert J. Martalus 

Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

Mrs. Donna (Simmers) Mertz 

Mr. William K. Miller 

Mrs. Jane (Doll) Moyer 

Mr. Ronald D. Newmaster 

°Mrs. Ellen (Jackson) Patterson 

#Ms. Lois E. Quickel 

Mrs. Bonnie (Mills) Rausch 

Mrs. Luise (Wubbena) Reading 

#Dr. Roberta (Gable) Reed 

Mr. David R. Rogers 

°Dr. Helaine (Hopkins) Scarlett-Golann 

*Dr. C. Richard Schott 

°Dr. Damon L. Silvers 

Mr. Ward O. Smith 

Mrs. Margaret (Barto) Snyder 

*Mr. Francis M. Stearn 

Mr. Michael R. Steiner 

*Mrs. Elaine (Brenner) Thompson 

Ms. Gale M. Thompson 

°Mrs. Marilyn (Gulley) Wagner 

#Deacon Richard W Wentzel 

Mrs. Carol (Clark) Williams 

*Mr. Samuel A. Willman 

Rev Gretchen (Long) Woods 

OMrs. Carol (Clay) Yocom 

Mrs. Ellen (Kauffman) Zeigler 

CLASS OF 1968 

Annual Fund $14,315.45 

Endowment $1,400.00 

Facilities $6,014.89 

Mrs. Paula (Snyder) Aboyoun 

Mrs. Carol (Eshelman) Allen 

°Mr. Dennis T. Bashore 

Ms. Barbara (Pinkerton) Berkowitz 

#Mrs. Thelma (Hostetter) Blouch 

Dr. William P Bohlander 

Mrs. Jean (Slade) Bruce 

Mrs. Rebecca (Cooke) Burgee 

Mr. William A. Cadmus 

°Mr. Harry M. Capper 

#Mrs. Mary J. (Lippert) Coleman 

°Dr. Michael D. Curley 

Mrs. Janet (Else) D'Alessandro 

Dr. Patricia (Stecker) Daily 

*Mr. Charles J. Dehart 

*Mrs. Carol (Edgecomb) Ditzler 

*Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 

Mr. David A. Fetters 

Dr. LeRoy G. Frey 

Mrs. Wanda (Wlasova) Gerstner 

°Ms. M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

°Mrs. Sonja (Hawbaker) Grewal 

OMr. Alan P Hague 

°Mrs. Diane (Bott) Haight 

°Dr. Donald A. Haight 

Mrs. Patricia (Shiner) Hirsekorn 

*Mr. Gregory P Hoover 

Mrs. Suzanne (Dimming) Hope 

Mr. Carl E. Horning 

°Miss Mary A. Hostetter 

°Mrs. Valerie (Yeager) Hutchinson 

Mrs. Rebecca (Wagner) Hyman 

Mr. Eugene Katzman 

#Mrs. Lois (Weil) Kaufman 

#Mr. George J. King 

°Mr. Robert A. Laughead 

Mr. James G. Magazino 

#Mrs. Susan (Shanaman) McCaleb 

Mr. Jeffrey S. McCullough 

°Mr. John R. McFadden 

Col. Jay A. Mengel 

Mr. Dean E. Miller 

°Mrs. Carol (Swalm) Moflatt 

#Mrs. Lynda (Ferry) Moore 

*Mr. James R. Newcomer 

Mrs. Suzanne (Bennetch) Newell 

°Mrs. Barbara (Cressman) Padley 

°Mr. David J. Padley 

Mrs. Margaret (Barlow) Peterson 

#Dr. Lynn (Garrett) Phillips 

°Dr. Robert D. Powell 

°Mrs. Ruth (Long) Rice 

°Mr. Ronald L. Richcreek 

*Mrs. Janet L. (Gessner) Roberts 

Rev. Jack C. Sawyer 

Ms. Carol (Paist) Schwalm 

Mrs. Anna S. Schwartz 

Mr. C. Scott Sharnetzka 

°Rev, M. Thomas Shatto 

°Mrs. Patricia (Hummel) Shatto 

°Ms. Christine (Banes) Simington 

ANNUAL REPORT 1 994-95 19 

°Mr. Richard Simington 

Miss Joan M. Schmehl 

Mrs. Judy (Creeger) Myers 

°Ms. Margaret K. Potteiger 

Mrs. Margaret (Hamilton) Sipe 

#Mrs. Shirley (Deaven) Shaffer 

°Mrs. Mary (Hom) Nelson 

°Mrs. Connie (Brocious) Powers 

Mr. Stanley A. Snavely 

Mr. Franklin R. Shearer 

Mr. John S. Nomhold 

Mrs. Margaret (McGarvey) Purdy 

*Mrs. Cheryl A. (Seacat) Steam 

Mrs. Lucille (Koch) Shearer 

°Mrs. Catherine (Merkel) Phelps 

Mr. James R. Ressler 

OMs. Joan R. Taylor 

Mr. Alan E. Shenk 

°Dr Glenn A. Phelps 

°Mrs. Diane E. (Fox) Rickenbach 

Dr. Phillip E. Thompson 

Mrs. Shirley (Warner) Sherman 

Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist, II 

Mrs. Melissa (Hoffman) Schaeffer 

#Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar 

Mrs. Cheryl (McCrary) Shipman 

Mrs. Susan (Stark) Rhodes 

Mr. Albert E. Schmick, 111 

Mr. James R. VanCamp 

Mr. Kenneth L. Sipe 

°Mr. Lawrence E Riedman 

Rev. David C. Shellenberger 

Ms. Barbara (Ankrum) Wagner 

°Mrs. Doris (Bryden) Skinkus 

Mr. James M. Rife 

Mr. John F. Shovlin 

°Mr. Richard E. Williams 

Rev. Dennis R. Snovel 

Mrs. Dorothy (Merrill) Salvatie 

Ms. Allison C. Smith 

*Mrs. Elaine (Joy) Willman 

°Mr. David L. Stanilla 

Dr. Henry D. Schreiber 

°Mr. Gary J. Templin 

Mr. Harry C. Zart 

°Mr. George A, Stauffer 

#Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 

Mr Greg L. Teter 

Mr. Allen W Steffy 

Mrs. Sandra (George) Sharnetzka 

Mr. Richard B. Thompson 

CLASS OF 1969 

Mrs. Mary A. (Horn) Stewart 

°Ms. Susan J. Shedenhelm 

#Mr. John D. Ulrich, Sr. 

Annual Fund $10,22079 

°Ms. Nina E. Tafel 

Mrs. Carol (Irwin) Shellenberger 

Mr. Brian D. Wayne 

Endowment $1,400.00 

°Ms. Helen E. Templin 

°Mrs. Paula (Stock) Smith 

Mr. Kent C. Willauer 

Gift-In-Kind $5.80 

Ms. Carolyn E. Thompson 

Mr. Richard M. Snell 

Mrs. Virginia (Sherk) Williams 

Facilities $3,052.89 

Ms. Rae L. Thompson 

Mr. Stanley A. Steiner 

°Mrs. Nancy (McLean) Yaun 

°Mr. Robert D. Atkinson 

°Mr. Frank M. Timlin 

Mrs. Gloria (Foltz) Stever 

°Ms. Jane Y. Youngblut 

#Mrs. Pixie (Hunsicker) Bachtell 

Mr. Harold J. Todd 

Mrs. Nancy L. (Thayer) Tallman 

Mrs. Julie (Rojahn) Zart 

°Dr. Kenneth M. Baker 

Mr. Joseph A. Torre 

Ms. Kathleen L. Unangst 

°Mr. Robert R. Zolad 

Mr. Stephen L. Barbaccia 

Mr. Dennis J. Tulli 

°Mrs. Winifred (Weaver) Walters 

°Ms. Marion (Mylly) Bartholomew 

*Mr. Robert L. Unger 

°Dr. Michael P Waltz 

CLASS OF 1972 

Mr. Richard E. Basta 

*Mrs. Diane (Aldinger) Vaszily 

Mr. Bruce T Welsh 

Annual Fund $6,859.99 

°Dr. John A. Biever 

Mrs. Linda (Sentman) Weeks 

Mrs. Julia (Hummer) Wettach 

Endowment $2,200.02 

Mrs. Barbara (Robertson) Bohlander 

°Mrs. Nancy (Hendrickson) Wieman 

Mrs. Gloria (Roush) Winemiller 

Facilities $2,225.02 

Mrs. Ann (Richard) Brennan 

Mr. Douglas R. Winemiller 

°Ms. Jo A. Yeagley 

Dr. Gregory V Arnold 

Maj. Peter E. Brennan 

Dr. Jan H. Wubbena 

°Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeiders 

Mr. David Boltz, IV 

Mrs. Linda (Bell) Brown 

°Dr. Ronald G. Yarger 

°Ms. Sue E. Bowman 

Mr. J, Dean Burkholder 

°Mr. Joseph T. Yost 

CLASS OF 1971 

Mrs. Jo Ann (Otto) Brewer 

Ms. Diane E Cerutti 

Mr. William S. Zimmerman 

Annual Fund $10,071.50 

°Mrs. L Michelle (Marquis) Diehl 

Dr. Thomas M. Clemens 

Endowment $100.00 

Rev. Claire L, Fiedler 

Rev. Albert L. Clipp 

CLASS OF 1970 

Facilities $1,735.34 

#Mr, Richard W. Fowler 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Conway 

Annual Fund $9,490.79 

Mrs. Catherine (Uhrich) Anderson 

Mrs. Dorothy (Hartman) Gaul 

Mr. Bruce R. Decker 

Gift-In-Kind $238.58 

#Mr. Donald R. Bechtel 

*Dr. Judith (Fonken) Grem 

Mrs. Leslie (Bair) Decker 

Facilities $3,955.21 

Mr. Donald R Bloser 

Mrs. Joyce (Huber) Gundrum 

*Mrs. Elaine (Dorcsis) Dehart 

Mr. Robert J. Adams 

Mrs. Barbara (Asplund) Burgess 

Mr. Robert G. Hamilton 

Mrs. Jean (McClelland) Doherty 

*Dr. Bruce A. Albert 

Mrs. Nancy (Werner) Carter 

Mr. Peter A. Harubin 

°Ms. Carol A. (Blatt) Dunn 

Mr. William H. Allen 

Mr. Thomas W Cestare 

°Mrs. Gail (Fasnacht) Henschke 

Mrs. Jeanne (Anspach) Earnshaw 

°Mr. Larry A. Bowman 

Mrs. Cynthia (Reifsnyder) Conway 

*Dr. Rex A. Herbert 

°Mrs. Maryann (Eastman) Eisenhart 

°Ms. Kathleen A. Bryniarski 

Mrs. Kathy (Knauer) Cupp 

OMr. David C. Hostetter 

°Mr. William B. Eisenhart 

Mr. Barry W. Burdick 

Mrs. Kathleen (Wilke) Edwards 

Mrs. Carol (Rutt) Jennings 

Mr. Lloyd J. Fasnacht 

CPO Donald C. Carter 

Mrs. Nancy (Leibenguth) Embrey 

Mr. Edward B. Johnson 

°Mrs. Lucille R (Dunne) Forrest 

Mrs. Deborah (Sherman) Clemens 

Mr. Donald F Engle 

Mrs. Phyllis (Brown) Johnson 

°Ms. Gloria S. Fultz 

Mr. Victor K. Coble 

Mrs. Mona Enquist-Johnston 

Dr. John W. Jones 

°Mrs. Diane (Giovanis) Hankinson 

#Mrs. Keeta K. (Wolfe) Cole 

°Mrs. Linda (Henderson) Fisher 

Mrs. Lois (Johns) Keiter 

Mr. James W Haslam 

Mrs. Barbara (Miller) Colver 

°Mr. Paul S. Fisher 

°Mrs. Elaine (Snyder) Khan 

Ms. Jean L. Heilman 

Mr. Morris S. Cupp 

Mrs. Patricia (Ludwig) Ford 

Ms. Marilyn (Graves) Kimple 

°Dr. Paula K. Hess 

OMr. Anthony M. DeMarco 

°Mrs. Deborah (Strickler) Freer 

OMr. David E. Klein 

Mr. Franklin S, Hoch 

°Dr. David A. Diehl 

Mr. Barry E. Fry 

Mrs. Jane (Rumfield) Leposa 

°Mr. Michael R. Hollen 

Mrs. Rolanda (Hofmann) Divelbiss 

Sgt. Kevin E. Garner 

Dr. Carolyn K. (Drescher) Lincoln 

Mrs. Polly (Camathan) Jaymes 

Mrs. Vesta (Boger) Fisher 

Mr. John R. Gibble 

°Mrs. Nancy (McCullough) Longnecker 

Dr. Robert G, Jennings 

Mr. Thomas W. Flud 

°Mr. Keith D. Gittermann 

*Mr. Richard A. Look 

Mr. Charles G. Kachur 

Mr. James B. Fraytic 

°Mrs. Marianne (Cake) Gittermann 

Mr. Stuart J. Magdule 

•Dr. Robert R. Kaneda 

Mr. Robert E. Frey 

°Mr. Dennis M. Graybill 

Mrs. Charlene (Tice) McCabe 

Ms. Barbara (Turkington) Laquer 

°Mr. George S. Glen 

Mrs. Catherine (Bither) Greco 

Mr. Keith G. McPherson 

Mrs. Nancy (Robinson) Learning 

Mr. Robert C Greiner 

Mr. Harvey G. Gregory 

Mrs. Barbara (Rice) Miller 

#Mr. Dennis M. Lehman 

#Mr. Jensen H.Groff, Jr. 

Mrs. Jessica (Leonard) Gregory 

#Mr. Glenn E. Moore 

#Mrs. Quinetta D. (Garbrick) Lemons 

#Mr. James A. Grube 

°Mr. Reid W Habecker 

°Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 

°Mr. Ronald L. Long 

Mrs. Donna (Lapp) Harding 

OMrs. Barbara (Wert) Hague 

Mrs. Cheryl (Kirk) Noll 

*Dr. JonnaLynn (Knauer) Mandelbaum 

°Mr, Lloyd R. Helt 

#Mr. Kenneth M.Hale, Jr. 

Mrs. Nan (Dupler) Papp 

Mr. Carl L. Marshall 

Mr. B. Thomas Henry 

*Mrs. Bette (Scherfel) Kaneda 

Mrs. Anita (Bowman) Pence 

Mrs. Joanne (Cestone) McHugh 

°Mr. Thomas G. Hostetter 

Mrs. Pamela (Boyer) Kaufman 

°Mr. William C. Quairoli 

*Mrs. Sandra (Hughes) McKinley 

Mrs. Rae Louise (Shettel) Hull 

°Mrs. Mary (Yarasavage) Keller 

°Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 

Ms. Cynthia S. Melman 

°Mrs. Judith A. (Kerns) Hunter 

Mr. Steven R. Krick 

Mrs. Linda (Holubowicz) Rhine 

*Mr. George R. Moyer 

Mrs. Marsha (Church) King 

°Mrs. Barbara (Yingst) Light 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Rowe 

Mr. Grant T. Nicholls 

Mr. Frank A. Kuhn, Jr. 

*Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer 

°Mr. Dennis E. Patrick 

Mrs. Mary (Maxwell) Leisey 

Mrs. Linda S. (Ammlung) McAlpin 

*Mr. John A. Schoch 

Ms. Patricia A. Pingel 

Mrs. Nancy (Swenson) Lengle 

Mrs. Jane (Shomper) McCormick 

°Ms. Janet E. Smith 

Mrs. Louise (Long) Rahalewich 

Mrs. Dorothy (Bassett) Lewis 

°Ms. Anita J. Meiser 

Dr. David F. Steffy 

°Dr. Jack R. Reid 

*Mr. Erich G. Linker, Jr. 

Mr. David E. Miller 

#Dr. David L. Stein 

°Dr. Frank L. Rice 

Mrs. Sally (Suter) Lownsbery 

Mrs. Lynn (Craft) Miller 

Mrs. Natalie (Cvijic) Treece 

°Ms. Linda S. Rothermel 

°Mr. Michael B. Mallon 

Mr. Michael L. O'Hara 

*Dr. Elizabeth (Robinson) Unger 

Mrs. Carole (Cameron) Schauer 

Mrs. Carol (Hoeflich) McCall 

Mrs. Donna (Fluke) Osborne 

Mrs. Diane (Drimones) Usas 

Mr. Larry L. Schauer 

Mrs. Kathleen (Keck) McCullough 

Dr. Nancie (Hummel) Park 

°Mrs. Donna (Ditzler) Weik 

°Mr. Dale C. Schimpf 

°Dr. J. Michael Meyers 

Mr. George J. Pence 

Ms. Diane R. Wilkins 

Dr. David E. Myers 

Mrs. Theresa (Crook) Ziegler 


• Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 O Valley Club # Charier Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

CLASS OF 1973 

Mr. Stephen J. Wagner 

Mrs. Jane (Reaske) Ward 

^r. Michael D. Steltz 

Annual Fund $6,930.49 

Mr. Dennis F. Ward 

Mr. Peter A. West 

°Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 

Facilities $212.51 

Dr. Renee C. Wert 

Mrs. Gail (Girtch) Westerhold 


Ms. Kathleen A. Bangert 

Mrs. Mary E. (Weigel) Whalen 

°Ms. Pamela J. Wood 

Mr. Larry L. Sweigart 

Mrs. Barbara (Baughman) Biser 

Mr. Douglas Yingst 

°Mr. Daniel H. Yocom 

Mrs. Patricia (Pheasant) Van Scyoc 

Mr. John C. Bittner, 111 

#Mr. Joseph W Zearfoss 

#Mrs. Wendie (Gingrich) Zearfoss 

Dr. Paul E. Visneski 

Mr. Richard S. Brunner 

Mrs. S. Ashley (Thomas) Vogel 

Mrs. Beverly Games) Burkhart 

CLASS OF 1974 

CLASS OF 1975 

Mrs. Nancy (Heston) Wagner 

Mr. Anthony Calabrese 

Annual Fund $13,836.00 

Annual Fund $6,875,00 

Mrs. Patricia (Dubble) Walsh 

Mrs. Kathy (Neidig) Calabrese 

Endowment $100.00 

Endowment $575.00 

Dr. Cynthia L. (Albright) Ward 

Mr. Patrick B. Campbell 

Facilities $6,575.00 

Facilities $897.72 

Mr. Thomas R. Ward 

Mrs. Bonnie (Lutz) Chesney 

Rev. Michael I. Alleman 

Mr. Kendrick L Albert 

°Mrs. Holly (Shirk) Whittle 

Mr. Thomas J. Chesney 

*Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 

Mr. David C. Amsden 

Mr. George B. Williams, Jr. 

°Mrs. Susan R. (Kohl) Christiansen 

°Mrs. Lois A. (Moore) Autenrieth 

°Rev D. Michael Bennethum 

Dr. Phillip L. Wise 

°Mr. Alan H. Curtis 

°Mr. Stephen M. Autenrieth 

Ms. Leslie A. Berger 

Mrs. Ruth (Forry) Daniels 

Mrs. Elena A. (Palomba) Bartlett 

°Rev. Nancy (Nelson) Bickel 

CLASS OF 1976 

°Mrs. Diane (Trullinger) Dohner 

Mrs. Candace (Withers) Beane 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boyd 

Annual Fund $4,870.00 

°Mr. Michael J. Dortch 

Mr. Allen L. Bevan, III 

<>Mr. Robert A. Boyer 

Endowment $400.00 

Mrs. Marilyn (Richmond) Erb 

°Rev Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel 

Mrs. Marcia (Smith) Brenner 

Facilities $1,625.00 

#Ms. Cynthia L. Evans 

Mrs. Yvonne (Stefanick) Bohlander 

°Mrs. Deborah (Gernerd) Buckfelder 

°Mrs. Carol (Foust) Barbarich 

°Mr. Ralph J. Fetrow 

Dr. Melanie A. (Wilson) Bomze 

Mr. Edward R. Burkhart 

Mr. Richard L. Bamet 

°Mrs. Sara (Harding) Fetrow 

°Maj. Barbara J. Brandt 

Mrs. Stephanie (Bates) Carson 

°Mrs. Diane (Schaefer) Bennethum 

°Mr. Walter S. Frankowski 

Ms. Pamela Brown 

Ms. Paula A. Clarke 

°Mrs. Kathie (Diehl) Bittenbender 

°Mr. Donald B. Frantz 

°Mr. William C. Buckfelder 

°Mrs. Anita (Morbach) Cosslett 

°Mr. Steven C. Bixler 

Ms. Janice A. GaNun 

Mrs. Kimberly (Shetron) Chesnut 

Mrs. Laura (Sandleman) Danner 

<>Mrs. Suzanne (Schucker) Boyer 

Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 

Mrs. Patricia (Hamilton) Coogan 

*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 

Mrs. Beth (Early) Brandt 

Mr. Carey C. Garland 

°Mrs. Christine (Walbom) Couturier 

Mrs. Eileen (Briggs) DiRaddo 

°Dr. Michael E. Brown 

#Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. 

Mr. John S. Curry; Jr. 

°Mrs. Dixie L. Drybread-Erdman 

Ms. Theresa V Brown 

Miss Jean T. Gingrich 

°Mrs. Debra (Sample) Curtis 

Mrs. Linda (Freed) Ebright 

°Rev. Peter R. Cebulka 

°Mrs. Nancy J. (Alber) Glen 

°Mrs. June (Lohmann) Durham 

°Mrs. Joanne (Sweigart) Eckert 

Dr. Linda (Essick) Cockey 

Mr. Robert P. Glick 

Mrs. Jane (Keebler) Egermann 

°Mr. John G. Fenimore 

°Mr. Carl E. Cosslett 

°Major Bonnie (Phillips) Guggenheim 

Mr. John Ellis 

°Mrs. Joan (Gelsinger) Fessler 

°Ms. Carole R. Daugherty 

Mrs. Sandra J. (Snyder) Gunn 

Mr. David L. Eshelman 

°Mrs. Tomilyn (Campbell) Forbes 

Mr. Richard M. Duffy 

#Mrs. Nancy J. (Hunt) Heckman 

Mrs. Laura (Sazama) Festo 

Mr. Harold C. Forma 

°Mr. Jonathan B. Ellsworth 

#Dr. Roger A. Heckman 

Mrs. Wendy (Kline) Fiala 

Mr. Douglas K. Franz 

Mrs. Susanne (Beers) Essex 

°Dr. Terry M. Heisey 

Mr. Steven E. Grove 

°Mrs. Nancy E. Fritz 

*Mr. Dale H. Everhart 

°Rev. Julie (Mader) Hostetter 

°Dr. Robert E. Harbaugh 

Mrs. Deborah (Kost) Gargiulo 

Mrs. Jayne (Drake) Frankenfield 

Dr. Wayne D. Johnson 

*Ms. Colleen (Clemens) Harris 

Mr. Richard S. Hamer 

^Mr. Louis J. Fuller 

Mrs. Nancy (Crowther) Jones 

#Mrs. Rebecca S. (Burtner) Hein 

Mrs. Gloria (Fernsler) Hess 

Mrs. Charlotte (Strohecker) Gingrich 

Mrs. Cecelia (Repiscak) Jordan 

Mrs. Mary (Kesler) Henry 

Mr. John C. Hess 

Mr. Joseph F Giovannini 

Dr. Ruth A. (Wilson) Kauffman 

Mr. Craig R. Hollenbach 

Mr. P. Chase Howse 

Mrs. Kathleen (McGrath) Giovannini 

Mrs. Cheryl W Keckler 

Mrs. Carol (Walbom) Hughes 

Mr. William R. lngraham 

Mr. William K. Goldberg 

Mr. John S. Kinsella 

°Mrs. Mary (De Loache) Jennings 

#Mr. Robert E. Johns, Jr. 

Ms. Jean M. Griffith 

Dr. Debra A. Kirchhof-Glazier 

Ms. Athanasia Johnson 

Dr. Peggy A. (Olver) Johnson 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Hackman 

Mr. Steven B. Korpon 

Mrs. Mary (Didden) Kartzman 

Mrs. LuAnn (Matylewicz) Kaszuba 

Mrs. Karen (Hollowell) Harner 

°Mrs. Elizabeth (Todd) Lambert 

Sgt. James L. Katzaman, Sr. 

Mrs. Lois (Goodman) Kickbush 

Mrs. Wendy (Sost) Hawes 

°Mr. Doren S. Leathers 

Mrs. Patricia (West) Kesselring 

°Miss Lorraine E. Killheffer 

Rev. Joy J. Hoffman 

Mr. Robert B. Lee 

Mrs. Claudia (Marks) Kugler 

°Mrs. Wendie (Wood) Kiskaddon 

Mr. Gregory J. Holler 

Mr. Kristofer L. Linde 

°Mrs. Betsy (Boyd) Leathers 

Dr. Charles R. Knipe 

°Mrs. Patricia (Sipe) Huffman 

Mrs. Lydia (Keegan) Mahjoubian 

Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

Mrs. Faye (Hindman) Lehman 

Mr. Bruce M.Jeffery 

Ms. Lynn M. Manhire 

°Mrs. Mary (Russo) Lombardo 

°Mr. Quintin A. Lerch 

Mrs. Gail (Peters) Jones 

Mr. John F Mardula 

•Mr. Karl V Matter 

#Mr. John R. Longacre, 11 

Mr. Peter C. Jones 

Mrs. Colleen (Wales) McDonough 

Mrs. N. Jill (Greenstein) McDaniel 

^Mrs. Heidrun (Multhoff) Mayer 

Mrs. Donna (Gay) Kaplan 

°Ms. Jean A. Miller 

Mrs. Susan (Jacoby) McElvar 

Mr. J. G. McDivitt 

Mrs. Ruth (Herold) Kelemen 

Mrs. Joann (Paff) Miller 

Dr. Patricia J. McLaughlin 

Mrs. Brenda (McClelland) Messera 

Mr. Raymond C. Kelsey 

Mr. William J. Morrison 

#Ms. Elizabeth (Reitz) Moore 

°Mr. Raymond R Mitchell 

°Mrs. Terri A. (Folkenroth) Konzen 

Mr. David P. Naugle 

#Rev. Dr. H. Edgar Moore 

°Ms. Nancy E. Murphy 

Ms. Susan I. Kramer 

Mrs. Evelyn (Nottingham) O'Hara 

°Mr. William W Moyer 

Mrs. Charlotte (Evans) Myers 

Ms. Nanette L. LaCorte 

OMrs. Janine (Womer) Patricelli 

Mrs. Gwendolyn (Hughes) Pelsis 

Mrs. Carol (Potter) Parker 

Mrs. Priscilla (Lamparter) Landis 

ODr. John E. Patricelli 

Dr. Robert G. Pembleton 

Mrs. Sandra (Anderson) Pembleton 

Mrs. JoAnne (Reisch) Lazorcik 

#Mrs. Linda (Scharf) Petrecca 

°Mr. William H. Phifer 

°Mrs. Roberta (Sheriff) Pennington 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Baker) Lewis 

Mr. James P. Rebhom 

Mr. John M. Pumphrey 

°Mrs. Sue E. (Boohar) Phifer 

Dr. Charlotte A. Mackenson-Dean 

°Mrs. Ruth (Nickerson) Rittmann 

Mrs. Karen (Behler) Pumphrey 

Mr. David M. Poust 

°Mrs. Donna L. (Housel) Metzger 

Mr. Philip D. Rowland 

°Dr. Edward E. Quick 

Mr. Donald L. Reigle 

°Mr. Carroll L. Missimer 

Mrs. Janice (Colyer) Sage 

°Mrs. Elizabeth (Markowitz) Quick 

Ms. Cathy S. Rex 

Mr. Mark S. Morrow 

Dr. Diane M. Scholler 

°Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 

#Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Mr. Edward H. Muldoon 

^r. Bonnie L. Seidel-Rogol 

°Mr. Frank A. Rutherford 

Mrs. Jean (Schultz) Ross 

°Mr. James J. Navarro 

Mr. Scott T. Sener 

Ms. Carol A. Scott 

Mr. Allen Z. Roth 

°Mrs. Jan (Johnson) Navarro 

Mrs. Deborah (Erb) Shank 

Mr. Bryan W Shirk 

Mr. Robin E. Rowand 

Mr. Conrad T. Olsen 

Mrs. Betsy (Kilmer) Shirk 

*Dr. Gary K.Smith 

°Dr. Stephan R. Sanko 

#Mr. Lewis E Petty 

°Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 

Mr. Howard H. Snyder 

Mr. George C. Sariotis 

Mrs. Carol (Fallows) Plumley 

°Mr. Phillip L. Snyder 

Ms. Susan E. Snyder 

#Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

°Mr. Lawrence E. Priester 

°Mr. Thomas E. Stewart 

Mr. James P. Spiro 

Mr. Howard P Scott 

°Mrs. Jean (Boag) Reese 

Mrs. Susan (Reese) Strano 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Reber) Steinbach 

Mr. Thomas H. Sheaffer 

°Mr. Timothy L. Reese 

Mrs. Linda L. (Witmer) Thompson 

Ms. Catherine M. Vezza 

Mr. William D. Shumway 

°Mrs. C Linda (Mannik) Richters 

Mr. Gary L. Wagner 

Mr. Richard F. Vogel 

#Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 

Mrs. Marlene (Windham) Riela 

Mrs. Cynthia (Nissley) Ward 

Rev. Richard D. Smith 

°Ms. Elyse E. Rogers 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 2 1 

Miss Wanda E. Rozelle 

°Mrs. Sheila M. Roche-Cooper 

Mr. Lee W Sarka 

Mr. Robert L. Showalter 

Mrs. Carolyn (Reed) Sachs 

Mrs. Nina (DeAngelis) Rowley 

Mr. Edward K. Schatz 

Mr. Jan E. Smith 

Dr. Stephen W Sachs 

°Mr. Robert C. Shoemaker 

Mr. Robert J. Scully, Jr. 

Mrs. Tina (Ogden) Smith 

#Mr. James C. Schoch 

Ms. Roberta L. Snow 

Mr. Evan T. Shourds 

Mr. Howard L. Snyder 

Mr. Thomas Scognamiglio 

Mrs. Dorinda (Latshaw) Snyder 

°Dr. Kay L. Shuttleworth 

Mrs. Kathleen (Wolfe) Snyder 

Ms. Anne M. Shuey 

Mrs. Trina (Krick) Steele 

Mrs. Cheryl (Blewitt) Slavik 

°Mr. Harry G. Spector 

Mr. Thomas I. Siegel 

Mrs. J. Hope (Hall) Stinson 

•Dr. John S. Snoke 

#Mrs. Joan H. Squires 

°Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Brumbaugh) Smith 

°Mrs. Roberta L. (Burkholder) Stock 

Mrs. Lorna (Heltebridle) Veglia 

OMrs. Jane (Snyder) Stachow 

Mrs. Janet (Kochel) Smith 

•Mr. Daniel S. Sweigart 

Mrs. Pamela (Neill) Weigley 

OMr. Robert E Stachow 

Mrs. Merrily (Robinson) Smith 

Mrs. Eileen (McGrath) Thompson 

ORev Esther (Rittle) Ziegler 

°Mrs. Sherie A. (Warlow) Strohman 

Mrs. Susan (Shemeta) Stachelczy 

°Ms. Jean E. (Hobson) Traver 

Mr. John M. Sultzbaugfr 

Mr. David R. Stachow 

Mrs. Deborah (Starr) Tuxhorn 

CLASS OF 1979 

°Mr. David W Swartz 

Mr. Donald E. Starke 

°Mrs. Christine D. (Truesdell) Walter 

Annual Fund $10,831.96 

Mrs. Doreen (Dourte) Weaber 

°Ms. Joanne L. Toby 

Mr. Dennis J. Weidman 

Endowment $870.00 

Mrs. Clara K. (Walton) Welch 

°Mr. Jed T. Uhrich 

°Mrs. Robin (Monroe) West 

Facilities $1,780.82 

Mr. Keith A. Wharton 

Mr. Thomas M. Uhrich 

Mrs. Susan (Semmens) Witman 

#Mrs. Tracy E. Allgier-Baker 

°Mr. Kirk M. Wise 

Mrs. Linda (Shay) Umberger 

Mrs. Joan (Feeman) Zeiter 

#Rev Michael A. Baal 

Mr. Ivan M. Wittel, III 

Mrs. Christina (Fisher) Walls 

Mrs. Donna (Chappius) Bacon 

Mr. Paul D. Wummer 

°Dr. Daniel J. Whittle 

CLASS OF 1978 

#Mr. Paul B. Baker 

Mrs. Virginia (Larter) Zellers 

Annual Fund $5,899.10 

Mr. Robert P. Baker 

CLASS OF 1977 

Endowment $410.00 

°Mr. David C. Ballaban 

CLASS OF 1980 

Annual Fund $4,980.00 

Facilities $910.40 

Ms. Mary G. Barton 

Annual Fund $6,935.00 

Endowment $1,730.00 

Mr. Brian S. Allebach 

Mrs. Peggy (Yearsley) Barton 

Endowment $220.00 

Facilities $260.00 

Ms. Sally L. (Graham) Allebach 

OMrs. Barbara J. (Beno) Bohn 

Facilities $1,120.00 

Mrs. Ruth (Rittle) Arnold 

°Mr. James M. Barbarich 

Mr, David J. Bomgardner 

OMrs. Jennifer (Crouter) Arthur 

Ms. Christine E. Baldwin 

°Mrs. Jesse (Garber) Bixler 

*Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 

°Ms. Lisa W Baughman 

Mrs. Mary A. (Fuller) Beazley 

Mrs. Susan L. (Koch) Bossard 

°Mrs. Marianne (Willever) Calvo 

OMr. Jeffrey L. Bohn 

Ms. Elaine A. Benson 

Rev Connie R. Burkholder 

°Mr. John D. Coffin 

°Mr. RoqueJ, Calvo 

°Mrs. Linda (Weaver) Blair 

°Mr. Scott V Carney 

°Mrs. Nancy M. (Shortridge) Coffin 

Mrs. Dawn (Pauli) Catanzaro 

°Mrs. Sherry T (Etter) Brown 

#Dr. Susan (Engle) Carney 

Mr. Gregory G. College 

#Mr. John S. Champlin 

Ms. Karen (Pinaire) Buesing 

Mrs. Janice (Tellier) Coleman 

Mrs. Mary (Hutchison) College 

Mrs. Marion D. (Klein) Chubb 

Ms. Karin M. Congello 

Mrs. Laura (Sealey) DeBiasse 

°Mrs. Minh-Phuong T. (Nguyen) Dang 

Miss Dolores H. Cipar 

Mr. John J. Cooper 

*Mrs. Amy (Hoopes) Dellinger 

°Dr. Tuan A. Dang 

Mrs. Larene (Persons) DeVine 

Mrs. Susan (Hollowell) Cooper 

°Mrs. Betsy (Zimmerman) Diebolt 

#Dr. Barbara (Jones) Denison 

Mrs. Debbie (Patschorke) Dolbow 

Mrs. Christina (Duritt) DeAngelo 

Mrs. Dorothy M. (DePalma) Dyer 

Mrs. Lisa (Hocker) Dew 

Ms. Jean L. Eberly 

Mrs. Laura (Smith) Deklewa 

Mr. Thomas C. Ebert 

°Mrs. Abby (Spece) Donnelly 

°Ms. Kate G. Felix 

°Mrs. Deborah (Madeira) Dillane 

Mrs. Hung Nhung (Vu) Fidler 

Mr. Eric R. Dundore 

°Dr. Dana S. Felty 

°Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

Mrs. Peggy (Childress) Filizzi 

Mrs. Tamlyn (Herr) Ebert 

<>Dt. Susan L. (Smith) Fitzpatrick 

Mr. Paul B. Eaken 

Mr. David E. Fisher 

°Dr. Todd E. Elgin 

Mrs. Linda (Gingrich) Flynn 

*Mr. Michael C Erdman 

Mrs. Lou Ann (Buffington) Fisher 

Ms. Cindy K. Fabian 

Mr. Edward T. Fritz 

Mr. K. Steven Fidler 

°Mr. Ronnie L. Gassert 

Mr. Lester E. Fawber 

°Mrs. Nancy (Kettering) Frye 

Mrs. Joanna (Curtis) Fortna 

°Mrs. BrendaJ. (Hawkins) Geist 

Mr. Joseph A. Getz 

•Mr. Walter F Fullam 

Mr. Glen O. Gray 

°Mrs. Cindy Gingrich-Baker 

Mrs. Gretchen (Dietterich) Gillig 

Dr. Gary S. Furman 

Mrs. Mary (Werkheiser) Gutekunst 

°Mr. Jeffrey E. Gleim 

°Mrs. Cynthia (Shaw) Graff 

Mr. Michael J. Gamier 

Mrs. Kathleen (Keefer) Hackman 

°Mr. Joseph E. Graff 

°Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

Mrs. Sonia M. (Probst) Gigliotti 

°Maj. John J. Harvey 

Mr. Ryan R. Hannigan 

•Mrs. Beth (Hill) Graves 

Mr. Andrew M. Heisey 

Mr. Thomas L. Hassinger 

Ms. Kay I. (Whitmire) Harpel 

°Mrs. Jan (Margut) Habecker 

Mr. Bruce D. Henning 

Mr. Wayne A. Hawes 

°Mr. Mark A. Hebda 

°Mr. Randy C. Habecker 

Mrs. Christine (Yntema) Herndon 

Mr. W D. Hess 

Mr. Michael L. Helman 

°Mrs. Nina (Lunde) Hansen 

°Mrs. Beth A. (Green) Hertz 

Mr. Stephen P Hoy 

#Mrs. M. Louise (Hackman) Hess 

Mrs. Mary (Goodfellow) Harvey 

Mr. Thomas V Hoffman 

Mrs. Nina L. (GreiD lies 

Mrs. Vicky (Bosley) Howe 

Mrs. Maureen (Mullikin) Havrilla 

Dr. Gregory L. llioff 

Mr. Eric D. Imhof 

Ms. Jean E. lmmler 

Mrs. Julia A. (Woods) Heneks 

Dr. Jo Ann Jeffers 

°Mrs. Kathy (Davidson) Ireland 

Mrs. Michele (Matteo) Jarry 

°Rev Steven G. Jones 

Ms. Sandra E. Jensen 

Mr. Brian L. Johnson 

Mrs. Carla A. (Lehman) Jeremias 

Mrs. Janet (Schweizerhof) Knipe 

Mrs. Catherine (Weible) Kaylor 

°Mr. Peter C. Johnson 

Mrs. Cindy (Crampton) Jones 

•Ms, Sharon K. (Green) Lawton 

Dr. Randy M. Kreider 

°Mrs. Patricia R. (Mann) Juhl 

°Mr. Charles D.Kline, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane (Withers) Lim 

Mrs. Kristie A. (Olson) Kroll 

Mrs. Kay (Futty) Kelsey 

Mrs. Janet G. (Dolle) Klingler 

Mr. Robert W Longenecker 

Mr. David C. Lazorcik 

Rev Barry S. Kendall 

Mr. Alan L. Kull 

Mrs. Patricia L. (Nase) McGeehan 

Mrs. Rebecca (Supplee) Lundgren 

Mrs. Carey (Diemer) Kendall 

Mr. Kerry A. Kulp 

Ms. Helen 1. Meissner 

Mrs. Natalie (Geyer) Lyter 

°Mrs. Carolyn (Walker) Kerlin 

#Mr. Russell P Labe 

Mr. H. Collins Mikesell 

°Ms. Pamela I. McKechnie 

Mr. Robert R. Kirkhoff 

Mr. Scott A. Lebo 

Mr. Brian R. Miller 

°Dr. Charles R. Mershon 

Mrs. Suzanne (Hackman) Kirkhoff 

Mr. Kenneth S. Levinsky 

°Mr. Jeffrey S. Miller 

°Mrs. Sarah (Strickland) Mershon 

Mr. Lee C. Klingler 

Mr. Duane R. Luckenbill 

*Mr. Robert J. Mrazik 

Mrs. Dorothy (Boyle) Meyer 

Mr. Daniel L. Kramlich 

°Mrs. Kim M. (Scheib) McKeon 

Mr. Donald B., Newcomer, Jr. 

°Mr. Richard T. Motley 

Mrs. Lyn (Applegate) Lewis 

Mr. Dennis A. Miller 

°Mr. Richard G. O'Neal 

*Mrs. Susan (Slaybaugh) Mrazik 

°Mr. Fred E. Longenecker 

°Mr. John C. Moeckel 

Mrs. Melinda (Manwiller) Rentz 

Mrs. Dorothy L. (Miller) Newcomer 

°Mrs. LuAnn (Flickinger) Longenecker 

Mrs. Kathy (Kauffman) Muldoon 

Mr. Craig Z. Rhoads 

Mr. Alan J. Nichols 

Mrs. Diane E. (Whiton) Lupia 

Mrs. Anne T. (Zicarelli) Neely 

#Mrs. Suzanne (Caldwell) Riehl 

°Mrs. Christina (Myers) Phan 

Mrs. Joyce (Nihen) McGowan 

Rev S. Ronald Parks 

Dr. David T Rossi 

°Mr. Dung A. Phan 

Mr. Brian W Moody 

#Mr. John M. Pearson 

Mrs. Johanna (Merkle) Salvemini 

Mr. Jimmie L. Pogue 

Mrs. Carol (Martin) Moorefield 

°Mrs. Eve R. (Wassail) Pellecchia 

°Dr. Daniel J. Santoro 

Mrs. Linda J. (Zerr) Powell 

Ms. Suzanne M. Moyer 

Mrs. Nancy (Gerard) Price 

Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 

Mrs. Anne E. (Opfer) Quirin 

#Mr. John J. Muldoon 

Mrs. Caren (Luchanin) Reichhard 

°Mr. Gregory P. Schmidt 

Miss BrendaJ. Reigle 

Mrs. Karen (Fitch) Parker 

Mrs. Kathleen (Snyder) Risser 

°Mrs. Susan (Roland) Schmitt 

Mrs. Elyce (Chadwick) Reynolds 

Mrs. Jean (Graham) Parks 

Mr. William L. Routson 

#Mrs. Lesley (Olewiler) Schoch 

Mr. Andrew L. Risser 

Mrs. Pamela H. Phayre 

Mrs. Ruth (Stanley) Ruch 

°Mr. Michael A. Setley 

Mrs. Jeanette (Browning) Schroeder 

Mrs. Gail (Seitzinger) Posey 

°Ms. Elizabeth A. Sanders 

Dr. Barry S. Selinsky 

• Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 o Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 


Mrs. Laura (Nelson) Selinsky 

#Mr. James G. Stoltzfus 

CLASS OF 1983 

National Music 

Mr. Gregory L. Shupp 

#Mrs. Karen E. Stoltzfus 

Annual Fund $8,025.00 

Mr. Thomas E Siebenhuhner 

Mrs. Ann (Cunningham) Sylvester 

Endowment $70.00 

°Mrs. Brenda (Bennett) Silk 
Mr. Timothy P. Smith 

Mr. H. Scott Weber 

Mrs. Carol (Withers) Zellner 

Facilities $980.02 
Mr. David E Beppler 


Mrs. Lori (Grunenthal) Sneckenburg 

Mr. Gary R. Zellner 

°Mr. Tad A. Brown 


°Dr. Scott D. Snyder 

Mrs. Linda (Gerlach) Zinkand 

°Mr. William N. Campbell 

Mrs. Shelby (Taughinbaugh) Staufier 

Mrs. Mary (King) Connor 

1 Ik U 

Mrs. Janet (Hull) Tenser 

CLASS OF 1982 

Mr. Paul T. Curry 

#Mrs. Cynthia (Kihn) Todoroff 

Annual Fund $11,323.09 

Mrs. Joy (Furlong) Dalley 

f 1 

#Dr. David S. Todoroff 

Endowment $1,807.74 

Mr. Claude W Deitzler 


Mrs. Shirley (Hockley) Trythall 

Facilities $8,811.01 

Mrs. Susanne (Harley) Dombrowski 


°Mr.JohnJ. Tus 

Ms. Denise L. Achey 

°Dr. Debra S. Egolf 

°Mrs. Linda (Wilson) Tus 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Murray) Ayers 

Mr. James R. Empfield 

Dr. Steven L. Van Wagoner 

°Mrs. Karen (Fuller) Ayres 

°Ms. Linda J. Evans 


Mr. Steven E Vozzo 

Mrs. Linda (Texter) Behler 

Mr. Robert Fullenlove 

1 MJ 

°Dr. Gary K. Whiting 

Mr. Charles E Beirne 

*Mrs. Carolyn (Kiblinger) Hearsey 

w .A 

Dr. Albert R. Zavatsky 

Ms. Kirsten I. Benson 

Mrs. Victoria (King) Holzman 

1 m J 

Mrs. Marguerite (Woodland) Bock 

Mr. Scott T Inners 

\ M f 

CLASS OF 1981 

°Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

Mrs. Karen A. (Breitenstein) Johnson 

i m 

Annual Fund $5,855.00 

°Mr. James W Brady 

°Mr. Rajan Y. Kanitkar 

1 A 

Endowment $270.00 
Facilities $514.08 

Mr. Randall E. Brown 
Mr. David F Buffington 

Ms. Debra E. Kauffman 
°Ms. Rachel E. Kline 

L__ 1 JL 

Mrs. Barbara (Cooper) Bair 

°Dr. Tracy L. (Daniel) Burke 

Mr. Eric J. Koper 

When the Pennsylvania Music 

Mrs. Linda A. (Tyrrell) Bolasky 

Ms. Colleen A. Crammer 

Rev. David A. Kramer 

°Mrs. Brigitte (Hansen) Boltz 

Mrs. Kristina (Groff) Danz 

°Mr. Joseph F Krolczyk 

Educators Association 

°Mrs. Jennifer L. Bowen-Frantz 

Mrs. Janet (Jacobs) Dearstyne 

Mrs. Kathryn (Landis) Kuhn 

appointed Dr. George Curfman, 

Mr. I. Lee Brown, III 

Mrs. Tracy L. Devenyi 

#Mr. Thomas M. Lantz 

associate professor of music, 
to be the state representative : 

°Mr. Richard W Burke, Jr. 

°Mr. Charles S. Eddins 

°Mr. Robert E. Lemke 

Mrs. Lisa A. (Togno) Burrowes 

°Mr. Charles J. Fischer, Jr. 

°Mrs. Marilyn (lisowski) Lennox 

Mr. William E Casey 

Mrs. Mary (Minnig) Frew 

Ms. Deborah M. Lucas 

and higher education repre- 

°Mr. Brian R. Claeys 

Ms. Karen M. Gard 

Mr. Nick E. Magrowski 

sentative to the Executive 

°Mrs. Julie (Kauffman) Claeys 

*Mrs. Karen (McHenry) Gluntz 

Dr. Malik N. Momin 

Board, he saw it as an impor- 

°Mrs. Andrea J. (Davino) Danch 

Dr. Michael H. Goodman 

°Mr. Gregory B. Monteith 

Mr. Kenneth E. Dearstyne, Jr. 

#Dr. Michael E Gross 

*Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

tant opportunity for himself 

#Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. 

Mr. Glenn A. Hafer 

Mr. Drake E. Neimeyer 

and the college, "It's impera- 

Dr. Carla (Powell) Desilets 

Ms. Darlene (Miller) Hein 

Mr. Stephen J. Nickerson 

tive that we keep on top of 
what is happening in music 

°Dr. Brent R. Dohner 
°Mr. George J. Dougherty 

Ms. Judith A. Herlich 
#Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

Mrs. Susan J. (Yeiter) Novalsky 
Mrs. Loree (Duym) Pogue 

°Mrs. Pamela (Shadel) Fischer 

°Dr. Robert R Hogan 

Mrs. Sharon Reeves-Hazard 

education," he states, "Schools 

OMr. Louis J, Fitzpatrick, III 

Mr. W R Holzman 

°Mr. Frank S. Rhodes 

are faced with challenges that 

°Mr. Timothy E. Flatley 

Mrs. Kimberly (Hillman) Hughes 

°Mrs. Kay (Koser) Rhodes 

we must pay attention to," 
Among them, says Curfman, 

•Mrs. Deborah (Reimer) Fullam 

Mr. Scott E. Hughes 

#Mr. Jeffrey S. Riehl 

Mr. Joseph R. Gebhard 

Mrs. Margaret (Endslow) Kramer 

Mrs. Suzanne (Sofranko) Schaeffer 

Mrs. Alyssa (Dewire) Gould 

Dr. William M. Loffredo 

Dr. Keith W Sweger 

are a diversified student 

Mrs. Michele (Long) GrafRs 

°Mrs. Karen (Tulaney) Mailen 

Mrs. Lori (Brown) Sweger 

population and special needs 
students. Curfman, in his 34th | 

Ms. Susan A. Gunn 
Mr. Thomas A. Harper 

°Mr. Scott A. Mailen 
°Mr. Robert J. McGrorty 

*Mr. Brian C. Trust 
Mr. Kevin J. Varano 

Mr. Ray O. Herndon 

•Mrs. Claire (Mischler) Miller 

Mr. Victor D. Viggiano 

year at Lebanon Valley, is 

Mrs. Kathleen (Kelly) Kalathas 

•Mr. John E. Miller 

Mr. Christopher J. Wachter 

responsible for the colleges 

Mr. Nicholas T. Kalathas 

°Miss Karen J. Neiswender 

Mrs. Debra M. (Decker) Ward 

music education program. He 
has long been active in the 

Mrs. Susan (Banner) Kercher 


Mr. Gregory A. Weaber 

°Mrs. Keiko (Yunoki) Komine 

#Dr. Evelyn H. Pickering 

°Mrs. Catherine (Clarke) Weber 

°Dr. Daniel W Koon 

Rev. Lawrence H. Potts 

•TX Steven T. Weber 

Pennsylvania Music Educators \ 

°Mrs. Sharon P. (Love) Luyben 

Mr. David E. Ramage 

Mrs. Kimberly (Colvin) Webster 

Association, and his new 

Ms. Janine R. Maletsky 

°Ms. Elaine M. Rydberg 

Mrs. Sharon (Ford) Wilson 

appointment recognizes his 

°Dr. Rodger C. Martin 

°Mrs. Victoria (Shaw) Salisbury 

°Mr. Thomas L. Zimmerman 

Mr. James R. McElhenney 

°Mr. James C. Sbarro 

expertise and the high esteem 

°Ms. Jane L. Meyer 

Mr. Thomas E Shott 

CLASS OF 1984 

in which his PMEA colleagues 

Mr. Gary M. Mikos 

Miss Virginia A. Smith 

Annual Fund $3,222.50 

hold him. 

Ms. Cynthia J, Mohn 

#Mr. Steven W St. John 

Endowment $250.00 

°Mrs. Christine (Lowther) Olinger 

Mrs. Andrea (Crudo) Stark 

°Mr. Ralph G. Ackerman 

°Mr. Craig C. Olinger 

Mr. Glenn A. Steinmuller 

Mrs. Sue (Butler) Angelo 

Ms. Regina A. Parkison 

Mrs. Heidi (Hartsock) Sternberger 

Mr. Jeffrey C Barnhart 

°MissLynnJ. Pennell 

Mrs. Susan (Seibert) Stevens 

Mrs. Kathleen A. (Eisenbrown) Basehore 

Mrs. Carol (Jordan) Fleming 

#Mr. Paul J. Pitcher 

Dr. Barbara J. Strock 

Mrs. Diane (McVaugh) Beckstead 

Mrs. Holly J. (Hanawalt) Gainor 

°Rev. Charles W Salisbury 

Mrs. Linda (Dotter) Swavely 

Mrs. Jan E. (Smith) Beppler 

OMs. Cheryl D. Green 

°Mr. Michael G. Scolamiero 

Mr. Barry W Tobias 

Ms. Mary Jean Bishop 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Ham 

°Mrs. Tracy (Steele) Sexton 

Mrs. Wendy (Knaub) Tobias 

Dr. David N. Blauch 

°Mr. John P. Herr, II 

Dr. Chris E. Shoop 

#Mr. William E. Toner 

Mrs. Carol (Denison) Brame 

Ms. Barbara R. Holden 

Mrs. Sharon (Diederich) Shoop 

Mr. Steven M. Troy 

Ms. Louise A. Burchill 

Rev. Linda A. (Leedy) Hostetter 

°Mr. John P. Shott 

Ms. Sabrina M. (Gish) Wachter 

Mr. Richard A. Carpenter 

Ms. Miriam D. Hudecheck 

Ms. DarleneJ. Sitler 

Mrs. Marie C. (Bergen) Weber 

Dr. David K. Carter 

Mrs. Diane (Shissler) Kamp 

°Rev Cynthia A. Snavely 

*Mrs. Debbie K. (Morgan) Wilkowski 

°Mr. Spencer G. Coover 

Mrs. Kay E. (Bennighof) Kufera 

Mr. David M. Staufier 

Mrs. Karen (Smith) Williams 

Mr. Dennis J. Delduco 

Mrs. Leslie (Engesser) MacPherson 

Dr. Kirth W Steele 

Rev. Timothy J. Wolf 

Mrs. Patricia (Kowalski) Empfield 

Mrs. Michele (Glascow) Malone 

Mr. Bernard F. Stellar 

Ms. Martha J. Feaser 

Mrs. Deborah (Chopko) Markelwith 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 23 

Merck Researchers 
Break Ground 

Eight students and four faculty 
members from the biology and 
chemistry departments have 
been working on a variety of 
research projects funded under 
a $45,000 grant from Merck 
Chemical Company The 
three~year grant supports 
undergraduate research 
projects involving a combina- 
tion of biology and chemistry 
One faculty*student team is 
looking at the protein changes 
that occur in plants during 
evolution, and has been using 
computer modeling to 
illustrate how this occurs. 
Another team is looking at 
juglone, a toxic compound, 
found in walnut leaves and 
hulls, that protects the trees 
and insects and prevents other 
plants from growing too close. 
A third team is using a new 
spectroscopy technique and 
chemometrics to distinguish 
one concentration of chemi- 
cals from another. The projects 
can all help advance under- 
standing of plant pathology 
and also have application in 
developing medicine for 
humans and quality assurance 
and product purity 

Mr. Wayne Martin 

Mrs. Sheila McElwee-Witmer 

Mr. Wayne C Meyer 

Mr. Joseph J. Morrison, Jr. 

°Mr. J. David Murphy 

°Dr. Deborah (Detwiler) Nelson 

°Mr. Stephen M. Nelson 

°Mrs. Ann (Marcinkowski) Nerino 

Mrs. Jill (Casper) Palanzo 

Mr. Bruce E. Peterson 

Ms. Dorothy (Garling) Plank 

Mr. Clifford E. Plummer 

Dr. Deanna (Metka) Quay 

Ms. Karen A. Reider 

Ms. Mary L. Robertson 

Mrs. Nancy (Shupp) Rohrer 

Mrs. Nancy C. Scheid 

Mr. Dennis P Smith 

Mr. Barry L. Sweger 

Mr. David G. Twamley 

Mrs. Michele (Gawel) Verratti 

Mr. Eric H. Walker 

Mrs. Jill (Trostle) Wenrich 

°Mr. Jeffrey WWieboldt 

Mr. Richard C. Willis 

Mr. Stephen L. Wysocki 

Ms. Lori M. Yanci 

CLASS OF 1985 

Annual Fund $2,445.00 

Facilities $160.00 

°Mr. James R. Angerole 

°Mrs. Kari A. (Littlewood) Anzel 

Mrs. Amy E. (Ziegler) Amdt 

Mrs. Susan L. Baily 

Mrs. Darlene (Snavely) Basehore 

Mrs. Claudette (Girard) Beamesderfer 

Mr. Donald G. Beaver 

Dr. Joseph P. Bonacquisti 

Mr. John S. Brady 

Mr. Gregory P. Buck 

Mrs. Heather (Walter) Buffington 

Dr. Wendy (Kauffman) Carter 

Mrs. Carol A. (Benedick) Cope 

°Mr. John P Donnachie 

Mr. Allan A. Dutton 

Mrs. Jane (Rupert) Dutton 

Mr. Charles A. Fischer 

Mrs. Angela (Green) Gockley 

Mr. Brian D. Gockley 

Mr. Paul M. Gouza 

Mr. Jay S. Hagerty 

Mr. Charles E. Harbach 

Capt. Linda A. (Emerson) Hohnstein 

Mrs. Ann (Jennings) Jones 

Mrs. Christine (Dengler) Krulan 

Mrs. Rhonda (Rinehimer) Madigan 

Mrs. Mary (Seitz) Mamet 

Mr. John B. Martin, Jr. 

°Mr. Jeremy H. Maurer 

Mrs. Susan (Jones) Maurer 

Mr. Robert Muir, 111 

Mr. G. C. Muller 

Mrs. JoAnne (Stimpson) Nickerson 

°Mrs. Barbara (Donnell) Osenkarski 

°Mrs. Maryann (McFadden) Palanzo 

Ms. April J. Pellegrini 

Mr. Michael D. Plank 

Mrs. Nancy (Arciosky) Plummer 

Mrs. Diane (Detwiler) Ramage 

Mr. Gary N. Rhine 

#Mr. Joseph R. Rotunda 

#Mrs. Terri (Roach) Rotunda 

Mr. Joseph Ruocco 

Ms. Jo Ann (Rinehart) Scheu 

Ms. Allison Schiller 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Gross) Swartz 

Mr. Timothy J. Swartz 

Mr. Thomas N. Tice 

Mr. Nicholas F. Verratti' 

CLASS OF 1986 

Annual Fund $3,585.00 

Endowment $175.00 

Facilities $865.00 

^Ms. Ruth E. Andersen 

Mrs. Jennifer A. (Deardorff) Atkinson 

Mr. Donald E. Beck 

°Mr. Jeffrey E. Boland 

Mr. James A. Bryant 

#Ms. Carol J, Davison 

Mr. Michael A. Deaven 

Mr. James J. Deer, III 

°Mrs. Carol J. Dewald 

Mrs. LeAnn M. (Perry) Eshleman 

°Mr. David J. Ferruzza 

Mr. James F Fiorentino 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Firestone 

Mr. James A. Foster 

Mrs. Martha (Bliss) Gelgot 

Mrs. Tammy (Raudabaugh) Ham 

tMr. Bret C. Hershey 

Mr. Richard P Hoffman 

Mr. Geoffrey F. Howson 

Mrs. Robin A. (Bednarz) Iannacone 

Ms. Sharon M. Jackson 

°Ms. Julie A, Kissinger 

Mrs. Tammy A. (Cappuccino) Kramer 

°Mrs. Theresa A. (Rachuba) Leatherbury 

•Mr. Darryl R. Loose 

Dr. Kathleen (DeGraw) MacLeod 

°Mrs. Valerie (Hoover) McElhenny 

Mr. Kevin B. Meyer 

Mr. Anthony A. Meyers 

Ms. Lisa A. Miele 

Ms. Maria T Montesano 

°Mrs. Deborah A. (Howard) Paulson 

Mr. D. Scott Pontz 

Mr. Daniel H. Rafferty 

Mrs. Lois E. (Hagerman) Rubinstein 

°Mrs. Sara (Bartlett) Schmehl 

Mrs. Jean (Zimmerman) Scott 

Mr. Mark E. Scott 

Mrs. Cora A. (Bretz) Shenk 

Mrs. Victoria E. (Secreto) Shreiner 

Mrs. Susan (Corbett) Simonton 

Mrs. Janet (Leiss) Simpson 

Ms. Holly J. Smith 

#Mr. Mark N. Sutovich 

°Ms. Janell B. Trexler 

Mrs. Julie E. (Farris) Valentine 

Mrs. Leslie (Hall) Webb 

Mr. Scott A. Wien 

°Mrs. Jane L. (Conley) Wolf 

°Mr. Timothy S. Wolf 

Mrs. Deborah (Dressier) Wysocki 

CLASS OF 1987 

Annual Fund $3,310.00 

Endowment $145.00 

Facilities $375.00 

Mr. Kevin L. Biddle 

Mr. Glen M. Bootay 

Rev. Betsy E. (Martin) Bruaw 

Mr. William H. Bruaw 

°Ms. Stephanie M. Butter 

Mr. Robert C. Carson 

Mr. Gilbert C. Eng 

Mr. William G. Fertenbaugh 

Mrs. Susan E. (Walter) Gabel 

Mrs. Laurie A. (Kamann) Gouza 

Ms. Penny D. Hamilton 

°Mrs. Delayne P Harlowe 

°Mr. Ronald A. Hartzell 

Ms. Elizabeth A. (Kost) Hawk 

Mrs. Lisa B. (Gentile) Helock 

°Mr. Gregory J. Hessinger 

Mrs. Melissa (Mover) Hipps 

Mrs. Christine (Webster) Hostetler 

Mrs. Ursula A. (Hoey) Howson 

Mr. Mark A. Iannacone 

Mr. M. Anthony Kapolka, III 

°Ms. Kathy E. Kleponis 

Mrs. Patricia (Radu) Klotz 

Mrs. Barbara (Feaster) Leer 

Ms. Eve R. Lindemuth 

Mr. Keith W Littlewood 

*Ms. Karen L. Mackrides 

Mrs. Elizabeth F (Justin) Martin 

°Mr. David C. Miller 

Mr. Christopher H. Monighan 

Mrs. Laurie G. (Sava) Mueller 

Dr. Laura E. Pence 

Ms. lngrid B. Peterson 

°Mrs. Sharon J. (DeBoer) Porter 

#Mr. William P Rhodes 

Dr. Marguerite M. Salam 

Mrs. Debra L. (Segal) Stem 

Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 

Mrs. Margaret M. (Springer) Timmons 

Mrs. Krista B. Torpey 

Mrs. Karen (Karapendza) Townsend 

°Mrs. Linda L. Ulmer 

Mr. Thomas E. Weaber 

°Mr. Drew R. Williams 

#Mr. Steven H. Witmer 

CLASS OF 1988 

Annual Fund $2,571.76 

Endowment $60.00 

Facilities $150.00 

°Mrs. Stacey L. (Brundin) Anthony 

Mrs. Melissa (Huffman) Bittinger 

Mr. Richard V Bittinger 

°Mr. Samuel H. Brandt 

°Mrs. Diane J. (Fuss) Brown 

Ms. Kimberly A. Burd 

Mrs. Tracy (Trutt) Cox 

°Ms. Donna L. Dager 

Mr. Francis J. Docherty 

°Mr. Edward A. Doe 

Mrs. Sharon L. Dubbledavenport 

Mr. Shawn M. Fitzgerald 

Mr. David W Hawk 

Mrs. Tracy L. (Montgomery) Hoffman 

Mr. Donald W Hostetler, Jr. 

Mrs. Joanne M. (Hoffman) Hunter 

Mrs. Rochelle L. (Zimmerman) Kniss 

Mrs. Roberta A. Lipman 

Mrs. Lynette (Benedick) McCulloch 

Dr. Stacie A. Micheel-Marrie 

Mrs. Patricia J. (Moll) Mills 

Mrs. Linda (Nolt) Naugle 

°Mrs. Debra (Ail) Perlaki 

Miss Linda A. Powell 

°Mrs. Sulynn M. Richard 

Mrs. Kim A. (Daubert) Rismiller 

Mrs. Pamela L. (Wyman) Ruocco 

Mrs. Kathleen M. Ryan 

Mrs. Lisa (Russoniello) Sabatino 

°Ms. Susan K. Schaner 

Mrs. Janice D. (Bechtel) Schell 

Mrs. Marjorie A. Schubauer-Hartman 

Mrs. Jeane L. (Weidner) Serrian 

°Mrs. Katherine (Zechman) Seyler 

Mrs. JoDee A. (Huratiak) Speck 

#Mrs. Melissa (Miller) Sutovich 

Dr. Susan J. Toland 

°Mr. Philip E. Troutman 

Mr. Richard W Umla 

°Mrs. Karen L. (Jones) VanHouten 

Mrs. Roselyne S. (Trubilla) Watkins 

°Mr. William I. Wright 

CLASS OF 1989 

Annual Fund $1,770.00 

Facilities $334.00 

°Mr. Michael D. Betz 

°Ms. Susan Bonfanti 

°Mr. David K. Bush 

Mrs. Beth Ann (Roos) Carson 

Mr. G. Scott Carter 

Mrs. Beth A. (Trout) Coder 

Ms. Sonja R. Compton 

Ms. Deana M. Crumbling 

" Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 ^Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quutapahilla Club t Deceased 


Mrs. LoriJ. (Shenk) Ditzler 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Osborne 

Mr. Daniel E. Boyer 

Mr. John J. Digiliojr. 

Mr. Kenneth W. Gable 

Ms. Christine M. Patanow 

°Mrs. Lisa A. Braccini-Barletta 

°Mr. Mark S. Dimick 

Ms. Rebecca C. Gaspar 

Mr. Charles D. Pidich 

Ms. Michelle D. Brailsford 

Ms. Salinda K. Eshbach 

Mr. Patrick M. Haley 

Mrs. Dawn L. (Shantz) Pontz 

°Mr. Byron E. Brought 

Ms. Sandra L Fauser 

Dr. R. Jason Herr 

Ms. Karen A. Reilly 

Ms. Ann V Cawley 

Ms. Lori A. Folk 

Mrs. Lori A. (Stortz) Heverly 

°Mr. Scott A. Richardson 

Mr. John B. Conrad 

Mr. Harold E. Fultz 

Mr. Andrew R. Hower 

Mrs. Susan M. (Partilla) Rilatt 

Mr. John E. Consugar 

Mr. Michael L. Gensler 

Mrs. Christine M. (Richmond) Hower 

Mrs. Susan M. (Spadjinske) Sansone 

Mr. Keith W. Copenhaver 

Mrs. Denise E. Gingrich 

Mr. Richard M. (Rick) Klenk 

Mr. David J. Schell 

Mrs. Karen L. (Kohr) Crews 

Ms. Deborah L. Gray 

Ms. Laura K. Laudermilch 

Mrs. Melanie A (Fleek) Sherman 

Mr. Joseph W Curran 

Ms. Justine Hamilton 

°Mr. Gregory R. Lovell 

Mr. Robert G. Sherman 

Ms. Kristin A. Davis 

Mrs. Jane A. (Wardlow) Hartin 

Ms. Robin C. MacCrindle 

Mr. Dale E. Snover 

Ms. Diane J. Dobberke 

Mrs. Kimberly M. (Eames) Hasenauer 

Ms. Lisa M. Mazei 

Mrs. Annette (Boyles) Stork 

Mr. Travis L. Erriig 

Ms. Stephanie J. Hassler 

Mr. C. Todd Metzler 

Ms. Nancy J. Strohm 

Ms. Sally A, Fegan 

Mr. Frank L. Heilman, Jr. 

Mr. Michael R. Ney 

Mr. Scott R. Sturgess 

Ms. Kathryn R Ford 

Mrs. Greta S. (Yocum) Hess 

#Mr. Douglas L. Nyce 

Ms. Michelle A. Sullivan 

°Ms. Susanna J. Fowler 

Mr. Robert Holford 

Mrs. Jill (Ross) Rafferty 

Ms. Mechelle L. Thomas 

Ms. Julie L. Frederick 

Mrs. Rebecca E. Homberger 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Rodgers 

°Mr. Stephen W Trapnell 

#Ms. Norma J. Gibble 

Ms. Jerez E. Hue 

Ms. Regina E. Santus 

Mr. Todd E Truntz 

Mr. Gary M. Haertter 

Mrs. Lynn L. (Schwalm) Jones 

Mr. Jeffrey T. Snook 

Mrs. Lisa D. (Biehl) Weidemoyer 

Mrs. Darla L. (Ryan) Haines 

Mr. Theodore A. Jones 

°Mr. George V Stockburger 

Ms. Jill D. Hamilton 

Ms. Kimberly E. Klein 

°Mrs. Kim M. (Weisser) Stockburger 

CLASS OF 1991 

°Mrs. Peggy J. (Heller) Hengeveld 

Ms. Holly A. Kreiser 

Ms. Mary D. Townsley 

Annual Fund $2,485.00 

Mr. William A. Hoefling, IV 

°Mrs. Patricia A. Laudermilch 

°Mr. Paul A. VanHouten, Jr. 

Endowment $25.00 

Ms. TaraJ. Hottenstein 

Ms. Jennifer B. Lewis 

Ms. Bryna L. Vandergrift 

Facilities $625.00 

#Mr. David P Jenkins, Jr. 

Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis, Jr. 

Mr. Donald E. Wyand 

Mrs. Joanne (Norton) Berlin 

Mr. John G. Jewell 

Mr. Christopher M. Lloyd 

°Ms. Gail L. Zerbe 

Mrs. Paula J. (Young) Biddle 

Mr. Brad W. Kintzer 

OMs. Jennifer Y. Lowe 

Mr. Blaine P. Connor 

°Ms. Michele A. Klinsky 

Ms. Helen M. Major 

CLASS OF 1990 

Ms. Ann M. Deitrich 

Ms. Dawn L. Koch 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Manning 

Annual Fund $2,674.99 

°Mr. Robert F. Dietrich 

Ms. Susan M. Leonard 

Mr. Dennis A. Martin 

Endowment $30.00 

Ms. Amy E. Earhart 

Mrs. Stephanie L. Melvin 

Mr. Michael D. Mohn 

Facilities $455.01 

Mr. Mark Evans 

Ms. Pamela J. Merther 

Ms. Beth I. Moyer 

Mrs. Candace M. (Wheedleton) Allebach 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Black) Ferrari 

Ms. Lori A. Nyce 

Ms. April A. Myers 

Mrs. Mary S. (Barkus) Bishop 

Mr. Christian C. Foust 

Mrs. Joanne C. (Grajewski) Osborne 

Ms. Malissa M. Noll 

Ms. Kerrie A, (Brennan) Brennan 

Mrs. Kelly M. (Snyder) Hein 

Ms. Jennifer S. Peters 

Ms. Debra A. Pisano 

Mrs. Tamara S. (Groff) Brubaker 

Mrs. April M. (Horning) Hershey 

Mr. Mark L. Reinhart 

Ms. Heather L. Rimmer 

°Mr. N. Thomas Craver 

°Mr. Andrew C. Hildebrand 

Mrs. Judith L. (Barron) Rockett 

Mr. Eric R. Rismiller 

Mrs. Angela M. (Davis) Darrup 

°Mr. Christopher R. Hills 

Mr. William J. Rossnock 

°Mrs. Jean L. Rockey 

Dr. Camille DeClementi 

OMr. William H. Hoffman 

Mr. Ridgley P Salter 

Ms. Denise M. Snyder 

°Ms. Linda R Dellinger 

Mr. Kevin T. Kalb 

°Ms. Susan Sarisky 

Mr. Khristian D. Snyder 

Mrs. Elaine M. (Koehler) Dietz 

Ms. Ruth G. Kiebler 

Mr. Keith K. Schleicher 

Mr. R. Thomas Stone 

Mr. William D. Dietz, Jr. 

Ms. Angela M. Krause 

Ms. Stacey L. Seldomridge 

Mr. Scott R Stone 

Mrs. Sharon L. (Barr) Docherty 

Ms. Brendalyn D. Krysiak 

Mrs. Renee N. (Welsch) Stachow 

Mrs. Grace M. Stover 

Mrs. Maria-Elena (Falato) Dryden 

Ms. Joan M. Landis 

Ms. LeanneJ. Stansfield 

°Mr. David M. Sullivan 

Mr. Michael G. Dryden 

Ms. Diann C. Lenker 

Mrs. Roberta R. (Meritz) Steinig 

Ms. Jill C. Thompson 

°Mrs. Heidi L. (Derhammer) Eck 

Ms. Sarah A. Miller 

Mr. David H. Stimpson 

Mr. Matthew R. Wood 

°Mr. Timothy J. Eck 

Ms. Melinda C Narkiewicz 

°Mr. Stephen A. Teitelman 

Mr. Eric A, Felbeck 

Mrs. Maryann (Lucykanish) Puia 

Mr. Timothy J. Tobin 

CLASS OF 1994 

Mr. J. Stephen Ferruzza 

•Mrs. Diana (Leedy) Reilly 

OMrs. Diane E. Wenger 

Annual Fund $2,020.23 

Mr. Christopher A.K. Frye 

Mrs. Rebecca L (Snyder) Richards 

Mrs. Janet K. Weston 

Facilities $80.00 

Ms. Jane A. (Schreiner) Gallagher 

Mr. Joseph E Rilatt 

Ms. Joanna L Wierman 

Mr. Matthew D. Barr 

Mr. John W. Galvin 

Mr. David Sandler 

Mr. Robert L. Wolfgang, HI 

Ms. Christine L. Berry 

Ms. Joann M. Giannettino 

Mr. David J. Sheats 

Mr. Scott G. Young 

Mrs. Shelly A. (Smith) Bietsch 

Mrs. Laura C. (Judd) Gingrich 

Ms. Kristine E. (Zimmerman) Shirk 

°Ms. Jennifer I. Bower 

Mr. Shawn M. Gingrich 

Ms. June A. Steckler 

CLASS OF 1993 

Mrs. Kristine R. (Kuhn) Butz 

Mr. Russell M. Green 

Ms. Debra L. Stoudt 

Annual Fund $2,406.36 

°Miss Catherine E. Crissman 

Mr. Matthew S. Guenther 

Mr. David P Stover 

Endowment $95.00 

Ms. Michelle L. Cunningham 

Dr. Teresa M. (Kruger) Heckert 

Mrs. Tracey (Smith) Stover 

Facilities $535.36 

Mr. Randy J, Durbin 

OMrs. Helen (Felty) Heidelbaugh 

Ms. Carol A. Swavely 

Ms. Jennifer S. Ambrose 

Ms. Denise E. Emery 

Mrs. Diane L. (Capece) Hertzog 

Mr. John D. Wade 

Ms. Karin L. Apgar 

Ms. Andrea L. Eppley 

Mr. Rory C. Hertzog 

°Mr. Brian D. Wassell 

Mr. Shawn R. Auman 

°Ms. Melissa A. Fleegal 

°Mrs. Rachel M. (Snyder) Hills 

Mr. Kent A. Weidemoyer 

Mr. Stephen W Bagent, 111 

Mr. Ronald A. Flowers 

Ms. Amy J. Himmelberger 

Mrs. Jamie D. (Meyer) Yiengst 

°Mr. Tye M. Barnhart 

Mr. David B. Fromholt 

Mr. Andrew R. Holbert 

Mr. Jay M. Yoder 

Ms. Amy G. Batman 

Ms. Amy L. Fuelleborn 

Mrs. Lori L. (DeWald) Humbert 

Mr. Mark D. Zerbe 

Ms. Ilene C. Bennett 

Ms. Rania Gaitanis 

Mrs. Cynthia J. (Woods) Kensinger 

Mr. Alexander Zettlemoyer 

Ms. Amy M. Bonser 

Mr. David V. Gartner 

Mrs. Dorothy J. (Zoretich) Lilly 

Mr. Michael T. Zettlemoyer 

Ms. Nicole M. Bradford 

Mr. Joseph E. Gift 

Mrs. Pamela B. (Schaadt) Mathews 

Mr. Christopher E. Ziegler 

Ms. Julie J. Brinkley 

Ms. Stacy R. Gilbert 

Mr. Michael A. McGranaghan 

°Mrs. Kristen M. (Webster) Brought 

Ms. Portia H. Groff 

Mr. James R Menge 

CLASS OF 1992 

Ms. Lisa S. Burke 

Ms. Christine M. Hamer 

Mr. Robert L. Mikus 

Annual Fund $2,650.00 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Burt 

Mr. Phillip W Heffelfinger 

Mr. W. Jay Mills 

Endowment $160.00 

Mr. Timothy P. Butz 

Ms. Amy L. Hilbert 

Mr. Timm A. Moyer 

Facilities $585.04 

Ms. Jennifer L. Carter 

Ms. Jill M. Hulet 

Mr. Steven A. Murray 

Mrs. Bonnie L (Miller) Barsh 

Mr. Scott M. Davis 

Mr. Thomas J. Kennedy 

Mr. Damon L. Naame 

Mr. Timothy R. Bentz 

°Mrs. Susan E. (Hibbs) DeFalcis 

Ms. Patricia M. Landolfi 

Mr. Matthew P O'Beirne 

Mrs. Lois S. (Rhine) Bickel 

Mr. Claude C. de Lorraine 

Mr. John E. Lauffer 

Ms. Janet M. Binner 

Mr. Lance Dieter 

Mrs. Shawn M. (Houser) Lee 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 25 

Ms. Shay A. Lentz 

Mr. Randy A. Baker 

Mr. Matthew P Minnich 

Mr. Robert R. Daub, Jr. 

Mr. Jamison W Lindsey 

Mr. Lloyd D. Balman 

Mr. Scott A. Mongo 

°Dr. Robert S. Davidon 

°Ms. Tricia A. Livingood 

Mr. Timothy A. Bean 

Ms. Christine F Morello 

*Mr. James J. Davison 

Mr. Nathan G. Mains 

Ms. Tara A. Bennecoff 

Ms. Adonna M. Moreno 

°Dr. Michael A. Day 

Ms. Bonita C. McCoy 

Ms. Celia C. Billman 

Mr. Michael R. Neff 

#Mr. John B. Deamer, Jr. 

Ms. Mary A. McNerney 

Ms. Melissa J. Boyer 

Mr. Daniel R. Neyer 

*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 75 

Mr. Michael S. Morrison 

Mrs. Alissa S. (Mowrer) Bradfield 

Ms. Joan Ortiz 

#Dr Barbara (Jones) Denison 79 

Mr. Eric R. Mushrush 

Ms. Kristina A. Brault 

Mr. Edgar F Parido 

°Rev. Timothy M. Dewald 

Mr. Steven J. Progin 

Mr. Russell W Britting 

Mr. Michael T. Peachey 

•Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

Ms. Carmen R. Quinones-Torres 

Mr. Richard D. Bruggeman 

Mr. Andrew D. Phipps 

°Mr. Robert J. Dillane 77 

Ms. Jennifer S. Reeder 

Ms. Deborah A. Bullock 

Mr. Douglas H. Pike 

°Dr. Deanna L. Dodson 

Ms. Kelly S. Russell 

Mr. Matthew S. Campbell 

Mr. Kevin J. Poole 

Mr. Randy J. Durbin '94 

Ms. Heidi L. Schweers 

Ms. Dana M. Centofanti 

Mr. Richard D. Ragno 

♦Dr. Robert F Early '48 

Mr. Kirk A. Seesholtz 

Ms. Donna M. Centofanti 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Reazor 

•Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Ms. Christine J. Seibert 

Ms. Crystal B. Crownover 

Mr Michael D. Rhoades 

°Dr Carl Y. Ehrhart '40 

Mrs. Donna L. Seltzer 

Ms. Janet K. Daugherty 

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Rieker 

Mrs. Lynell (Shore) Engelmyer 

Ms. Ritu Sharma 

Mr. Brian C. Davis 

Ms. Roni J. Russell 

°Mr. James A. Erdman, II 

Mr. Brady A. Smith 

Ms. Michele M. Davis 

Mr. Jason C. Say 

°Dr. Dale J. Erskine 

Mr. Chester A. Smith 

Mr. Ross A. DeNisco 

Mr Mark T. Schappell 

#Mr. David C. Evans 

Ms. Karen L. Sprengel 

Ms. Charlotte E. Deane 

Ms. Julie L. Schirmer 

Mrs. Jennifer M. (Dawson) Evans 

Mr Michael T. Starry 

Ms. Susan Delgado 

Mr Jeffrey R. Schott 

Mr. Mark Evans 

Ms. Sandra K. Stauffer 

Ms. Stephanie K. Deppen 

Mr. Christopher M. Seiler 

Mrs. Candice W Falger 

Mr Peter A. Stavenick 

Mr. Robert Diaz 

Mr. Andrew L. Sensenig 

♦Dr. Ross W Fasick '55 

Mr. Timothy K. Sweigart 

Ms. Karen L. Dick 

Mrs. Katherine Z. Seyler 

#Mrs. Elaine Feather 

Ms. Deborah A. Vasko 

Mr. Matthew D. Dickinson 

Mr. Robert T. Shaffer 

♦Dr. Eugene C. Fish 

Ms. Christine Walther 

Mr. Ryan M. Diehl 

Ms. Lori Weise Shepler 

#Dr. Arthur L.Ford, Jr. '59 

Ms. Nichole Weikel 

Mr. Jeffery P Drummond 

Ms. Angie L. Shuler 

#Mrs. Mary Ellen Ford 

°Ms. Ronda L. Weller 

Mr. Brad J. Dukehart 

Ms. Melissa A. Shuman 

°Dr. Michael D. Fry 

Mr SethJ. Wenger 

Mr. Stephen R. Eickhoff 

Mr. Harold L. Spangle r, Jr. 

•Mrs. Deborah (Reimer) Fullam '81 

Ms. Jamie C. Wilson 

Mr. Michael J. Eshleman 

Ms. Amy L. Stanson 

♦Mr. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 

°Mr. Gerald M. Wimmer 

Mr. Christopher S. Everett 

Ms. Barrie L. Stoudt 

#Mr. Stanley A. Furmanak 

Ms. Cheri M. Wise 

Mr. Thomas C. Feltman 

Mr. Timothy J. Terrell 

*Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Ms. Christine B. Wright 

Mr. Hal M. Fero 

Ms. Danielle E. Vernet 

*Dr Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Ms. Bethany A. Yohe 

Mr. Mark L. Flamisch 

Ms. Jennifer D. Walls 

Mr. John S. Gergle, Jr. 

Mr. Michael H. Yordy 

Ms. Julia A. Foose 

Ms. Claudia E. Wehbe 

°Dr. Pierce A. Getz'51 

Ms. Susan D. Fuchs 

Ms. Rebecca L. Wiest 

*Dr Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. '47 

CLASS OF 1995 

Mr. Michael G. Gibbons 

Ms. Kathryn E. Yost 

•Mr. Darwin G. Glick '58 

Annual Fund $301.84 

Ms. Joda L. Glossner 

Ms. Debra L. Youse 

♦Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 

Facilities $173.16 

Mrs. Linda L. Grudi 

Ms. Nicole M. Zanotti 

♦Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

Ms. Shelley A. Derfler 

Mr. Daniel T. Hahn 

Mr. James S. Zerbe 

#Mr Ronald K. Good 

Mrs. Marilyn F (Kress) Hartman 
°Mr. Andrew D. Phipps 

Ms. Stephanie E. Hanke 
Ms. Heather L. Harbaugh 

°Mrs. Susan M. Greenawalt 
#Dr Michael A. Grella 

#Mrs. Denise N. (Folk) Smith 

Mrs. Marilyn F Hartman 


°Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 

Mr. Keith A. Stambaugh 

Mr. David S. Hastings 


°Mrs. Shanna (Gemmill) Adler 

#Rev. Dr. Thomas W Guinivan '39 

Mr. Kent E. Heberlig 
Ms. Deborah S. Heidlauf 

*Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman '52 
*Dr Robert E. Hamilton 

Class of 1995 Senior 

Mr. Melvin R. Hellem, Jr. 

*Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

#Dr Carolyn R. Hanes 

Gift Program 

Mr. Mark W Henry 

*Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

•Mr. A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III 

Mr. Jamieson L. Hoffman 

♦Mrs. Ellen H. Arnold, CFRE 

#Mr Robert E. Harnish 

Congratulations to the Class of 

Mr. Michael A. Hoke 

Mrs. Sharon D. Arnold 

°Mrs. Nancy J. Hartman 

1995! Under the capable 

Mr. George J. Hollich, III 

°Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

*Dr. Bryan V. Hearsey 

leadership of Roni Russell, 

Ms. Stephanie L. Hostetter 
Mrs. Barbara A. Hoyer 

Mrs. Susan R. Aungst 
•Mrs. Karen D. Best 

#Dr. Robert H. Hearson 
°Dr. Paul A. Heise 

nearly 60 percent of the class 

Ms. Colleen L.Jackson 

#Dr Philip A. Billings 

*Dr. Theodore Herman 

participated in the Senior Gift 

Ms. Barbara L. Jankowski 

*Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 


Drive for the Annual Fund, 

Mr. Cory P Johns 

Mrs. Melissa (Huffman) Bittinger '88 

•Philip C. Herr, II, Esq. 

raising more than $20,000, 
payable over the next five 

Mrs. Joan E. Johnsen 

Mrs. Marilyn E. Boeshore 

ODr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Ms. Kimberly S. Katcavage 
Ms. Debra L. Keller 

°Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 
*Mr. William D. Boswell 

°Mrs. Pamela S. Hillegas 

♦Mrs. Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger 

years. The Senior Gift Drive 

Ms. Karen G. Kessler 

°Mr. Mark A. Brezitski 

•Dr. Paul E. Horn '40 

Committee has decided to 

Ms. Rachelle L. Kindig 

*Ms. Andrea E. Bromberg 

°Dr. Barry L. Hurst 

apply these funds to the 
construction of an arched 

Mr. Jeffrey G. Koegel 

Mrs. Kathleen L. Brown 

°Mrs. Maria W Jones 

Ms. Catherine L. Kollet 
Mr Brad A. Krock 

*Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
#Mr C. Paul Brubakerjr. 

#Mr. Richard A. Joyce 

•Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman '44 

bridge in the Peace Garden, 

Ms. Jennifer A. Krysak 

Mrs. Jo Lynn Brummer 

°Ms. Peg Ann Kauffman 

which will be located behind 

Mr. Mark L. Lapole 

#Dr. Donald E. Byrne, Jr. 

*Dr. John P Kearney 

Vickroy and Center halls. The 

Mr. Troy M. Lenker 

°Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

°Ms. Janet K. Kelley 

following members of the class 
made pledges/gifts: 

Ms. Cynthia L. Lerch 

*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

Mrs. Shirley M. Kelley 

Mr. Gregory P Lieberman 

*Mr. Richard F Charles 

#Dr. Robert M. Kline '50 

Ms. Jennifer S. Lightner 

#Dr. Sharon F Clark 

Mrs. NevelynJ. Knisley 

Ms. Bridget A. Lohr 

#Mrs. Keeta K. (Wolfe) Cole 70 

°Mrs. Alice L. Kohr 

Ms. Lorrainne H. Abati 

Mr. Jason M. Lutz 

°Capt. Charles T. Cooper 

°Mrs. Charlene R. Kreider 

Mr Keith M. Adams 

Mr. Scott A. Maier 

♦Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

°Mrs. G. Roz Kujovsky 

Ms. Elizabeth V Aitken 

Mrs. IngridJ. McGee 

#Dr Richard D. Cornelius 

Ms. Phyllis A. Kulikowski 

Ms. Melissa M. Anderson 

Mr Robert G. Meisenhelter 

#Dr. Salvatore S. Cullari 

#Mrs. Margaret A. Lahr 

Ms. Melissa Anderson 

Ms. Rachel D. Merritt 

^Dr. George D. Curfman '53 

°Mr. Thomas A. Lanese 

Ms. Kristin N. Arnold 

Mr. Duane A. Meyer 

#Dr. Donald B. Dahlberg 

°Mrs. Patricia A. Laudermilch '93 

* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 o Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quiuapahilla Club t Deceased 


OMrs. Carolyn A. Lauver 

°Mrs. Jean W Levy 

Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis, Jr. '93 

*Mr. Erich G. Linker Jr. 70 

Mr. Christopher M. Lloyd '93 

#Ms. Terri G. Lloyd 

°Dr. Jean O. Love 

#Mr. George E Lovell, Jr. 

#Mrs. Sandra K. Lovell 

°Mr. Scott A. Mailen '82 

°Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

*Dr. George R. Marquette *48 

°Mr. G. Daniel Massad 

ODr. Joerg W Mayer 

♦Mrs. Ellen B. McGill 

*Dr. William J. McGill, Jr. 

*Mr. Daniel B. McKinley 

Dr. Anna (Dunkle) McVay '48 

#Dr. Mark L. Mecham 

°Dr. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

#Mr. James P Monos, Jr. 

#Mr. Philip G. Morgan 

Mr. Blair Mover 

°Dr. Allan W. Mund 

*Mr. Brian R. Mund 

°Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

#Mr. David W. Newell 

•Dr. John D. Norton 

♦Dr. Agnes B. O'Donnell 

*Mr.J. R. O'Donnell 

°Mr. Ben D. Oreskovich 

#Ms. Jane M. Paluda 

Mr. Robert Paustian 

#Ms. Judy L. Pehrson 

*Dr. Harold S. PeifTer '42 

Ms. Jennifer S. Peters '92 

*Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 

Dr. Mary K. Pettice 

Mrs. Gwendolyn W. Pierce 

Ms. Cindy A. Plasterer 

OMr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

ODr. Sidney Pollack 

°Mr. Harold H. Quickel 

•Dr. Barney T. Raflield, 111 

*Mrs. Sharon H. Raffield 

°Mr. O. Kent Reed 

Ms. Christine M. Reeves 

*Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

♦Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

°Mrs. Heather L. (Keeney) Richardson 

#Mr. Jeffrey S. Riehl '83 

#Mrs. Suzanne (Caldwell) Riehl 79 

*Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

OMr. Robert A. Riley 

t*Dr. Robert C. Riley 

Mrs. Sally A. Rivera 

*Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 

°Mr. William D. Rothermel 

•Dr. E Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 

°Ms. Susan Sarisky '92 

#Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

•Dr. James W. Scott 

*Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

•Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 38 

#Hon. John J. Shumaker 

•Mr. Conrad M. Siegel 

°Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 

#Mrs. Denise N. (Folk) Smith '95 

°Mr. Walter L. Smith '61 

•Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

#Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

•Mr. Morton Spector 

OMr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

Mr. Carl H. Steiner 

°Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 

Mrs. Ella K. Stott 

Mrs. Pamela J. Stoudt 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 

°Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 75 

#Dr. Dale Summers 

#Ms. Linda L. Summers 

Mrs. Linda L. Summers 

Dr. Dennis W Sweigart '63 

•Mr. John A. Synodinos 

#Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 

#Mrs. Bonnie C. Tenney 

°Dr. James M. Thurmond 

#Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 

°Dr. C.E Joseph Tom 

OMr. Horace W Tousley 

#Mr. Woodrow W Waltemyer 

•Hon. John Walter '53 

•Dr. Albertine Washington 

Mrs. Angela M. Weaber 

Ms. Rose Weaber 

•Dr. Elizabeth (Kreiser) Weisburger '44 

OMrs. Diane E. Wenger '92 

•Dr. Harlan R. Wengert 

°Dr. Carl T. Wigal 

•Dr. E.D.Williams, Jr. 

ODr. J. Dennis Williams 

•Mr. Samuel A. Willman '67 

ODr. Allan E Wolfe 

•Mr. Charles W Wolfe '44 

OMrs. Juliana M. Wolfe 

•Rev. D. Darrell Woomer 

Mr. Kevin R. Yeiser 

#Mr. Allen Yingst 

#Mrs. Beverly A. Yingst 

°Ms. Lisa A. Yingst 

•Mr. Harry B. Yost '62 

#Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 

Mrs. Susan B. Zearing 

Mr. Michael Zeigler 

Mr. John W Zimmerman 

Parents of Students 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Acomley 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Adam 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Althouse 
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn E. Ammons 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs. John Aponick 
Ms. Cheryl K. Auman 
#Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Barna 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baruka 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bernhardt 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Black 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Blanford 
°Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bleyzgis 
#Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blouch '68 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bogart 
Mr. and Mrs. James 1. Bohr 
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W Bomberger 
°Mr. and Mrs. David S. Borders 
°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bowman 
°Mr. and Mrs. James W Bowman 
Ms. Elizabeth L. Brandel 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Brandt 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Brewer 
Mr. and Mrs. Vance S. Bricker 
°Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brignole, II 
°Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brimmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bross 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F Bubnis 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bubnis 
°Mr. and Mrs. Daryl S. Bucknor 
Mrs. Patricia D. Bullock '62 
Ms. Sarah J. Burke 
°Mr. and Mrs. John W Byers 
°Ms. Susan C. Calabrese 

Ms. CarlaJ. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Cappella 

°Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W Capriotti 

°Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Carmona 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cheslock 

Mr. and Mrs. Nack-Hee Choe 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. Clement Concodora 

Ms. Susan J. Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Coughlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Coval 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Cox 

°Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Crumbling 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip O. Cuddy 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Currie 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Damms 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Dattoli 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Davidson 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dekle, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Delgado 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Demmy 

Mr. and Mrs. Neale Deutsch 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dieflenbach 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dobrie 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Donahue, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Dorm 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Duck 

°Mr. and Mrs. William H. Duffy 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Elliott 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Emenheiser 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Enterline '65, '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Epting 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Erie 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Eyrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Falcone 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Feltman 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Fisher 

°Mr. and Mrs. William F Flamisch 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Flanders 

Mrs. Paula J. Flatley 

Ms. Carol Foura 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallagher 

Mr. and Mrs. Jose M. Garcia 

°Mr. and Mrs. John R. Getty 

#Mr. and Mr. Thaddeus Glembocki 

°Mr. and Mrs. David J. Golias 

Mr. and Mrs. Parke H. Good 

Mr. and Mrs. John C Goodhart 

°Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenawalt 

#Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grella 

Ms. Barbara C. Grim 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry L. Groft 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Gross 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Gruber 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gudinas 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gut 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Haas 

°Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hahn 

°Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hall 

°Mr. and Mrs. David Hallman 

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hand 

°Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Hartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Heisey 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Helms 

°Mr. and Mrs. Larry Helmuth 

Mr. and Mrs. George Henning 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hess 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt 

°Mr. and Mrs. Edward Highland 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Hihn 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hillegas 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hinderliter 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hixon 

°Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hodacz 

°Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hollich '65, '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hollinger 

Winner of 
Neidig Award 

George Hollich *95 was the 
recipient of the H, Anthony 
Neidig Award, which recog- 
nizes a senior who achieves 
academically, makes a signifi- 
cant contribution to the 
college and shows concern for 
helping others. Hollich 
graduated summa cum laude 
with a bachelor's degree in 
psychology. During the 
summer of 1994, he worked 
with James McClelland, a 
world famous cognitive 
psychologist at Carnegie 
Mellon University in Pitts- 
burgh, performing a computer 
research project to model the 
way in which the brain's 
neutral networks process 

Ms. Marie A. Holodick 
Mr. and Mrs. Kervin Hoover 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horn 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W Houck 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Howard 
#Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hughes 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hummer 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E Iezzi 
°Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Irons 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iwanowski 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Jenks 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson 
°Mr. and Mrs. Phil W Kampf 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Karnes 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L Reiser 
Mrs. Shirley M. Kelley 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kellogg 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kepple 
°Ms. Sally J. Kem 

OMr. and Mrs. William H. KHck '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Killian 
°Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Kopp 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Krause 
Mr. and Mrs. John P Kruzel 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 27 

Angle Koons '98 was named 
one of the 10 most caring 
young people in America by 
the Caring Institute in 
Washington, D.C Koons was 
nominated by her high school 
in recognition of her work as a 
peer counselor and tutor; her 
key role in establishing a 
student-run teen contact line; 
and her involvement in 
Students Against Drunk 
Driving (SADD), Students 
Helping to Aid the Disabled 
(SHADE) and fund-raising 
efforts to fight Cystic Fibrosis. 
She received a National Caring 
Award from Senator John 
Glenn during a ceremony in 
the Dirksen Senate Office 
Building in Washington, D.C, 
along with a scholarship and a 
special certificate to attend 
U.S. Space Camp in Alabama. 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ray Krystofolski 

Mr. and Mrs. David 1. Lasky 

°Mr. and Mrs. Terry Laudermilch '93 

Mr. Harvey W Lausch 

OMr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lauver, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Leahy 

Mr. and Mrs. William Leeser 

°Mr. and Mrs. David M. Leffler 

#Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Lehman 

'69, '67 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lehman 
Mr. and Mrs. Conway F. Leiser 
°Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Levan 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Luckenbill 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Lutz 
°Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Lutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lynch, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Macoviak 
Ms. Susan M. Malloy-Russell 
Ms. Joan L. Marchozzi 
°Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Angel Martinez 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Masessa 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. McElroy 

*Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKinley '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mehalick 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Melocheck 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Meyer 

Ms. Carol A. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Mitchell 

°Mr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence Moffett 

#Mr. and Mrs. James P Monos 

°Mr. and Mrs. William J. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E Morrell 

Ms. Marie E. Moseng 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Motz, Sr. 

°Dr. John H. Mover, 111 39 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Murray 

Ms. Darlene C. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Naglic 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Neal 

Mr. and Mrs. David Newton 

Mr. and Mrs. James O'Neil 

°Mr. and Mrs. Clair Oberholtzer 

°Mr. and Mrs. George A. Olson 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Patterson 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V Pearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Perkins 

°Mr. and Mrs. James M. Perry 

Mr. and Mrs. William Pfarr, Jr. 

*Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plummer, Jr. 

#Mr and Mrs. Vemon Pocius 

°Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Polance 

ODr. and Mrs. Sidney Pollack 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pollock 

°Mrs. Barbara B. Pond 

°Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Porter 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Powl 

Mr. and Mrs. Millard E Price 

°Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Prock 

°Dr. and Mrs. John E. Pugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reed 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Reese 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis Reinoehl 

Mr. Michael Reish 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Richardson 

°Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rightnour 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. Ritter 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Romanofsky 

°Mr. and Mrs. Morris I. Rossman 

°Mr. and Mrs. George Rudis 

Ms. Anne C. Rudisill 

Mr. and Mrs. James E Ruffner 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Sadow 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Sanno 

°Ms. Stephanie Savitch 

°Mr. and Mrs. Dale C Schimpf '69 

Ms. Jeanette E. Schmid 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt 

*Dr and Mrs. C. Richard Schott '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Schwalm 

*Dr. and Mrs. James W Scott 

Ms. Joyce E. Seals 

°Mr and Mrs. Franklin L. Seidel 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Shametzka '68, 70 

Mr. Gregory Sharockman 

Mrs. Irene Sharockman 

°Rev and Mrs. M. Thomas Shatto 

'68, '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sheetz, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Sherk 
Mr and Mrs. Ernest W Shoop 
°Mr. and Mrs. John W Silliman 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Sims 
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Slenker 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Smith, Sr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith 
Ms. Lynn H. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. William Smith, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Snider 
Mr. and Mrs. John F Sokola 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Sorrels 
°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Spahr 
Mr and Mrs. Brian E. Spurley 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stamm 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Stanilla '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stan- 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Staub 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stauffer 
°Mr. and Mrs. David W Stefanic 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Stenger 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P Stiffler 
°Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Stover 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Straus 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stull 
°Mr. and Mrs. William A. Swanson 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Swope 
Mr. and Mrs. Micky E. Tallent 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Tannehill 
°Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Taylor 
°Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Treffinger 
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry L. Troutman 
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Troutman 
Mr. and Mrs. John P Tuscano 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Uhler '64, '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Dane R. Unger 
♦Mr. and Dr. Robert L. Unger '69, 72 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Vargo 
Mr. and Mrs. John Vamer 
°Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vespignani 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Vollberg 
Mr. and Mrs. David Wadsworth 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wary 
°Mr and Mrs. David M. Washkevich 
°Mr. and Mrs. Emie G. Weaber 
°Mr. and Mrs. William C. Webster 
*Mr and Mrs. Stephen A. Weicksel 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Welker 
Mr. and Mrs. Titus P Wentzel 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Wert '66 
#Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Wertz 
Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey Westerhoff 
°Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Wevodau 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Wevodau 
Mr and Mrs. Clifford B. Wilson 
°Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wilson 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wirth 
Mr and Mrs. Stanley Wisniewski 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Witchey 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wolgemuth 
°Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Wolownik 
Ms. Deloros L. Wright 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wright 
°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F Yake 
OMr. and Mrs. A. Barry Yocom '65, '67 
Mrs. Sharon Yoder 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zearing 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Zehner 
Mr and Mrs. Barry L. Zeiber 
°Mr. and Mrs. William Zielsdorff 
°Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. John W Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zimmerman 
Mr. and Mrs. John Zwiesdak 

Parents of Graduates 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W Amlung 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Andersen 
Mr. Brian Anderson 
Rev and Mrs. David H. Andrews '51 
Mr. and Mrs. James W Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Angeli 
*Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A, Arnold 
Mr. and Mrs. John Arnold 
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Artz 
°Mrs. Elaine B. Auerbach '52 
°Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 

'38, '37 
°Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baird 
Mrs. Mildred Baker 
Mrs. Jane L. Balmer 
°Dr. and Mrs. William Bauer, Jr. 
°Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 
Mr.t and Mrs. Earl R. Beard 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Beck 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W Beers 
ODr. and Mrs. C. Ray Bell '28, '29 
°Mr. and Mrs. George W Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Bennett 
#Mr and Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger '38, '37 
#Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Berry '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Bevan 
Mrs. Mary Helen Bickel '48 
°Dr. and Mrs. Tom A. Bither 
Mrs. EloiseH. Blanck'41 
#Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blasingame 
OMr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 
#Mr. and Mrs. John D, Boag *51, '51 
Mrs. Doris K. Boehler 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Boeshore 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N, Boltz 
OMr and Mrs. Lloyd Bomgardner 
°Ms. Sandra L. Bonser 
#Dr David N. Bosacco '56 
Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 
°Mrs. Phyllis E. Boyer '46 
Mrs. Rosalie R. Bross '45 
Mr Allen H. Brown '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Brown '69 
♦Rev. and Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr and Mrs. Robert E. Brumbaugh 
°Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Buck 
°Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Burke 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Campbell 
Mrs. Jennifer C. Campbell '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Carl 
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Carl '49 
♦Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carson 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter 
OMrs. Beatrice F Cassel 
Mrs. Rosemary C. Centofanti 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P Chandler '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Aloyusius Chesney 
#Mr. and Mrs. George Chronister 
Rev and Mrs. Clarence L. Chubb 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clemens 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Clewell 
Mr. and Mrs. Neil F College 
°Dr. DeLene Y. Congello '44 
°Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Cook 
°Mr. LeRoy E. Copenhaver '59 
°Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Crissman 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Cupp 
Mr. and Mrs. George Z. Cvijic 
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan A. Daubert '49 
#Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty 

'52, '52 
♦Mr. James J. Davison 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DePalmer 
°Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mrs. Marion M. Deaven 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Deboer 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Deitrich 
OMr. A. Alfred Delduco '48 
♦Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory E. Dimick 

* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 o Valley Club # Charter Club ° Quiuapahilla Club t Deceased 


Mrs. Phyllis D. Dimpsey '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kabana 

Mr. and Mrs. Austin D. Murphy 

•Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Stepanek '48 

°Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W Doe 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Neideigh 

Mr. and Mrs. George Stockburger 

°Mr. and Mrs. John R Donnachie '85 

°Mrs. Pauline R. Kauffman '53 

•Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 

Mrs. Betty R. Stoudt 

°Mr. and Mrs. Russel Duryea 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Keller 

°Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Neyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Stover 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Dyer 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd P Nyce 

Mr. Charles Strohl, Jr. 

*Dr. Robert F. Early '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kline 

Ms. Judy E. Painter 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sturgess 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Eberly '50 

Mrs. Grace Kline 

#Mr. and Mrs. Edward Paszkowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Summers 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 

Ms. Jane Kline 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Pauli 

°Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Supplee, 111 

°Mr. and Mrs. Earl V Edris '58, '53 

°Mr. Luke K. Kline 

Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sutovich, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Emerson 

°Mr and Mrs. Robert F Koch 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pellegrini 

°Rev. and Mrs. John Swavely 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Engesser 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Kohlhaas '65 

Mrs. Kathleen A. Pemberton 

Mr. and Mrs. Lavern L. Sweigart 

•Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Kramer 

OMr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Penturelli 

#Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Tenney 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Eshbach 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kreichbaum 

'48, '49 

Mr. and Mrs. L H. Tester 

°Col. and Mrs. William F. Etchberger 

Ms. Christine G. Kreider '34 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Peters 

°Mrs. Delia H. Thomas 73 

35, '39 

°Mr. and Mrs. John W Krieg '50, '52 

ODr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

°Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Euclide 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Krock 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Phipps 

°Dr. and Mrs. James M. Thurmond 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V Evans 

Ms. Doris R Krysiak 

#Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pickering 

°Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Toews 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Everett 

Ms. Phyllis A. Kulikowski 

°Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pike, 111 

#Mr. and Mrs. W F. Torreyson 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Mrs. Nancy S. Kurtansky 

°Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Pisano 

Mr. and Mrs. W A. Trapnell, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Landis 

OMr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Plummer 

°Rev. and Mrs. Martin W. Trostle '51, '60 

Mrs. Arlene A. Filer 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Laudermilch 

°Mr. and Mrs. William J. Poole 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. John Filippone 

Mr. John A. Laudermilch 

Ms. Gail Post 

°Mrs. Linda L. Ulmer '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fiscus 

Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Lauffer 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pounds 

°Mr. and Mrs. Walter W Umla 

°Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Fisher '47, '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Leach 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Putnam 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Valone 

°Dr. and Mrs. David H. Fortna 

Mr. James O. Lebo '59 

°Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

°Mr. and Mrs. George VanDillen 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fowler 

*Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E Leedy 

Ms. Linda 1. Reese 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. VanHorn 

°Mr. and Mrs. Tilman R. Frye '67, '80 

°Mr. John M. Leidich 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Reichert 

Mr. and Mrs, Douglas H. Vera 

Mrs. Marie 0. Fulk 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford D. Leitao 

Mr. Robert J. Reilly 

Mr. George B. Wagner '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Furman 

Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 

Mrs. Dawn B. Reinhart '61 

•Hon. and Mrs. John Walter *53, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gable 

°Mr. Terry R. Lenker '64 

•Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Wangman 

*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Lesher 

Mrs. Grace A. Richmond 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wannemacher 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Lesher 

Ms. Linda J. Riegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Weston B. Wardell 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gartner 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth L Lewis '50 

Mrs. Ann Rilatt 

•Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Geib, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, Jr. 

OMrs. Loretta H. Risser '57 


°Mr. John E. Giachero '52 

°Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Light 

Mrs. Sally A. Rivera 

°Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Weber 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gift 

Dr. William J. Uoyd '47 

°Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gingrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell F Lohr 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Rojahn '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Barrie L. Weller 

#Dr. and Mrs. David W Gockley '42 

Mr. David M. Long '59 

Mrs. Fern J. Roland 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Welsh 

°Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Goodwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford W. Long 

#Mrs. Beatrice L Roth 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wenger 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gottlieb '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Loughney 

•Mrs. Dorothy G. Roudabush '32 

OMr and Mrs. Lynn R. Wenger '92 

Ms. Nancy E. Graver 

Mrs. E. T. Lucas 

Mrs. Ida B. Ruehr 

Mr. James C. Werkheiser 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Groman 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Luckenbill 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman H. Rumfield 

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Werner 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guenther 

°Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lutz 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Rupp 

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie G. Wescott 

*Mrs. Lois H. Guise '37 

°Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Lutz 

Ms. Sondra M. Russell 

Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Whitehead 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W Habel 

Mr. and Mrs. Colin C. MacCrindle 

Mrs. Kathleen M. Ryan '88 

Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hackett 

#Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackrides '54, 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

#Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Wierman 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 


Rev. and Mrs. Jusuf Salam 

"Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilhelm '50, '49 

•Robert and Judith Hamilton 

Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinkowski 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sarisky 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Willis 

Rev. and Mrs. John R Hamm '61, '60 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Marrone 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Wilson 

Mr and Mrs. Merle C. Harding 

Mr. and Mrs. George Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvah J. Scott 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. James Harper 

Ms. Mary L. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. William Scratchley 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wolfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Hartman 

Dr. Robert S. Martin '59 

Dr. John T. and Rev. Anne Seddon 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

#Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Hartman 

#Mr. and Mrs. James M. McArdle '57, 

Ms. Sharon L. Seesholtz 

'55, '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Hauck 


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L Shaak '55, '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wolfgang 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heagy 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R McGinty 

#Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer 70, 

OMr. Robert D. Womer '34 

°Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGranaghan 


Mrs. Dorine M. Wood 

Mr and Mrs. Marvin L. Hendrix '64, 

Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McKechnie 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 

OMr. and Mrs. William H. Worrilow 


Mr. Edward Meima 

*Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer '38, '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Meiser 

#Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Shearer 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 

•Mr. and Mrs. Philip C Herr, 11 

Mr. and Mrs. John F Mentzer 

'66, '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Wysolovski 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hibbs 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Merritt 

OMr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W Yarger 

•Mrs. Mary J, Hicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Merther 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Shuman 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Yingling 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Hill 

OMr. and Mrs. John W Metka '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Simmons 

#Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Yingst 

Mr. and Mrs. James I. Hoepfer '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 

Mrs. Janet L. Simpson '86 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy F. Yocum 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic E. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert V Meyer 

Mrs. Ethel M. Slonaker '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Young 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Hoffman 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Meyer 

°Mr. and Mrs. James L. Smith 

Mrs. Helen E. Young 

°Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hogan 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Miller '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Smith 

Mrs. Anne A. Zart '45 

OMr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 

°Mr. Joseph E. Miller 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker '54 

°Dr. and Mrs.t Harry W Zechman '30 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 

*Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert 1. Snovel 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Zettlemoyer 

Mrs. Rebecca A. Howard '63 

°Mrs. Sally A. Miller-Checket '58 

°Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Souders '44, '45 

•Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Ziegler '57, '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. and Mrs. James Mills 

*Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 

•Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Huey 

OMr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Keigh L. Stambaugh 

•Mr and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hummer 

#Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 

OMr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

'64, '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie L. Hutton 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Moury 

Mrs. Hannelore W Starsinic '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F Zook 

°Mrs. Nancy A. lnners '52 

°Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Mowrer, Jr. 

°Mr. Joe L. Stauffer '58 

°Mrs. Thelma M. Jordan 

°Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Stavenick 

Ms. Patricia L. Mummert 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Stein 

ANNUAL REPORT 1 994-95 29 

at Cornell 

1 . - 

Lance Westerhoff *97» a 
biochemistry/applied com- 
puter science major, spent the 
summer at Cornell University 
working with Dr. Roger 
Spanswick, professor of plant 
science. Westerhoff, whose 
position was funded by a grant 
from the National Science 
Foundation, was working on a 
study involving membrane 
transport in plant cells. 


°Ms. Margaret K. Adams 

°Mrs. Shanna G. Adler 

°Mrs. Mary J. Ahalt 

°Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Alderfer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Alexander 

Mr. John Allison 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Allwein 

°Mr. and Mrs. James Allwein 

♦Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Jeffrey Arnold 

Mrs. Sharon D. Arnold 

•Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

°Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Arthur 

°Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

Mrs. Susan R. Aungst 

♦Philip and Beth Bach 

Mr. Daniel L. Backenstose, Jr. 

Rev. and Mrs. James H. Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Karl Baker 

o\kx. J. Robert Baum 

Mrs. Harriet M. Beamesderfer 

#Mrs. Ethel A. Beittel 

°Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bentz 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bentzel 

•Mrs. Karen D. Best 

*Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bex 

#Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Billings 

Mr. and Mrs. David Bishop 

*Ms. KatherineJ. Bishop 

•Mr. Vemon Bishop 

Mrs. Verna Blair 

°Mr. Donald Blyler 

#Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

°Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 

*Mr. and Mrs. William D. Boswell 

Ms. Anna M. Bowman 

°Mr. Patrick W Boyd 

Mr. Donald S. Boyer 

OMr. and Mrs. Mervin B. Brandt 

Ms. Dorothy L. Breen 

Mrs. Nancy M. Bressi 

°Mr. Mark A. Brezitski 

Ms. Alma E Brigham 

Mrs. Jean K. Brinser 

Gerald J. Brinser Family 

*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bromberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bromberg 

Mr. and Mrs. K. Fred Bross 

Mrs. Kathleen L. Brown 

•Mrs. Leslie Brown 

ORev Patricia D. Brown 

#Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

°Miss Alice M. Brumbaugh 

Mrs. Jo Lynn Brummer 

Mrs. Jean A. Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burger 

°Mrs. Kathryn S. Burianic 

#Dr. and Mrs. Donald Byrne, Jr. 

•Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

°Dr. and Mrs. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard F Charles 

#Dr. Sharon F Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. W T. Clawson 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Clemm 

Ms. Jean M. Cohen 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F Conrad 

°Capt. Charles T. Cooper 

*Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

Dr. and Mrs. F Donald Coopey 

#Dr. Richard D. Cornelius 

*Mr. John L. Cousler 

Mrs. Virginia Crawley 

OMrs. Harte C Crowe 

#Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore S. Cullari 

#Dr. Donald B. Dahlberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Daiber 

Mrs. Mary Daniel 

Mr. Robert R. Daub, Jr. 

Mr. Warren F Daugherty 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dautrich 

°Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Davidon 

°Mr. Philip S. Davis 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard W Davis 

°Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Day 

#Mr. John B. Deamer, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne B. Deckard 

t*Mrs. Mildred Demmy 

Mrs. Sarah E. Dettra 

°Rev Timothy M. Dewald 

Mr. Hal M. Dewittie 

•Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

°Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Diller 

°Mr. Frank J. Dixon 

°Dr. Deanna L. Dodson 

°Mr. Robert J. Dolan 

°Ms. Barbara B. Donley. 

°Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Druckman 

*Mr. Richard T. Early 

°Mr. and Mrs. James A. Edris 

*Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

°Mrs. Polly C. Ehrgood 

Mrs. Sara S. Ehrhart 

Ms. Ruby Ellery 

°Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Erdman 

°Mr. Fredric Erdman 

°Mr. James A, Erdman, II 

*Mrs. Nancy W Erdman 

°Dr. Dale J. Erskine 

#Mr. David C. Evans 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Evans 

Mrs. Candice W Falger 

°Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 

#Mr. and Mrs. John E. Feather 

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Felty 

Mr. Ray A. Fields 

Dr. Robert Fierer 

Mrs. Sevia Finkelstein 

*Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

#Mrs. Mary Ellen Ford 

°Mr. James P Foster 

Ms. Irene K. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Freeland 

Ms. Jeanette French 

°Dr. John H. Fritz 

°Dr. Michael D. Fry 

•Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Fulton, Jr. 

°Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 

#Mr. Stanley A. Furmanak 

Mr. James R. Gallagher 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F Galley 

Mr. N. Edward Gamber 

Ms. Alfrieda C. Gardner 

°Mr. Ronald J. Garman 

°Mr. Edwin M. Garver 

♦Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Mr. John S. Gergle, Jr. 

#Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Glen 

°Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Gohn 

•Attorney and Mrs. Arthur L. Goldberg 

Mr. David A. Gontz 

#Mr. Ronald K. Good 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodemote 

°Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Grimes 

Mr. Sydney Grobman 

Ms. Janet Grun 

Ms. Lucy T. Guerrisi 

Mr. William E. Haak 

•Mr. Thomas V Haas 

Ms. Lee Hagelin 

ODr. and Mrs. William Hallahan 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hammond 

Ms. E. Marie Handley 

#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 

•Mr. A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III 

#Mr. Robert E. Harnish 

Mr. and Mrs. Berch Haroian 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W Hartman 

°Ms. Pat Hartranft 

Mr. and Mrs. EthmerJ. Hazen 

*Dr. Bryan V Hearsey 

#Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hearson 

°Mr. Albert C. Heer 

°Mr. and Mrs. Howard W Heeter 

Mr. Frederick T. Heilman 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heilman 

°Dr. Paul A, Heise 

OMr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Ms. Suzzane D. Henry 

•Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Herman 

ODr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Mr. Allen A. Hicks 

Mr. Delbert W Hiestand 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Hoffman 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman 

*Mr. and Mrs. StevenJ. Holsinger 

Rev. and Mrs. B. Penrose Hoover 

Dr. and Mrs. Mel Horwith 

Ms. Barbara S. Hoskins 

#Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Ms. Pearl G. Hostetter 

°Mrs. Patricia Houser 

°Dr. Barry L. Hurst 

*Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund M. Hyman 

°Mrs. Maria W Jones 

#Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Joyce 

°Ms. Peg Ann Kauffman 

Mr. Cliff Kaylor 

*Dr. and Mrs. John P Keamey 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Keefer 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Keiser 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keller 

°Ms. Janet K.Kelley 

°Mr. Constantine Kermes 

Mrs. Mary E. Kettering 

Mr. Paul H. Kettering 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kindt 

♦Mrs. William Klatchko 

°Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. Klett 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Klim 

Mrs. NevelynJ. Knisley 

°Mr. James R. Kohl 

°Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kohr 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff 

*Mr. Steven R. Kreamer 

°Mrs. Charlene R. Kreider 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kreider 

Mrs. Justine J. Kreifels 

Ms. Eleanor Kreta 

Mrs. Edith B. Krohn 

°Ms. Esther M. Krumbein 

°Mrs. G. Roz Kujovsky 

°Mr. Samuel G. Kurtz 

#Mrs. Margaret A. Lahr 

Mr. Robert M. Lane 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lanese 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Langille 

#Dr. and Mrs. I. S. Lape 

Lt, Gen. and Mrs. Harold J. Lavell 

°Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr 

Dr. and Mrs. William F Lenker 

•Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 

t*Dr. VictorV Leske 

°Mr.t and Mrs. Herbert Levy 

Mr. Arville G. Light, Jr. 

Mr. Frederick H. Light 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Light 

#Ms. Terri G. Lloyd 

#Ms. Nancy Long 

#Mrs. Barbara A. Longenecker 

°Dr. Jean O. Love 

#Mr. and Mrs. George Lovell, Jr. 

Mr. George B. Lukens 

°Mr. and Mrs. David Lynch 

#Ms. Corinne H. Machmer 

°Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

Mrs. Grace M. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Martin 

°Mr. G. Daniel Massad 

ODr.JoergWP. Mayer 

°Ms. Charlotte B. McDowell 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill 

Mr. John J. McGraw 

#Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert McKlveen 

•Mr. and Mrs. RoyJ. McMindes 

°Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McShane 

Ms. Kimberly D. Meadows 

#Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 

Mr. David L. Meldrum 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mellinger 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Melusky 

*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 

Col. Virginia A. Metcalf 

Mrs. Eloise J. Miller 

Mr. Franklin Miller 

#Mrs. Marion Miller 

°Mrs. Helen L. Miller- Messmer 

°Dr. and Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Ms. Judith S. Mondschein 

Mr. and Mrs. Blair Moyer 


°Mr. Joseph W McCulloch 

°Mrs. Nancy E. Moyer-McCulloch 

♦Hon. and Mrs. Paul Mueller 

°Dr. and Mrs. Allan W Mund 

*Mr. Brian R. Mund 

OMr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Musselman 

#Mr. Jeffrey S. Myers 

°Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

°Mr. Russell L. Neiswender 

°Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

#Mr. David W Newell 

*Mr. Daniel L. Newman 

Ms. Joan L. Nichols 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Mr. and Mrs. Frits Niemoller 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Nissley 

°Mrs. Violet W Nitrauer 

Mrs. Irene E. Noll 

Mr. Wilmer G. Nolt 

•Dr. John D. Norton 

Ms. Caroline Nunan 

♦Mr. J. Robert and Dr. Agnes B. 

#Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 
°Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O'Kane 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Olsen 
°Mr. Ben D. Oreskovich 
#Ms.JaneM. Paluda 
#Mr. Thomas C Papson 
°Mr. and Mrs. George Patton, Jr. 
Mr. Robert Paustian 
•Mr. Ronald E. Pawlak 
#Ms. Judy L. Pehrson 
*Mr. Gerald J. Petrofes 
Dr. Mary K. Pettice 
Mr. Howard B. Phillippy 
•Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips 
Mrs. Gwendolyn W Pierce 
Ms. Cindy A. Plasterer 
•Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pleet 
Mr.t and Mrs. Charles R. Poad 
Ms. Laura Ponticorvo 
°Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 
•Dr. and Mrs. Barney T Raffield 
°Mrs. Harriet M. Ranck 
Mrs. Florence Reed 
°Mr. O. Kent Reed 
•Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 
°Mrs. Rhea E Reese 
Ms. Christine M. Reeves 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Reppert 
°Mrs. Heather L. Richardson 
°Mrs. Eric Ridder, Jr. 
•Mr, Melvin S. Rife 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Riffert 
OMr. Robert A. Riley 
t*Dr. Robert C Riley 
Mrs. Margaret Rinkerman 
Ms. Rose A. Rippon 
Mark Rittel Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Robertson 
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Robinson 
Mr. Richard Rocchi 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rockland 
Ms. Mildred E. Rogers 
Mr, and Mrs. Norman J. Rothermel 
°Mr, William D. Rothermel 
Mrs. John Ruggiero 
Mr. and Mrs. G. W Ruhl 
Mr. Robert W Rutter 
OMr. George F Sandel 
•Mrs. Arbelyn W Sansone 
#Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 
#Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Schott 
Mr, and Mrs. Dennis Shank 
♦Mr. Harold A. Shaub 

•Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 

t*Mr. AlvinWShenk 

Ms. Mary L. Sherk 

Ms. Kristen L. Sherman 

Mr. Robin Sholly 

Mrs. Lynell S. Engelmyer 

°Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Shounder 

Mr. Edward L. Shull 

#Hon. John J. Shumaker 

Mrs. Louise Shutter 

•Mr. and Mrs. Conrad M. Seigel 

Ms. Marguerite R. Siverling 

#Mrs. Jean M. Skinner 

°Mr. and Mrs. William O. Slayman 

♦Mr. Arthur Hall Smith 

°Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 

t°Mr. George S. Smith 

Ms. Katherine K. Smith 

#Mr. Kenneth Smith 

Rev. Msgr. Thomas H. Smith 

Mr. W Glenn Smith 

TMr. Keith L. Smykil 

♦Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

Mr. Steven E. Snyder 

°Dr. Keith Spalding 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Sponaugle 

Mr. Conrad L. Stanitski 

Ms. Mary K. Starry 

Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 

Mr. E. Jack Stein 

Mr. Carl H. Steiner 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester T. Stetsko 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Stinchcomb 

#Mr. David F Stirling 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stock 

°Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 

Mrs. Ella K. Stott 

Mrs. Margaret D. Stoudt 

Mrs. Pamela J. Stoudt 

Dr. Alice J. Strange 

°Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Suarez 

#Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Summers 

°Mr. and Mrs. George Swanger, Jr. 

#Mr. Richard H. Swope 

•Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

°Mr. and Mrs. Wallace T. Tanksley 

#Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 

Ms. June G. Teich 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Tice 

#Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Titus 

°Mr. Carl W Tobias 

°Dr. and Mrs. C.F Joseph Tom 

♦Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 

Ms. Mabel T. Toombs 

OMr. and Mrs. Horace W Tousley 

Mr. and Mrs. William Van Kleunen 

•Mr. George W Veale 

Mr. Lawrence Von Barann 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian O. Wagaman 

°Mr. Harry C. Wagner 

#Mr. Woodrow W Waltemyer 

Mrs. Barbara P Warfel 

Dr. William H. Warner 

OMr. and Mrs. Ross W Watts 

Mrs. Angela M. Weaber 

Ms. Rose Weaber 

•Mr. Scott M. Weaver 

°Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wendte 

♦Mr. Clifford J. Wengert 

♦Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

♦John and Marie Wengert 

•Ms. Bonnie L. West 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Wevodau 

Mr. R. E. Wheat 

Ms. Mary Greiner Wheeler 

Mr. C. W Whitmoyer 

°Dr. Carl T. Wigal 

♦Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

ODr. J. Dennis Williams 

ODr. and Mrs. Allan E Wolfe 

Mr. Ellis R. Wolfe 

#Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wolfe 

#Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wonderling 

♦Rev. and Mrs. D. Darrell Woomer 

Mr. John A. Worhach 

°Mr. John L. Worrilow 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Yates 

Col. Mary H. Yeakel 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Yeiser 

°Ms. Lisa A. Yingst 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Young 

#Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 

°Ms. Margaret 1. Zeigler 

Mr. Michael Zeigler 


•ACTEX Publications 
♦ALCOA Foundation 
Allweins Flooring Center, Inc. 
♦Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 
Annville Sheet Metal 
♦APR Supply 
•Arnold Industries, Inc. 
Aunt Sukeys Choice 
Automotive Service, Inc. 
♦John A. Blessing Foundation 
Blue Mountain View Golf Course 
♦John H. Boger &r Son, Inc. 
•Boscov's Department Store 
♦Mr. & Mrs. William F. Brossman 

Charitable Foundation 
♦Butler Manufacturing Company 
Century 21 Krall Real Estate 
Chemical Education Resources 
♦Consortium for the Advancement of 

Private Higher Education 
♦CoreStates Hamilton Bank 
♦Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust 

•Derek & Edson Associates 
•R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
♦Dow Chemical Company 
•Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc. 
•Exxon Education Foundation 
•Farmers Trust Bank 
*D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company 

and Travel Agency 
♦Foundation for Independent 

Colleges, Inc. of Pennsylvania 

The UPS Foundation, Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Bell Atlantic 

The Boeing Company 

Kennametal Foundation 

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 

Allied Signal, Inc. 

The Annenberg Foundation 

Armstrong Foundation 

Blair Corporation 

Dauphin Deposit Foundation 

Deluxe Corporation Foundation 

Fourjay Foundation 

GTE Foundation 

Henkels & McCoy, Inc. 

Integra Foundation 

Johnson & Johnson Family of 


Nationwide Insurance Foundation 

New York Life Foundation 

Pennsylvania Power & Light 

SmithKline Beecham Corporation 

Sterling Winthrop, Inc. 

Sun Company, Inc. 

Vesuvius Foundation 

West Penn Power Company 
•Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. 
•Gallery 444 
*GE Fund 

Jed H. Gingrich Insurance Agency 
GSH Home Med Care 
•Hallmark Management Services 
Richard M. Harris Enterprises, Inc. 
•Hauck Manufacturing Company 
•Henise Tire Service 
•Hershey Foods Corporation 
•High Foundation 
♦Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
♦The Hotel Hershey 
♦Joel, Inc. 

♦Jonestown Bank & Trust Company 
Keckler & Heitefuss, Inc. 
•Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Kreamer Funeral Home 
•Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. 
•Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
•Lebanon Mutual Foundation 
•Lebanon Valley Cable TV Company 
•Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Carlos R. Leffler, Inc. 
Lesher Mack Sales and Service, Inc. 
Matthew &r Hockley Associates 
♦Merck Company Foundation 
•Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
•Meridian Bank, Camp Hill 
•Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 
♦Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Murrys, Inc. 

♦New Penn Motor Express, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
♦Ono Transport Services 
♦Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
•The Presser Foundation 
♦Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, Schrum & 

•Rohm & Haas Company 
Rotary Club of Lebanon 
Russell and Eleanor Horn Foundation 
♦Mary Sachs Trust 
Sheeny Ford-Lincoln-Mercury 
♦Sheridan Corporation 
♦L. B. Smith Educational 

Foundation, Inc. 
•Sprint Cellular 
John H. Steffy, Inc. 
•The John Frederick Steinman 

•Stevens & Lee 
Strickler Insurance 
George Strohm, Jr., Inc. 
•TCR Packaging, Inc. 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
Turkey Hill Minit Markets 
Walter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
•Wengerts Dairy, Inc. 
•The Whitaker Foundation 
•Wimpey Minerals, USA, Inc. 
•York Container Company 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 31 

Matching Gift Corporations 

A. Foster Higgins & Company, Inc. 
Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 
Aid Association for Lutherans 
The Air Products Foundation 
ALCOA Foundation 
Allstate Foundation 
American Cyanamid Company 
American Home Products Corporation 
American States Insurance 
The AMP Foundation 
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 
ARCO Foundation 
Armstrong World Industries 
Arthur Andersen & Company 

The Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 
AT&T Foundation 
Becton-Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic Foundation 
Bell Atlantic-NJ 
Bell Atlantic-PA 
Bell Communications Research 
Bell & Howell Foundation 
Bon Ton Foundation 
Burroughs Wellcome Fund 
Campbell Soup Company 
Caterpillar Foundation 
Champion International Company 
Chemical Banking Corporation 
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 
CIGNA Foundation 
The Clorox Company Foundation 
Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
CoreStates Financial Corporation 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
CPC International, Inc. 
Dow Chemical Company 
Eli Lilly & Company Fund 
Ernst & Young Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Fulton Financial Corporation 
GE Fund 

General Motors Corporation 
P H. Glatfelter Company 
GPU Service Corporation 
Grace Foundation, Inc. 

Hallmark Cards, Inc. 
Hamilton Bank Foundation 
The Hartford Insurance Group 
Hercules Inc. 

Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hoechst Celanese Corporation 
IBM Matching Grants Program 
IDS Financial Services, Inc. 
Ingersoll-Rand Company 
ITT Corporation 
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance 

Johnson & Johnson 
Lincoln National Corporation 
Mack Trucks, Inc. 
Martin Marietta Corporation 
McCormick & Company Fund 
Mellon Bank, N. A. 
Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch & Company, Inc. 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
New York Times Company 

Northwestern Mutual Life 

NYNEX Corporation 

Olin Corporation 

Organon, Inc. 

Pacific Telesis Foundation 

The William Perm Foundation 

Pennsylvania Power & Light 

Polaroid Foundation, Inc. 

PPG Industries Foundation 

Price Waterhouse Foundation 

Procter & Gamble Fund 

Provident Mutual Life Insurance 

Prudential Foundation 

The Record 

Rockwell International Corporation 

Rohm & Haas Company 

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company 

Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Southern New England Telephone 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Sterling Winthrop, Inc. 

Strawbridge & Clothier 

Sun Company, Inc. 

Thomas J. Lipton Foundation, Inc. 

Towers, Perrin, Forster, & Crosby 

UGI Corporation 

USF&G Insurance 

Wheat First Butcher Singer 

Witco Corporation 
Xerox Corporation 


American Federation of Musicians 
Annville United Methodist Church 
Annville-Cleona Student Council 
Association of Performing Arts 

Board of Higher Education and 

Central Dauphin Band Boosters 

Central Pennsylvania Conference of 

the United Methodist Church 


Altoona: Fifth Avenue 


Berwick: Bower Memorial 

Carlisle: First 


Catawissa: Mt. Zion 

Church Hill 



Duncansville: Hicks Memorial 




Hanover: First 

Harrisburg: Fifth Street 

Hellam: Faith 

Laurel Run 

Lewisburg: St. Pauls 

Lewistown: Trinity 


McClure: First 

Middletown: Evangelical 


Montoursville: Faith 

Mt. Pleasant 

New Millport: Mt. Zion 


Osceola Mills 


Penbrook: Grace 

Philipsburg: Trinity 

Port Royal 


Rhodes Memorial 


Sandy Ridge: St. Pauls 

Smoke Run 

State College: St. Paul's 

State Road 


Sunbury: Catawissa Avenue 

Three Springs: First 

Tyrone: Good Shepherd 


Warrensville: Mt. Zion 

Wellsville: Grace 

West Decatur: Faith 

Williamsport: High Street 



York Haven 

Covenant United Methodist Church 

Chancel Choir 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of 

the United Methodist Church 

Ash Grove 




Millersville: Grace 

Milton Grove 
Lebanon County Federation of 

Woman's Clubs 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Otterbein United Methodist Church 
Palmyra Rotary Club 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
United Methodist Women of 

Eastern Pennsylvania 


The Sponsor-A-Scholar 
program was initiated in the 
spring of 1993 to help support 
the Achievement Scholarship 
Program and to enhance the 
overall scholarship fund at the 
college. Those donors who 
make recognition level commit- 
ments to the Sponsor-A-Scholar 
program receive the name and a 
short biography of a Lebanon 
Valley student who is a recipient 
of this special support. 

The following individuals are 
scholar sponsors for the 
current year: 

Vickroy Scholar Sponsors 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Chernich '50 

Mr. Gregory P Hoover '68 

Mrs. Kathleen P. Land '36 

Mrs. Jean E. McKeag 38 

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vaszily '66, '69 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer '38, 37 

Mr. Russell L. Williams '34 

Leadership Scholar Sponsors 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Jones '56, '57 
Mrs. Dorothy K. Wendel 38 
Debbie Morgan Wilkowski '82 

Achievement Scholar Sponsors 

John D. Boag '51 and Family 

Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler '48 

Dr. William G, and Dr. Charlotte R. 

Jones '50, '50 
Mr. Clyde S, Mentzer 34 
Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller '41 
Mrs. Adora R. Sholley '55 

Other Contributors 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Achenbach '65 

Mr. George J. Becker 31 

Mrs. Kathie D. Bittenbender 76 

Mr. Samuel H. Brandt '88 

Dr. Linda E. Cockey '76 

Ms. Martha J. Feaser '84 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Eugene Fisher '52, '51 

Mr. Jack D. Gramm '51 

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hamilton '44 

Mr. Leander H. Hamm 39 

Mr. EricD. Imhof'77 

Mrs. Dorothy E. Keller '44 

Mrs. Patricia W Kesselring '74 

Mr. and Mrs. Gustav T Maury '40, '42 

Mrs. Jane S. McCormick '71 

Mr. Harold L. Moody '41 

Mrs. Grace S. Schillich '43 

Dr. Bonnie L. Seidel-Rogol 73 

Mr. Charles Sharnetzka '68 

Mrs. Janet L. Simpson '86 

Mrs. JoDee A. Speck '88 

Ms. NancyJ. Strohm '90 

Mrs. H. Jane Whiteman 33 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilhelm '50, '49 

Mrs. Kathleen F Zaleski '58 

Booster Club 

Dr. Gregory V. Arnold 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Atkinson '69, '67 

Mr. David C. Ballaban 79 

Mr. Charles M. Belmer '40 

Mr. Nicholas Bova '52 

Mr. James W. Brady '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Carson '87, '89 

Mr. FrankJ. Catanzaro '57 

Mr. Henry T. Chadwick '56 

Mr. John S. Champlin '80 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Fields 

Ms. Kathryn P. Ford '92 

Mr. Douglas K. Franz 75 

Mr. Raymond T. Frey 39 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Mr. Anthony J. Geiss 

Mr. John S. Gergle, Jr. 

Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq. 73 

Mr. Ralph R. Giordano '53 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz '53, '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gouza '85, '87 

Mr. Martin J. Grochowski '54 

Mr. Glenn L. Hall '49 

Dr. Miles D. Harriger '47 

Mr. Peter A. Harubin 72 

Mr. William A. Hoefling, IV '92 

Mr. Matthew L. Karinch 33 

Mr. Steve P Karinch 

Mr. George A. Katchmer '40 

Mr. Edward K. Kress 39 


Mr. Frank A. Kuhn, Jr. 70 
Mr. Howard F. Lebegern '49 
Mr. Robert E. Lemke '83 
Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis, Jr. '93 
Mr. Erich G. Linker, Jr. 70 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lutz 
Mr. TedLyter71 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. MacMillan 

'64, '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Mailen '82, '82 
Mr. Gary T. Matthew 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 
Mrs. Sheila McElwee-Witmer '84 
Ms. Anita J. Meiser 71 
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Moyer 
Mr. Robert J. Nelson '57 
Mr. Joseph T. Oxley '52 
Maj, Gen. Ross S. Plasterer '57 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 
Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 
Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 
Mr. Frank A. and Dr. Gail E. Ritrievi 

"54, '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Roberts '65, 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Rowe 72 
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample *52 
Ms. Susan Sarisky '92 
Ms. Gloria J. Scarle'79 
Mr. John A. Schaeffer '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, 

Mr. Scott T. Sener 73 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Mr. Thomas H. Sheaffer 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta'52, '51 
Mr. Evan T. Shourds 78 
Mr. John F Swope '42 
Mr. Joseph A. Torre '69 
Mr. John D. Wade '91 
Dr. John D. Walmer '38 
Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 
Col. Roy A. Weidman '39 
Mr. Jon A. Yost '64 
Mr. Charles L. Zimmerman '5 1 

Friends of the Gallery 

"Art deals with things forever 
incapable of definition that 
belong to love, beauty, joy and 
worship; the shapes, powers and 
glory of which are forever 
building, unbuilding, rebuilding 
in each mans soul, and in the 
soul of the whole world." 

— from a medallion in the 
Pennsylvania State Capitol Building 
















Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 


Arnold Industries 

Mr Vernon Bishop 

Richard F. and Pauline Charles 

Darwin and Elizabeth Glick '58, '58 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Mrs. William Klatchko 

Kenneth and Linda Leedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher, Jr. 

Lesher Mack Sales and Service 

Mrs. Paul Mueller 

Sprint Cellular 

Mr. Arthur Hall Smith 

John and Glenda Synodinos 

Nancy and Harlan Wengert 


Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips 
Jane and Bill Williams 


Mr. A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III 
Machmer Antiques 
Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 


Howard and Shelby Applegate 

Phil and Beth Bach 

Holly and Rick Davis 

Barbara and Stephen Druckman 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E Early, Sr, '49, 

Polly C. Ehrgood 
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 
Eugene and Marjorie Fish 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Dorothy L. Gray '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heisey 
June E. Herr '34 

Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 
Pat Houser 

Mr. Constantine Kermes 
Bill and Beverlee Lehr 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lynch 
Dan Massad 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Murry 
Steve O'Kane 
Mrs. Rhea P Reese 
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Reilly '61, '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

'58, '57 
Donald and Rita Shounder 
Ramon U. Suarez 
Janet and Wally Tanksley 
Mim Warden '57 


Fred and Thelma Allwein 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74 and 

David A. Hoffman 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Jeffrey Arnold 
Dr. John A. '43 and Helen Bamberger 
Philip and Sue Billings 
Barbara K. Bross 
Dr. and Mrs. F Donald Coopey 
Virginia Crawley 
Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore S. Cullari 
Joan and Tom Dautrich 
Mary Elizabeth Dellinger 
Betty and Ross Fasick '55 
Arthur '59 and Mary Ellen Ford 
William '65 and Emalene Gingrich 
Bob and Judy Hamilton 
Bryan and Carolyn Hearsey 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hearson 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Heeter 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman and 


Dr. and Mrs. Mel Horwith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Joyce 

Dr. James and Mrs. Lois Keiter 72 

Dan and Ronnie Jean Klim 

David F '40 and Nancy S. Lenker 

Jean W. Levy 

Bill and Ellen McGill 

Roy J. McMindes 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Melusky 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Caroline Nunan 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Patton 

Art and Connie Peterson 

Dale and Betsy Reppert 

Alan and Darlene Resnick 

Mr. and Mrs. W Neel Robertson 

Richard '42 and Gladys Seiverling 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Shott '82 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Slayman 

lngeborg M. Snoke 

Alyce and Morton Spector 

Dave and Sue Stanilla 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Tenney 

Jay and Judith Uhler 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer '38, '37 

Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman '67, 

Aland Julie Wolfe 


John Allison 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. George H. Arnold 

Rick and Ellen Arnold 

Dan Backenstose 

Betty V Bartels '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Behney Jr. '49 

Karen Diener Best 

Jeffrey and Barbara Bohn '80, 79 

Marie Bongiovanni 

Shirley A. Bowman 

Mrs. Nancy M. Bressi 

Alma F. Brigham 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bromberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Byrne, Jr. 

Judith Clark 

Mr. and Mrs. William T Clawson 

Thomas and Deborah Clemens '69, 70 

Jean M. Cohen 

Mary Daniel 

Feme Eberly 

David C. Evans 

Sevia Finkelstein 

Deborah S. Freer 71 

Christopher A.K. Frye '90 

Tilman and Nancy Frye '67, '80 

James R. Gallagher 

Alfrieda C Gardner 

Lee Hagelin 

Mrs. Marion A. Heilman and Robert 

Fritz Heilman 
Jeanne C. Hey 
Allen A. Hicks 
Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
B. Penrose Hoover 
Mrs. Eleanor Kauffman '46 
Mrs. Mary E. Kettering 
Mrs. Justine Kreifels 
Mrs. Harold A. Krohn 
Ann Marie Lasky 
Mr. Dick London '65 
Mrs. Evelyn W Lynch '41 
John J. McGraw 
Linus Meldrum 

Owen and Kathy Moe 

Maria T. Montesano *86 

Philip G. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Musselman 

Mildred E. Myers '30 

Ms. Joan L. Nichols 

Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 

Ms. Linda L. Pincock 

Mrs. G.S. Poustjr. 

Ruth E. Rhodes 

Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

Evelyn L. Schott 

Ralph S. Shay '42 

Anne Shroyer Shemeta '51 

Mary L. Sherk 

Mr. Robin Sholly 

W Glenn Smith 

Dr. Harvey B. Snyder '41 

Ms. Mary K. Starry 

E. Jack Stein 

Dr. Joelle Stopkie 

Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 

June G. Teich 

Marie H. Tousley 

Mr. Lawrence Von Barann 

Barbara Passeri Warfel 

Jean L. Wertz 

Dr. Stephen Winer 

Mr. Ellis R. Wolfe 

Charles W Wolfe '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Yates 

Gifts In Kind 

APR Supply 

Chemical Education Resources 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Charles 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole 70 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Crissman 

Dr. Salvatore S. Cullari 

Gallery 444 

The Hotel Hershey 

Mr. Thomas V Haas 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Hatz '37, '36 

Mrs. Betty C Hungerford '54 

Mr. Constantine Kermes 

Mrs. William Klatchko 

Ms. Nancy Long 

Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 

Hon. and Mrs. Paul Mueller 

Dr. John D. Norton 

Mr. O. Kent Reed 

Mr. Dale C. Schimpf'69 

Mr. Arthur Hall Smith 

Mrs. Charlene M. Weicksel 

Lebanon Valley Education 

The Lebanon Valley Education 
Partnership is a program being 
carried out with the Lebanon 
School District that encourages 
young people to consider 
attending college. The three- 
part program familiarizes 
students with the college 
environment, indentifies those 
qualified to pursue a college 
education and provides 
scholarship funds if they 
should choose Lebanon Valley. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1 994-95 33 

Top Teachers 

Honored at the May 13 
Commencement exercises for 
excellence in teaching were 
Dr. David Lasky, professor of 
psychology emeritus, and 
Leonie Lang-Hambourg, 
adjunct assistant professor of 
German, Lasky, who retired 
at the close of the 1995 
academic year after serving on 
the faculty for 21 years, 
received the Thomas Rhys 
Vickroy Award for Teaching. 
The award recognizes high 
standards of service to 
the college through classroom 
teaching, advising and active 
promotion of good teaching. 
Lang-Hambourg, who joined 
the college faculty in 1989, 
received the Nevelyn J. 
Knisley Award for Inspira- 
tional Teaching, an honor 
given to outstanding part-time 
and adjunct faculty members* 

Each September for the past 
five years, friends of the college 
and representatives from local 
industries have participated in 
a golf outing at the Lebanon 
Country Club. The tournament 
has raised over $200,000 for 
scholarship assistance. The 
honorary chair each year has 
been Lebanon native Sam 
Bowie, center for the Los 
Angeles Lakers. 

Allwein's Flooring Center, Inc. 

APR Supply Company, Inc. 

Automotive Service, Inc. 

Blue Mountain View Golf Course 

Donald Blyler Offset 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Bernerd A. Buzgon, Esq., '59 

Century 21 Krall Real Estate 
Corestates Hamilton Bank 
Dauphin Deposit Bank & Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley T. Dellinger 75, 

Mr. Frank J. Dixon 
Mr. Richard X Early 
Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc. 
Farmers Trust Bank 
Attorney John E. Feather, Jr. 
Jed H. Gingrich Insurance Agency 
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Glick '58, '58 
Glick, Stanilla and Siegel 
Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Grosky '57, '60 
GSH Home Med Care 
Hauck Manufacturing Company 
Henise Tire Service 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hopper Soliday & Company 
Joel, Inc. 

Mr. Robert E. Johns, Jr. 75 
Keckler & Heitefuss, Inc. 
Keystone Weaving Mills, Inc. 
Mr. James R. Kohl 
Kreamer Funeral Home 
Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. I. S. Lape 
Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
Lebanon Valley Cable TV Company 
Lebanon Valley College of 

Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F Leedy 
Carlos R. Leffler, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 
Lesher Mack Sales and Service, Inc. 
Matthew & Hockley Associates 
Meridian Bank 

Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Murry's, Inc. 

New Perm Motor Express, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, Schrum & 

Sheehy Ford-Lincoln-Mercury 
Sheridan Corporation 
Mrs. Jean M. Skinner 
Mr. Calvin D. Spitler '38 
John H. Steffy, Inc. 
Strickler Insurance 
George Strohm, Jr., Inc. 
Mr. John A. Synodinos 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 
TCR Packaging, Inc. 
Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar '68 
Umberger's of Fontana 
Walter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
Mr. Scott M. Weaver 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
Wimpey Minerals, USA, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wolfe 

Toward 2001 Campaign 
Honor Roll 

This honor roll recognizes those 
alumni and other good friends 
who have made commitments 
to the Toward 2001 Campaign 
as of June 30, 1995. The 
advance gifts phase for this 
campaign began July 1, 199 L 

Successful regional campaigns 
have been completed in 
Lebanon, Harrisburg, 
Lancaster, Reading and 
Philadelphia. New Jersey, the 
Lehigh Valley, the Baltimore- 
Washington, D.C., area and 
York will feature campaigns in 
the coming year 

The Toward 2001 Campaign 
Share plans are: 

Cornerstone Share: $100,000 and 

Founders Share: $25,000 to $100,000 
Leadership Share: $10,000 to $25,000 
Fellowship Share: $7,500 to $10,000 
Sustaining Share: $5,000 to $7,500 
Investment Share: $3,000 to $5,000 
Loyalty Share: $1,000 to $3,000 

Cornerstone Share 

Mr. John A. Aftosmes 

Mr. Peter A. Aftosmes 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Arnold Industries, Inc. 

Mrs. Sylvia E. Baker '36 

Mr, Vemon Bishop 

Mr. & Mrs, William F Brossman 

Charitable Foundation 
Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
tMr Curvin N. Dellinger "38 
Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 
tMrs. Mildred Demmy 
tMr. Enos A. Detweiler 79 
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C Fish 
tMrs. Kathryn W. Ganci 77 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Josiah W & Bessie H. Kline 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth E Leedy 
Mr and Mrs. Donald W Lesher 
Lesher Mack Sales &r Service 
tMs. Charlotte L. McCabe 
tMr. J. M. Moran 
National Science Foundation 
New Perm Motor Express, Inc. 
tMrs. Gertrude E. Richards '43 
Bruce and Janet Rismiller *59, '59 
Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 
TDn George G. Struble 
tMiss Margaret L Weaver 35 
tMiss Margaret S, Weimer '40 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
The Whitaker Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zimmerman '53 

Founders Share 

ACTEX Publications 

Armstrong World Industries 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Donald L. and Phyllis B. Burkholder 

'54, '53 
Mrs, Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Mr. Raymond H. Can* 
CoreStates Hamilton Bank 
Mr. John L Cousler 
Mrs. Betty R. Daiber '41 
Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 
Dow Chemical Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ebright '91 
Dr. and Mrs. Ross W Fasick '55 
GE Fund 

Dr, Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Glick '58, "58 
Glick* Stanilla & Siegel 
Dr. and Mrs. Martin L, Gluntz *53, '82 
Elaine G. Hackman *52 
Mr. A/L. *JmT Hanford, III 
Mr. Richard E, Harper '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Loy H. Harris 74 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 
Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
Steven J, and Wendie DiMatteo 

tMr Paul I. Kleinfelter '32 
Mr. Erich G. linker, jr. 70 
Mr. Dick London '65 
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGUl 
Mr. Roy J. McMindes 
Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
Metropolitan Edison Co t 
Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller '41 
Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
Mr. James A. Mitchell, Jr. '58 
Dr. John H, Mover, III '39 
Dr. and Mrs. Allan W Mund 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R, Mund 
Rev. Dr. Frederick W Mund '32 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Pennsylvania Educational Telecom 

Exchange Network 
Mrs. Rhea P. Reese 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider *63 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas C Reinhart 

tMr. Warren C Rugh '32 
Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 
tMr Alvin WShenk 
tMs. Dorothy E, Sholter 
tMrs. Frances L. Shroyer 78 
Mr. Earlj. Spangler'48 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 
Mr. Donald R. Stanton *66 
Mr, and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
TCR Packaging, Inc. 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
tMr. Edmund H, Umberger *34 
Hon. and Mrs, John Walter *53, '57 
TDr. Mervie R Welty '26 
Mr. Charles W Wolfe '44 
tMr. Edwin H.Zeigler 17 

Leadership Share 

Dr. John B. Alrwein '56 
Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
Mrs. Mary Albert Attick *40 
Mr.t and Mrs. John K. Bashore 
Mrs. Ethel A. Beittel 

t Deceased 


Ms. Katherine J* Bishop 

John H. Boger & Son* Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador A. Botello '36 

Richard and Pauline Charles 

Mr. and Mrs. Willis R. Christman 

f Mr. Edward Cohen 

Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

Dr. Hilde M. Damus 

Dauphin Deposit Corporation 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle *51 

Mr. David S. Etter '50 

Farmers Trust Bank 

Lr, Col, and Mrs. James T. Frantz '33 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Mr. Donald S. Gingrich *52 

f Dr. Alvin k. Grove '36 

Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Hartman '48 

Dr. and Mrs. Rex A. Herbert 72 

Mrs. June E. Herr "34 

Drs. William G, and Charlotte R. 

Jones "50, '50 
Missjohann L Klick '45 
Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. 
Lebanon Mutual Foundation 
Lebanon Valley Cable TV Company 
Lebanon Valley College 

AuxiUary~AnnvilIe Branch 
Mr Ted Lyter 71 
f Mrs. E W McGill 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph C. Mesics 
Dr. Harry K. Miller, Jr. '43 
Mr John F. Onofrey *64 
Mr, Gerald J, Petrofes 
Dr. S. Elizabeth Piel 
tDr, Robert C. Riley 
Mr. and Mrs, Stephen H. Roberts '65, 

Mr. George F. Sandel 
Mr. John A. Schoch 72 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay *42 
The John Frederick Steinman 

Dr. and Mrs, Samuel D, Ulrich *33 
Dr. David H. Wallace '50 
Mr. Lloyd M. Weber '30 
Wengertfc Dairy, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs, E. D, Williams Jr. 
Mr, and Mrs. Samuel A. Willman '67 » 

Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 
Mr and Mrs. John L, Witmer 
Dr. Thomas W, Wolf 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Yost '62, '62 

Fellowship Share 

ALCOA Foundation 

Miss Florence E. Bamhart '47 

Boscov's Department Store 

Derek & Edson Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Farling '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Austin C Geiling '45 

Henise Tire Service 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Morgan '31 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83 

Mr, and Mrs, Clair W Noll '55, '57 

Ms. Bonnie L. West 

Sustaining Share 

Dr, Robert J. Andreozzi '63 
Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. ,74 and 

David A. Hoffman, M.D. 
Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Bains '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Boyer 75 t 76 

Mr, and Mrs. William J. Brown 79 
Attorney and Mrs. Bemerd A, Buzgon 

D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company 

and Travel Agency 
Mr. and Mrs, James K, Davis '50, '42 
Mr, and Mrs, Wesley T, Dellinger 75, 

Mr, and Mrs. Warren D. Ditzler '68, '68 
Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc, 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Frantz *43, 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F, Fullam '80, '81 
Mr. and Mrs, Rufus Fulton, Jr. 
Arthur Funk &r Sons, Inc. 
Mr. Glenn L, Hall'49 
Mr, and Mrs, A, L Hanford, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan V Hearsey '83 
Dr, Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Mr, and Mrs, Sigmund Hyman 
Joel, Inc. 

Mrs. Lois G. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs, Jack KaufFman '67, '67 
Laysers Flowers, Inc. 
Mr. Donald C. Uyser '52 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs. George R. Marquette 

'48, '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. McKinley '69 
Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G, Phillips 
Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 
Attorney and Mrs. James T. Reilly 

'61, ^1 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Dr. and Mrs. C, Richard Schott '67 
Dr. and Mrs, Daniel L Shearer '38, "36 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 
Dr. Sterling E Strause '52 
Mr. and Mrs, Clifford J, Wengert '53 
York Container Company 
Mrs, Grace K. Zerbe '30 

Investment Share 

Dr. Bruce A. Albert 70 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Arthur '80 

Ms. Andrea E. Bromberg 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty 

'52, '52 
Attorney and Mrs. Philip H. Feather 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T, Frey '39, '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Attorney and Mrs, Arthur L, Goldberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Hartranft *58, 

Mrs, M. Louise Hess 78 
Dr. Paul E. Horn '40 
Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Jones '56, '57 
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. KaufFman '44, '46 
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kearney 
Mrs. Margaret A. Lahr 
Mr. and Mrs, H. Lee Moyer '62 
Bob and Sue Mrazik 79, '80 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Mull + 55, '55 
Mr. Walter L Ness '27 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 
Mr. Daniel L. Newman 
Ono Transport Services 
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Plummer, Jr. 

Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 

Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mr Robert A. Riley 

Mr. Frank A. and Dr. Gail E. Ritrievi 

'54, '54 
Mrs. Shirley C Rothenberg '43 
Dr. and Mrs. James W Scott 
Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. 
Mrs, Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 
Mr. and Mrs.t John F. Swope *42 
Mark H. and Charlotte O. Tice 
Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 
Mrs. Joanna L. Wagner '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weinel '58 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilhelm '50, '49 
Dr, and Mrs, J. Dennis Williams 
Dr. and Mrs. Allan F. Wolfe 
Jim and Nancy Wolfe '58 
Rev. and Mrs. D. Darrell Woomer 

Loyalty Share 

American Federation of Musicians 

Ms. Lois L Adams *52 

Mr. Paul B. Baker 79 

Mrs. Tracy E. Allgier-Baker 79 

Mr. Edward R. Bachman '37 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Larry Bachtell '67, '69 

Ms. Betty V. Bartels '44 

Mr, Richard L. Bashore *64 

Rev, Lloyd E. Beamesderfer '39 

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bering '52 

Mrs. Karen D. Best 

Mr. James R. Biery 70 

Dr, and Mrs, Philip A. Billings 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blouch '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bomgardner 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A, Bomgardner 

Mr. Harry L. Brickerjr. '50 
Rev and Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. C Paul Brubaker, Jr. 
Butler Manufacturing Company 
Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 
Mr. and Mrs, John W. Byers 
Dr. Thomas B. Carmany '58 
Mr. Scott V. Carney 78 
Mrs. Beatrice F Cassel 
Rev. Richard L. Cassel '60 
Mrs. Irene R. Christman '39 
Mr. and Mrs. George Chronister 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Clark *64 
Mr. Samuel K. Clark '27 
Dr, Richard D. Cornelius 
Col, and Mrs, Sanders A. Conner '55 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert P Crist '44 
Dr. and Mrs, Salvatore S, Cullari 
Dr. and Mrs, George D, Curfman *53, 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A, Day 
Mr. John B, Deamer, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Dehart '68, '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dekle, Sn 
Drs. Richard E. and Barbara J, 

Mrs, Alice S, Diehl 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph B. Dietz *60, '61 
Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Dobbs *42, '42 
Mr. Michael and Dr, Phylis C. 

Mr, Roger L. Dundore *55 
Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler '52 
Mrs. Iva Gaire Edwards '36 

Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Mr. Robert L. Enders '55 

Ms. Cynthia L. Evans 73 

Mr. David C; Evans 

Mr. Dale H. Everhart 76 

Mrs. Elaine Feather 

Mrs. Cordelia S. Felder '37 

Dr. Jay A. Felty '54 

Dr. and Mrs, Arthur L. Ford '59 

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L Funck '49 

Mr. Stanley A. Furmanak 

Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq., 73 

Mr. and Mr. Thaddeus Glembocki 

Dr. David W Gockley '42 

Mr. Ronald K, Good 

Mr. D. John Grace Jr. '55 

Ms. Dorothy L Gray '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Greenawalt '49 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A, Grella 

Mr. Martin J. Grochowski '54 

Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Grosky '57, '60 

Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan *39 

Mrs. Lois H. Guise '37 

Mrs. Joyce H. Gundrum 72 

Mr, Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. 71 

Dr. and Mrs. William Hallahan 

Dr, Carolyn R. Hanes 

Mr, Robert E. Hamish 

Mr. and Mrs, Russell C. Hatz '37, '36 

Dr, Robert H, Hearson 

Mrs, Doris C. Heck '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Heisey 
Mrs, Sharon S. Herr '66 
Mr. Raymond C. Hess *41 
Dr. Jeanne C Hey 
High Foundation 
Mr. Andrew C Hildebrand '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Hoff '46 
Mr. Donald R. Hofler H9 
Dr. John B. Hoffman '59 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hollich '65, '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E, Hom *66> '65 
Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 
Mr. David C. Hostetter 72 
Ms. Ruth C Keene '39 
Mrs. Mildred R. Keiser '41 
Mrs, Margaret L Kem '34 
Mr. and Mrs, William H, Kiick '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Koons '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff 
Mr. Steven R, Kreamer 
Mrs. Charlene R. Kreider 
Rev. and Mrs. W Franklin Lantz '57, 

Mr. and Mrs, Joseph E. Lauver, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Layser '59, '59 
Mr. and Mrs, Jesse S. Lenker '40 
Ms. Terri G. Lloyd 
Dr. Theodore K. Long '35 
Mrs. Barbara A. Longenecker 
Mr. Darryl R. Loose '86 
Dr. Jean O. Love 
Mr. and Mrs. George Lovell, Jr. 
Ms, Karen L. Mackrides '87 
Dr. and Mrs. Joerg W Mayer 75 
Mr and Mrs. John R. McFadden *68 
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert McKlveen 
Mr. Larry M. Mentzer '59 
Mr, and Mrs. Carl E. Miller '65 
Mr. Charles R. Miller '47 
Mrs. Leann R. Miller '63 
Mr, Richard L, Miller, Jr. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 35 

Dr, and Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P Monos 

Mr. and Mrs, Glenn E. Moore 72/68 

Mr and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 

Mr Chester Q. Mosteller 75 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 

Mrs. Geraldine R, Nease "50 

Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

Mr David W. Newell 

Dr, John D, Norton 

Mr. James G. Novinger '59 

Mr. Douglas L. Nyce '89 

Mr. J. Robert and Dr, Agnes B. 

Mr, Ben D, Oreskovich 
Dr, and Mrs. R. Howard Paine '43 
Ms. Jane M. Paluda 
Ms, Judy L. Pehrson 
Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts 
Mr, and Mrs. James M. Perry 
Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer '57 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pleet 
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pocius 
Dr. arid Mrs. Sidney Pollack 
Dr. and Mrs. Barney X Raffield 
Mrs. Harriet M. Ranck 
Mr. and Mrs, Ralph C Reese 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S, Riehl '83, 79 
Mrs, Sarah E. Sandy '46 
Mr. Carl E Sayers '64 
Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Schott 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Seidel '62, '63 
Capt. Marlin D. and Nancy D, Seiders 

'47, '52 
Mr. George D. Shaak '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer 70, *69 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta '52, '51 
Mrs. Adora R. Sholley '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith '95 
Dr. John S, Snoke 78 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A, Sorrentino '34, 

Mr. Frank R. Sourbeer 72 
Mrs. Julia A. Spangler '54 
Mr. Calvin D. Spitler '38 
Mr. Allen W Steffy'35 
Stevens &r Lee 
Miss Evalyn M. Strickler '39 
Mr, Thomas M, Strohman 75 
Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Summers 
Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Tesnar '52, *51 
Dr. and Mrs. David G, Thompson 

'65, '67 
Mr. and Mrs, Warren K, Thompson 
Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 
Dr, and Mrs. David $. Todoroff '80, '80 
Dr. and Mrs. C.E Joseph Tom 
Miss Evelyn Toser '52 
Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar '68 
Trefsgar & Company Inc. 
Dr. and Mrs, John D. Walmer '38, '37 
Mr. Leonard and Dr. Albertine 

Mr. and Mrs. lynn R. Wenger '92 
John and Marie Wengert 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wieman '69 
Mr, and Mrs. Robert Wonderling 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Woods '51 
Mr. John L. Worrilow 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Yingst 
Dr. Ralph E. Yingst *55 
Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 
Dr. and Mrs. t Harry W Zechman '30 
Rev, Esther R. Ziegler 78 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry 1, Ziegler '57, '58 
Mr. Eugene W Zimmerman '56 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

'64, '65 
Mr. Joel H. Zinn '60 

Other Gifts 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Acomley 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M, Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M, Adler 

Mrs. Fredericka L Albert *42 

Mr. Brian Anderson 

Mrs. Sharon D. Arnold 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

Rev. and Mrs. Wayde V. Atwell '59 

Mrs. Susan R. Aungst 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E, Ayers 

Rev Michael A. Baal 79 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Barna 

Mr. and Mrs, Paul Baruka 

Mr. Charles M. Belmer '40 

Rev. and Mrs. D. Michael Bennethum 

Dr. Anthony K. Bering '52 
Best Locking Systems of 

Philadelphia, Inc. 
Mr. Alden G. Biely '52 
Dr. John A. Biever '69 
Mrs. Irene S. Bigler '41 
Mrs. Kathie D. Bittenbender 76 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Black 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bleyzgis 
Mr. Arthur I. Bodden '49 
Mr, and Mrs. Donald L. Boeshore 
Mr. Russell J, Boeshore '59 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bogart 
Mr, and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Bohn '80, 79 
Mr. and Mrs. James L Bohr 
Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 
Mr, and Mrs. Dwight W Bomberger 
Ms. Susan Bonfanti '89 
Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni 
Mr. Donald C. Boone 
Mrs. Susan K. Borelli-Wentzel 
Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bowman 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Brandt 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Brandt 
Dr. Gary N. Brauner '67 
Ms. Kathryn E. Brehm '42 
Mr, Mark A. Brezitski 
Mrs, Donna L. Brickley 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brignole, II 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brimmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Bross 
Mrs. Kathleen L. Brown 
Mrs. Linda B. Brown '69 
Rev. Patricia D. Brown 
Ms. Rebecca M. Brown '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Brown '88 
Mrs. Jo Lynn B rummer 
Mr, and Mrs, Andrew Bubnis 
Mr, and Mrs. Carl E. Burger 
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Newton M. Burgner 

'32, '43 
Ms, Sarah J. Burke 
Mrs. Ruth C Burkhart '33 
Mr. Ralph H, Buys '66 
Dr. and Mrs, Donald Byrne, Jr. 
Dr, and Mrs. Vborhis C Cantrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert l. Cappella 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W Capriotti 
Mr. and Mrs. Florian W Cassady '40, 


Dr. Sharon F Clark 

Mrs. Keeta Kay Cole 70 

Mr. and Mrs. Clement Concodora 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T, Coval 

Mr. and Mrs, Gary A. Crissman 

Mr. and Mrs, Philip O. Cuddy 

Dr. Donald B. Dahiberg 

Mr. and Mrs, Paul A, Pamms 

Mrs. Ruth F. Daniels 73 

Mr, Stanley M. Daniels '63 

Mr. Robert R. Daub, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan A. Daubert *49 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Davtdon 

Mr, and Mrs. Michael L, Davidson 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dean 

Mr. and Mrs, J. Stanley Deck '40, '40 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl L, Derr '47, '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Diamond 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J, Dillane 77, 77 

Mr. Robert E, Dinsmore '40 

Dr. Deanna L. Dodson 

Mr. Edward A. Doe '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Debbie P. Dolbow '80 

Mr. and Dr. Henry G. Douglass '58, '56 

Mr. Harry L Drendall '42 

Mr. and Mrs. James P Duck 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Dupler '39 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Y, Ehrhart '40 

Mrs. Lynell S. Engelmyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Enterline *65, "65 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Epting 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Erie 

Dr, Dale J. Erskine 

Col. and Mrs, William F Etchberger 

'35 t '39 
Mr. and Mrs, Mark Evans 
Mr. Lloyd O. Evans '53 
Mr. Robert B. Evans '67 
Mr. Samuel D. Evans '24 
Mrs. Elizabeth K, Ewen '43 
Mrs. Candice W Falger 
Dr. Dana S. Felty '80 
Mr. Robert R. Fischer '51 
Mr. and Mrs, Patrick J. Flannery 
Ms. Carol Foura 
Mrs. Deborah $. Freer 71 
Dr. Michael D. Fry 
Mr and Mrs. Michael Gallagher 
Mrs. Beverly J, Gamble 
GE Environmental Systems 
Dr. and Mrs. Pierce A, Getz '51 
Ms. NormaJ.Gibble'92 
Dr.t and Mrs. Donald J. Glen '42* '42 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Golias 
Mr. and Mrs. Parke H. Good 
Mr. and Mrs. John C Goodhart 
Mr. Jack D. Gramm '51 
Dr, and Mrs. Robert A. Gray '63, '63 
Mrs. Susan M, Greenawalt 
Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gut 
Mr. William E, Haak 
Mr, and Mrs, Gary R. Haas 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hahn 
Mrs, Betty Z. Hallman '51 
Mr. and Mrs. David Hallman 
Mr, Robert G, Hamilton 72 
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hand 
Mrs. Nancy J. Hartman 
Ms. Pat Hartranft 
Miss Dorothy R. Hartz '33 
Hauck Manufacturing Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C Hays '61, '66 

Dr. John H. Heffner *68 and Dr, Diane 

M. Iglesias 
Dr. Paul A. Heise 
Mrs. Dorothy S, Heisey '49 
Dr. Terry M. Heisey 73 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Helms 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Helmuth 
Mrs. Gail E Henschke 72 
Mr, and Mrs. Richard Hess 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Heydt 
Mr. Delbert W. Hiestand 
Mr. and Mrs, Ronald G. Hirm 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M, Hillegas 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hivner '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hixon 
Mr, and Mrs. Edward J. Hodacz 
Dr. and Mrs, Charles 1. Hoffman *37 
Mr. Gregory J, Holler 76 
Mr, and Mrs. Robert E, Hollinger 
Mr, and Mrs. Robert Horn 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W, Houck 
Mrs. Esther W Hovis '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J, Howard 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Frederick Huber '40 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A Hughes 
Mrs. Virginia G. Hunsicker '42 
Mrs. Judith A, Hunter 70 
Dr. Barry L. Hurst 
Rev. Stanley F Imboden *55 
Mrs. Pauline S. Jacoby '42 
Ms. Athanasia Johnson 74 
Mrs. Maria W. Jones 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Joyce 
Mr. and Mrs. Phil W. Kampf 
Mr. George A, Katchmer '40 
Mrs. Frances E. Kauffman '41 
Ms. Peg Ann Kauffman 
Dr. Ruth Wilson Kauffman 73 
Mr, and Mrs, Timothy L. Keiser 
Mrs. Shirley M. Kelley 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kellogg 
Mrs. Doris L. Ketner '50 
Mrs. Mary Ellen E. Kinch '49 
Ms. Julie A, Kissinger '86 
Mrs. Mary G. Kkinfelter '49 
Ms. Rachel E Kline '83 
Dr. Robert M. Kline '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kohr 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Kopp 
CoL and Mrs. John T. Kramers 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Krause 
Mr. John W, Kreamer *38 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kruzel 
Mrs. G. Roz Kujovsky 
Ms. Phyllis A. Kulikowski 
Mrs, Donna D. Kuntz '67 
Mrs. Nancy S, Kurtansky 
Mr. John M. Lafferty '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lanese 
Mrs, Patricia A. Laudermilch '93 
Mr. Harvey W Lausch 
Mr, and Mrs. Mark Leahy 
Mr, and Mrs. Mervin K. Lentz '66 
Mrs. Deborah L, Lerchen 
Mrs. Diana L. Levengood 
Mr, Kenneth L. Lewis, Jr. *93 
Mr, and Mrs, John H. light '48, *50 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. linkous *51 
Dr. Thomas J. Liu 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E Lorn- 
Ms. Julie A. Longenecker 
Rev Robert P. Longenecker '51 
Miss Lela W. Lopes *40 
Ms. Jennifer Y. Lowe '93 
Mr, and Mrs. Rodney Luckenbill 
Mrs. Evelyn W Lynch '41 


t Deceased 

Mr. and Mrs, Robert Mackrides *54, '55 

Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Marquette 

'49, '46 
Dr. and Mrs, Michael S, Marrone 
Mrs, Pamela B. Mathews '90 
Mr. Karl V Matter 74 
Mrs. Pauline L. Matter 30 
Mr. Jetemy H. Maurer '85 
Mr. Robert P. McCoy '49 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McElroy 
Mrs, Karen R, McLucas 
Dr, and Mrs. Mark L. Mecham 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W Meek '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mehalick 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Melocheck 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert V Meyer 
Dr. Stacie A. Micheel-Marrie '88 
Mr. Mark L, Miller '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Mitchell 
Mrs. Sandra t, Mitchell '69 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Moore 
Mrs, Elaine Z. Moyer 
Mr. William P. Mueller *42 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Myers 
Mrs. Anne T. Neely 78 
Mr, and Mrs. Stanley R. Neyer 
Ms. Joan L, Nichols 
Ms. Valerie M. Nichols 
Mr, and Mrs. Stephen M. CKane 
Mrs. Deborah O. Orbock '28 
Ms. Christine M. Patanow '90 
Mr. and Mrs, John 5. Patterson 
Mr. and Mrs. George Patton, Jr. 
Mr. Robert Paustian 
Miss Lynn J. Pennell '81 
Ms. Jennifer 5. Peters '92 
Mrs. Linda S. Petrecca 73 
Mrs. Gwendolyn W. Pierce 
Ms. Cindy A. Plasterer 
Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth J, Porter 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Powl 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J, Prock 
Drs. Jeffrey R. and Dr. Deanna Metka 

Quay '84 
Dr Ezra H. Ranck 
Ms. Christine M. Reeves 
Dr, Stuart K, Remley '49 
Mr. Gary N. Rhine '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Richardson 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Richardson '90 
Dr j. Henry Ricker '35 
Mrs. Loretta H. Risser '57 
Mrs. Charlotte J, Rittle 
Mrs. Sally A. Rivera 
Mrs. Joanna N, Roe '49 
Mr, William D. Rothermel 
Mrs. Martha K, Rudnicki '34 
Ms. Elaine M, Rydberg'82 
Ms. Gail A, Sanderson 
Mrs. Ruth C Sanford '30 
Ms. Susan Sarisky '92 
Mr, Lee W Sarka 78 
Mr David H. Schell '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Schimpf '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt 
Mr, and Mrs. Harry R, Schools 
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Scott *34 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Seidel 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel 5. Seiverling H0» 

Dr. Richard E Seiverling *42 
Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Jr. '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Shearer '69, 


Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sheetz, Jr. 

Rev William A. Sherman '63 

Mr. Robert C Shoemaker 77 

Mrs. Jacqueline E Showers 

Hon. John J, Shumaker 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Shuman 

Mrs. Pearl M. Stegel '47 

Mr, and Mrs. Roy E. Sims 

Mrs. Grace N; Sinclair '37 

Ms. Kathryn S. Skewis '63 

Mrs. Doris B. Skinkus '69 

Mrs. Rosanna B, Slayton '42 

Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. David R, Smith, Sr, 

Mrs. Dorothy E Smith '23 

Mr, and Mrs. Walter L. Smith '61, 76 

Mr, and Mrs. James L, Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Smith '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Smith '48 

Ms, June A. Steckler '91 

Mr. Carl H. Steiner 

Mr. Michael R. Steiner '67 

Mr. David E Stirling 

Dr, Joelle L* Stopkie 

Mrs. Ella K. Stott 

Mrs. Betty R. Stoudt 

Mrs. Pamela J. Stoudt 

Mrs. Nora F. Strohman '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Summers 

Mr. Daniel S. Swei^rt 77 

Dr, Dennis W Sweigart '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Swope 

Mrs. Barbara R. Taylor '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D, Tenney 

Mrs. Delia H. Thomas '23 

Dr. and Mrs. James M, Thurmond 

Mr. and Mrs. Horace W Tousley 

Mr. Stephen W. Trapnell '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Dane R. Unger 

Dr. Stephen E. Williams and Dr. 

Susan E. Verhoek 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Walters '56 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Waltz '37 
Mr. Brian D. Wassell '91 
Mr. and Mrs. Ross W Watts 
Mrs. Angela M. Weaber 
Ms. Rose Weaber 
Mr. Theodore O. Weaver '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A, Weicksel 
Mr, and Mrs. Ted E. Weitzel 
Mr, and Mrs. Dennis A. Wertz 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. White '42 
Dr. CarlTWigal 
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wilson 
Mrs. Barbara 5. Wirth 
Mrs. Marian A, Wise '50 
Mr. Ivan M, Wittel, 111 79 
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas G. Wolfgang 

'55, '54 
Mr. and Mrs, Joseph F Yake 
Mr. Frank E Yeager '66 
Mr, and Mrs. Kevin R. Yeiser 
Mr, Leon K, Yeiser 
Ms. lisa A* Yingst 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Barry Yocom '65, '67 
Mr, Joseph T Yost '69 
Mrs. Madeline R. Yundt '30 
Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Zearing 
Mr. Michael Zeigler 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 

Toward 2001 

Capital Region Campaign 


Campaign Chair 
Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Campaign Vice Chairs 

Robert A. Boyer 75 
Richard E. Harper '81 
Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Eugene W. Zimmerman '56 

Executive Committee 

James R. Biery 70 
Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 
Lois H. Guise *37 
Karen L, Mackrides *87 
Robert Mackrides '54 
Joanna N. Roe '49 
Daniel S. Seiverling '40 
Barbara R. Taylor *54 

General Committee Members 

Harry L. Brickerjr., Esq., '50 

Andrea Bromberg 

Gary A, Crissman 

Iva Claire Edwards '36 

Melvin Hostetter '53 

Jesse Lenker '40 

Evelyn W Lynch '41 

Adora Sholky '55 

Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich '33 

Lancaster Region Campaign 

Campaign Co-Chairs 

Carol A. Yost '62 
Harry B. Yost '62 

Campaign Vice Chairs 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
Robert E. Horn '66 
Robert C Shoemaker 77 
Larry LZiegler '57 
Mary Ellen Ziegler '58 

General Committee Members 

M, Louise Hess 78 
David C, Hostetter 72 
Rev. W Franklin Lantz '57 
June L, Lantz *57 
Sara E + Linkous '51 
Timothy Long '82 
Charles R. Seidel *62 
Sarah L, Seidel '63 
Stephen W Trapnell '90 
Charles W Wolfe '44 
Betty Jane Wolfgang '54 
Thomas G. Wolfgang '55 

Reading Area Campaign 

Campaign Co^hairs 
Clair W Noll '55 
Jeanne C Noll '57 

Campaign Vice Chairs 

Georgianne E Jones '57 
Lawrence E. Jones '56 
Dr. Gene R. Layser '59 
Marilyn K. Layser '59 
Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 

General Committee Members 

Barbara K, Baker '48 
Robert E, Baker '49 
Dr. Robert A. Gray '63 
Dianne E. Gray '63 
Doris L, Ketner '50 

Greater Philadelphia Area 
Campaign Volunteers 

Campaign Co-Chairs 

Janet : 3L. Roberts '68 
Stephen H, Roberts '65 

Campaign Vice Chairs 

Carol E. Ditzler '68 
Warren D. Ditzler '68 
Kenneth E. Gilberg 73 
William H. Phifer 74 
John A. Schoch 72 
Dr. Richard Schott '67 

General Committee Members 

D. Urry Bachtell '67 
Stephanie M. Butter '87 
Dr Robert M. Daugherty *52 
David J. Fading '56 
Susan S. Fitzpatrick '80 
Louis J, Fitzpatrick, 111 '81 
Martin J. Grochowski '54 
Beth A, Hertz '80 
Jack Kauffman '67 
Ann M. Kauffman *67 
Alfred!, Perelh\Jr/80 
C Linda Richters 76 
Carl F. Sayers '64 
Sandra StoufFer *62 

Parents Phonathon Volunteers 

Cheryl Auman, P'98 

Carol and John Byers, P'97 

Catherine Crissman '94 

Helen Crissman, P'94 

Barry Demmy, PW 

Lisa Epting '98 

Bill and Lynn Kiick '57, P'97 

Rayanne Behney Lehman *67, P'96 

Mary Lohr, P'95 

Tom Shatto '68, P'92, P'96 

Peter and Donna Stanilla '65, P'96 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 37 


Andrew Ashton *96 was 
named a Presser Scholar for 
his outstanding academic 
achievements. The award, 
presented by the Theodore 
Presser Foundation* is given 
annually to an upcoming 
senior music major with the 
highest cumulative grade 
point average, Ashton is 
pursuing a double major in 
music education and music 
with an emphasis in theory 
and composition. He believes 
his future plans will probably 
include relocating to Los 
Angeles, where he hopes to 
go into film and television 


A special word of thanks to 
those volunteers who have 
helped to make the 1994-95 
year a success. 

Annual Fund Chairpersons 

Alumni: Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 75 
Business: Ms. Lee Glowacki 
Faculty and Staff: Dr. Bryan V 

Friends: Mr. Leonard H. Schott 
Parents: Rev. M. Thomas Shatto '68, 

'68, P'92, P'96 

Alumni Association Council 

Mr. John A. Schoch 72, President 
Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74, 1st Vice 

Dr. David S. Todoroff '80, 2nd Vice 

Mr. George M. Reider '63, Secretary 
Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson '67 
Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer '39 

Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 

Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh '80 

Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. '81 

Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 75 

Mr. Brad Dukehart '95 

Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg 73 

Ms. Joda Glossner '95 

Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 

Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67 

Mr. Anthony T Leach 73 

Mr. Dick London '65 

Mrs. Karen L. Mackrides '87 

Mr. John R. McFadden '68 

Dr. Deanna Metka Quay '84 

Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 

Mr. Samuel A, Willman '67 

Alumni Association 

Ambassador Committee 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz '67, Chair 

Athletic Booster Committee 

Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson '67, Chair 

Mr. Charles B. Belmer '40 

Mr. Bruce R. Decker '69 

Mr. Henry A. Dijohnson '50 

Ms. Cindy Fabian 79 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Dr. George R. Marquette '48 

Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 79 

Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 

Awards Committee 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74, Chair 

Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

Dr. Edna Jenkins Carmean '59 

Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Dr. George R. Marquette '48 

Mr. John R. McFadden '68 

Mr. John W Metka '60 

Dr. H. Anthony Neidig *43 

Dr. Agnes B. O'Donnell 

Mr. George M. Reider '63 

Mrs. Jane Gruber Seiverling '43 

Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

Dr. David G. Thompson *65 

Dr. David S. Todoroff '80 

Hon. John Walter '53 

Career Planning Committee 

Mr. Dick London '65, Chair 
Robert D. Ambrose '92 
Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh '80 
Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. '81 
Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 75 
Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg 73 
Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58 
Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 
Mr. Anthony T Leach 73 

Continuing Education Committee 

Ms. M. Dianne Baumgardner '89 
Ms. Audrey 1. Boltz '92 

Ms. Susan Bonfanti '89 

Mr. Darwin L. Guyer '92 

Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 

Ms. Joan Marsan Johnsen '94 

Ms. Kathleen M. Kiskis '93 

Ms. Rachel E. Kline '83 

Mr. Jeremy H. Maurer '85 

Mr. William G. Sones '94 

Ms. Nancy J. Strohm '90 

Mrs. Marcella Packard Wagner '94 

Events Committee 

Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81, Chair 

Mr. Charles M. Belmer '40 

Rev Lloyd E. Beamesderfer '39 

Mrs. Frances Shroyer Bova '54 

Mr. Richard E. Harper '81 

Mr. Frank L. Heilman, Jr. '93 

Ms. Karen L. Mackrides *87 

Dr. Deanna Metka Quay '84 

Mr. John A. Schoch 72 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Nominating Committee 

Dr. Michael P Hottenstein '58, Chair 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87 

Mr Stephen H. Roberts '65 

Mr. John A. Schoch 72 

Mr. Samuel A. Willman '67 

Regional Activities Committee 

Dr. David S. Todoroff '80, Chair 
Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 
Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh '80 
Mrs. Helen Felty Heidelbaugh '90 
Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87 
Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides '55 
Mr. George M. Reider '63 

Recource Development Committee 

Mr. George M. Reider '63, Chair 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Mr. John R. McFadden '68 

Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 

Mr. John A. Schoch 72 

Scholarship Committee 

Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 74, Chair 
Miss Florence E. Barnhart '47 
Mrs. Frances Shroyer Bova '54 
Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam '81 
Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling '40 
Mrs. Jane Gruber Seiverling '43 
Dr. David G. Thompson '65 
Mr. Brian D.Wassell'91 

Advancement Office Support 
Mr. Glenn H.Woods '51 

Parents Council 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Aikens, P'96 
Mr. and Mrs. John Byers, P'97 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Crissman, P'94 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Euclide, P'95 
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hellem, P'95 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Highland, 
Jr., P'96 

Dr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs, 
Mr. and Mrs. 

Rev. & Mrs 

'68, P'92 
Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs 

Sr., P'97 

W Jeffrey Hurst, P'95 
William H. Kiick '57, 

. George L. Merz, P'96 
. John D. Rightnour, 

M. Thomas Shatto '68, 


. Peter A. Stanilla,Jr. '65, 

Arthur W Vespignani, 

Alumni Chapter Leadership 

Pennsylvania Capital Area 

Mrs. M. Diane Baumgardner '89 

Mr. Harry L. Bricker, Jr. '50 

Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise '37 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin '53 

Mr. Richard E. Harper '81 

Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 

Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides '55 

Mr. Robert Mackrides '54 

Mr. Albeit H. Morrison '43 

Dr. David S, Todoroff '80 

Lancaster Area 

Mr. Glen M. Bootay '87 
Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 
Rev. Stanley F Imboden '55 
Mrs. June Lykens Lantz '57 
Rev W Franklin Lantz '57 
Mrs. Sara Etzweiler Linkous '51 
Mr. Alfred E. Mareejr. 79 
Mr. Stephen W Trapnell '90 
Mr. Brian D.WasseH'91 
Mr. Larry L. Ziegler '57 
Mrs. Mary Ellen Risser Ziegler '58 

Philadelphia Area 

Ms. Bryna L. Vandergrift '89 
Ms. Stefanie L. Wilds '90 

York Area 

Mr. Charles W Tome '49 

Mrs. Sidney Garverich Tome '50 

Tokyo, Japan 

Kiyofumi Sakaguchi '67 

Reunion Volunteers 

Class of 1940 

Mrs. Mary Albeit Attick 

Mr. Charles M. Belmer 

Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

Mrs. Kathryn Zwally Haverstick 

Mr. David F Lenker 

Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 

Mrs. Christine Kreider Schott 

Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling 

Class of 1945 

Mrs. Norma Kiscadden Daihl 
Mrs. Mary Jane Brown Fitz 
Mrs. Evelyn Heister Frick 
Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling 
Miss Yvonne L. Raab 
Mrs. Sarah Koury Zimmerman 

t Deceased 


Class of 1950 
Mr. J. Ellis Wood 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley 

Class of 1960 
Mr. John W. Metka 

Class of 1965 

Ms. Virginia D. Bergey 
Mr. George J. Hollich,Jr. 
Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 
Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 
Mr. Dennis C. Schmid 
Dr. David G. Thompson 

Class of 1970 

Dr. Bruce A. Albert 
Mrs. Keeta K. Wolfe Cole 
Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 

Class of 1975 

Mrs. Marcia Smith Brenner 
Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 
Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 
Mrs. Eileen Briggs DiRaddo 
Mrs. Dixie Dry bread -Erdman 
Mr. Allan Z. Roth 
Mr. Thomas H. Sheaffer 
Mrs. Cynthia Albright Ward 

Class of 1980 

Mr. Eugene F. Barry 
Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh 
Mr. Walter F. Fullam 
Dr. David S. Todoroff 

Class of 1985 

Mrs. Wendy Carter DiRico 
Mr. Stephen R Lefurge 
Mrs. Mary Seitz Mamet 
Mr. Joseph R. Rotunda 
Mrs. Terri Roach Rotunda 

Class of 1990 

Mrs. Amy Schmid Deardorff 
Mr. Benjamin A. Deardorff 

Class of 1995 Senior Gift 
Drive Volunteers 

RoniJ. Russell 


Deborah A, Bullock 
Matthew S. Campbell 
Dana M. Centofanti 
Ross A. DeNisco 
Kent E. Heberlig 
Barbara L Jankowski 
Cynthia L Lerch 
Richard D. Ragno 
Robert T. Shaffer 
Howard L. Spangler, Jr. 
Barrie L. Stoudt 
Claudia E. Wehbe 


Tara A. Benecoff 
Richard D. Bruggeman 
Donna M. Centofanti 
Susan Delgado 
Brad J. Dukehart 
Hal M. Fero 
Julia A. Foose 
Joda L. Glossner 
Daniel T. Hahn 
Heather L. Harbaugh 
Deborah S. Heidlauf 
Rachelle L. Kindig 
Brad A. Krock 
Jennifer S. Lightner 
Bridget A. Lohr 
Scott A. Mongo 
Daniel R. Neyer 
Michael T Peachey 
Michael R Putnam 
Danielle E. Vernet 

Student Phonathon Workers 


Suzanne E. Enterline '96 
Shannon L. Weller '95 


Regina E. Cocco '97 
Corrina L. Doerge '97 
Lisa M. Epting '98 
Brian C. Hughes '97 
Angela M. Kramer '98 
Brian J. Kruzel'98 
David K. Leahy '98 
Karen M. Neal '97 
Rachael M. Rascoe *98 
Melissa A. Reiss '96 
Jodie L. Smith '96 

Memorial Gifts 


Mrs. Doris K. Allen '67 

Mr. Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. 36 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F Beck 

Ms. Jean E. Bedger '47 

Ms. Virginia D. Bergey '65 

Mr. Larry A. Bowman 70 

Mr. George J. Cardone '54 

Mrs. Marian U. Cams '45 

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Carpenter '60, 

Mr. M. Delmar Cook '58 
Mrs. Nancy D. Conner '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Curtis 73, 74 
Mr. John W. Davis '64 
Mr. and Mrs. William F DeLiberty 

'59, '61 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. DeLong '51/51 
Mr. Herbert A. Eckenroth '49 
Dr. Daniel W Fasnacht '52 
Dr. and Mrs. Jay A. Felty '54 
Mr. Vernon M. Fickes '47 
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Fields '54 
Dr. Hiram E. Fitzgerald '62 
Mr. Richard M. Furda '53 
Mr. Dennis P. Gagnon '66 
Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling '49 
Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz '53, '82 

Ms. Susan J. Green '67 

Dr. James E. Gregg '50 

Mr. William A. Grove '65 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R Hague '68, 71 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Q. Hall '61 

Ms. Mary-Ann Halladay '67 

Mrs. Louise G. Harris '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Heckman *50 

Ned and Linda Heindel '59, '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Mr. Lloyd R. Helt 70 

Mr. Richard B- Hiler '64 

Mrs. Jeanne W Hoerner '45 

Mrs. Mary E. Hoffman '48 

Mr. Richard C. Hoffman '66 

Mr. Marlin Houck '64 

Rev. William A. Hower '59 

Dr. David P lngalls '67 

Mrs. Nancy A. lnners '52 

Mr. George A. Katchmer '40 

Dr. George M. Knobl '52 

Mr. Howard F Lebegern '49 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Light '48, '50 

Mrs. Verna C. Loftus '45 

Dr. George T. Loose '66 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig'65 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Marino '46 

Dr. and Mrs. George R. Marquette 

'48, '51 
Mr. Carl L. Marshall '69 
Mr. Robert J. Martalus '67 
Mr. Harry N. Matala '43 
Mrs. Carol A. McCall 70 
Mr. Robert P McCoy '49 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch'57 
Mr. and Dr. Max R. McVay '48 
Dr. Frederick Meiselman '61 
Ms. Anita J. Meiser 71 
Mr. Larry M. Mentzer '59 
Mr. John W Metka '60 
Mr. George R. Moyer '69 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer '68 
Mr. Barrett E. Oxley '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Penturelli 

'48, '49 
Dr. Jackson G. Perry '58 
Mrs. Jane R. Pope '49 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Reider '63 
Ms. Fay-Ann W. Reynolds '55 
Mrs. Jeanne H. Russell '50 
Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford '48 
Mrs. Verna K. Schenker '43 
Mr. Henry W Schmalzer '47 
Dr. and Mrs. Warren B. Silliman '43, 

Mrs. Carol J. Smith '54 
tMr. George S. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Smith '48 
Mr. Stanley A. Snavely '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Snook '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Sorrentino '54, 

Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C Souders '44, '45 
Mrs. Elaine F. Stepanek '48 
Mrs. Mary A. Stewart '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tome '49, '50 
Mr. Mark R. Treftz '65 
Mrs. Diane D. Usas 72 
Ms. Barbara A. Wagner '68 
Mrs. Marilyn G. Wagner '67 
Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 
Mrs. Linda S. Weeks '69 
Col. Roy A. Weidman '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Weinel '58 
Mrs. Dorothy Z. Werst '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Wert '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Willman '67, 

Mr. Charles W. Wolfe '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison D. Woodruff 

'65, '65 
Mrs. Diane R. Woodward '52 
Bishop and Mrs. Joseph H. Yeakel 

'49, '49 
Mr. Joseph T. Yost '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L Ziegler '57, '58 


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C Mesics 


Mr. John A. Schoch 72 


Atty. and Mrs. Bernerd A. Buzgon '59 

Mrs. Louise Stoner Shaffer '38 


Mr.t and Mrs. Charles R. Poad 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, 


Mr. John A. Schoch 72 


tDr. Robert C. Riley 


Mrs. Lucille Gollam Byerly '40 


Dr. and Mrs. William F Lenker 


Mr. and Mrs. Henry F Conrad 
Mt. Harmony Elementary School 


Mr. Joseph W McCulloch 
Mrs. Nancy E. Moyer-McCulloch 
Dr. John H. Moyer '39 
Mr. Robert P Tschop '39 


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey '39, '39 


Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

Mr. Daniel L. Newman 


Mr. and Mrs. John R. Freeland 

Ms. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 


Mr. Donald K. Anglemeyer '50 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Clemm 

Mrs. Iva Claire Edwards '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodemote 

Mr. Sydney Grobman 

Ms. E. Marie Handley 

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis R. McCracken '6 1 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 39 


Joda Glossner *95 was 
awarded a $5,000 NCAA 
Postgraduate Scholarship in 
recognition of her academic 
and athletic achievement. 
Glossner, who earned 12 
letters as a member of the 
college's field hockey, women's 
basketball and softball teams, 
is the first Lebanon Valley 
student-athlete to achieve this 
prestigious honor from the 
NCAA. She has targeted the 
fall of 1996 as a starting 
point to begin a yearlong 
venture to pursue a master's 
degree in education with a 
specialization in intercultural 
communication. She plans to 
acquire a TESOL (Teaching 
English as a Second Language) 
certificate, and eventually to 
teach on the collegiate level. 

Mrs. Marion Miller 

Mr. Russell L. Neiswender 

Mrs. John Ruggiero 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Schmalzer '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Sorrentino '54, 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Stewart 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 33 
Mr. R. E. Wheat 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Karl Baker 

Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Y. Ehrhart '40 

Ms. Ruby Ellery 

Ms. Janet Grun 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Hartman 

Mr. and Mrs. Ethmer J. Hazen 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Keiser 

Mr. Paul H. Kettering 

Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Harold J. Lavell 

Mrs. Mary W. Lutz '46 

Mrs. Marion Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Allan W Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Olsen 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 

Mrs. Gwendolyn W Pierce 

tDr. Robert C. Riley 

Ms. Rose A. Rippon 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample '52 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Ms. Marguerite R. Siverling 

Ms. Katherine K. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Sponaugle 

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Stinchcomb 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stock 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Ms. Mabel T. Toombs 

Mr. and Mrs. William Van Kleunen 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian O. Wagaman 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer '38, '37 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Wevodau 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Young 


Ms. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gruber '36 


Mr. Patrick W Boyd 

Mrs. Anne B. Deckard 

Ms. Jeanette French 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Galley 

Ms. Eleanor Kreta 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Langille 

Mrs. Grace M. Martin 

Ms. Laura Ponticorvo 

Mrs. Margaret Rinkerman 

Ms. Mildred E. Rogers 

Mr. Robert C. and Dr. Ruth R. 

Russell '43 
Mr. John F. Swope '42 


Mr. and Mrs. Berch Haroian 


Mrs. Barbara Lenker Tredick '66 


Mr. Kirk M. Wise '79 


Mrs. Mary J. Ahalt 

Mrs. Margaret I. Zeigler '66 



Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Summers 


American Federation of Musicians 
Aunt Sukey's Choice 
Ms. Margaret K. Adams 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Alexander 

Mr. and Mrs. James Allwein 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Ayers '55, '56 

Mrs. Harriet M. Beamesderfer 

Mr. David Boltz, IV 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Bomgardner 

Ms. Anna M. Bowman 
Mr. Donald S. Boyer 
Ms. Dorothy L. Breen 
Gerald J. Brinser Family 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Burger 
Covenant United Methodist Church 

Chancel Choir 
Dr. Thomas B. Carmany '58 
Mr. Michael W Chabitnoy '63 
Dr. and Mrs. George D. Charles '51 
Mr. LeRoy E. Copenhaver '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan A. Daubert '49 
Mr. Warren F. Daugherty 
Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 
Ms. Barbara B. Donley 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Erdman 
Mr. Fredric Erdman 
Mr. James A. Erdman, II 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Erdman 77 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar T. Felty 
Mr. Ray A. Fields 
Dr. Paul G. Fisher '47 
Mr. James P Foster 
Ms. Irene K. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey 39, 39 
Mr. N. Edward Gamber 
Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Gohn 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Grimes 
Dr. and Mrs. Murray B. Grosky '57, '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Habecker 79, 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hearson 
Mr. Albert C. Heer 
Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Hoffman 
Dr. John B. Hoffman '59 
Ms. Pearl G. Hostetter 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Keefer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keller 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kindt 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. Klett 
Mrs. Edith B. Krohn 
Ms. Esther M. Krumbein 
Mr. Samuel G. Kurtz 
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Lemon '50, '50 
Mr. ArvilleG. Light, Jr. 
Mr. Frederick H. Light 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Light 
Mr. Franklin Miller 
Miss Ruth A. Miller '59 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Moyer '62 
Mr. Thomas C. Papson 
Mr. Howard B. Phillippy 
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pleet 
Richard M. Harris Enterprises, Inc. 
Mrs. Florence Reed 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Riffert 
Mark Rittel Family 
Mr. and Mrs. G. W Ruhl 
Capt. Marlin D. and Dr. Nancy D. 

Seiders '47, *52 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling '40, 

Ms. Kristen L. Sherman 
Mrs. Margaret D. Stoudt 
Mrs. Sherie A. Strohman 79 
Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 75 
Mr. and Mrs. George Swanger, Jr. 
Mr. Carl W Tobias 
Ms. Mary Greiner Wheeler 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Wolf '49, '52 
Dr. and Mrs. Allan F Wolfe 
Mr. J. Bashore Yorty '56 


Mr. J. Robert Baum 


Mrs. Christine Gruber Kreider 34 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Seiverling 

'40, '43 


Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Alderfer 


Mrs. Linda B. Becker '64 

Mrs. Jennifer Bowen-Frantz '81 

Mrs. Carol D. Brame '84 

Mrs. Sheila M. Roche-Cooper 77 

Capt. Charles T Cooper 

Mrs. Christina D. DeAngelo 77 

Rev. and Mrs. Timothy M. Dewald 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Eisenhart 

'69, '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Fullam '80, '81 
Mrs. Joanne G. Gain '59 
Mrs. June E. Hen 34 
Ms. KathyE. Kleponis '87 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Layser '59, '59 
Mrs. Nancy M. Longnecker 72 
Mrs. Diane E. Lupia 77 
Mrs. Carol S. Moffatt '68 
Mrs. Susan J. Novalsky '83 
Ms. lngrid B. Peterson '87 
Mrs. Sharon Reeves-Hazard '83 
Bruce and Janet Rismiller '59, '59 
Mrs. Martha K. Rudnicki 34 
Mrs. Y. Viola Shepherd '62 
Mrs. Joan D. Walters '61 
Deacon and Mrs. Richard W 

Wentzel '67 
Mrs. Marcia P Wilson '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Zellner '81, '81 


Mr. Douglas L. Nyce '89 


Ms. Elaine A. Benson 77 

Ms. Michelle D. Brailsford '92 

Mr. Byron E. Brought '92 

Ms. Kimberly A. Burd '88 

Dr. Salvatore S. Cullari 

Mr. Michael A. Deaven '86 

Ms. Cindy K. Fabian 79 

Mr. Shawn M. Fitzgerald '88 

Ms. Lori A. Folk '93 

Ms. Susanna J. Fowler '92 

Mr. Joseph A. Getz 79 

Ms. Joann M. Giannettino '90 

Ms. Janet K. Kelley 

Mrs. Edith B. Krohn 

Ms. Joan M. Landis '91 

Mrs. Barbara F Leer '87 

Dr. Jean O. Love 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Mailen '82, '82 

Ms. Pamela i. McKechnie '80 

Dr. Deborah D. Nelson '84 

Ms. Susan Sarisky '92 

Ms. Gloria J. Scarle 79 

Mr. Michael A. Setley 79 

Mr. Evan T. Shourds 78 


Mrs. Annette Boyles Stork '90 
Ms. Jill C. Thompson '93 
Mrs. Roselyne S. Watkins '88 


Mrs. Martha H. Wolfersberger '65 


Mr. Douglas L. Nyce '89 


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff 


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff 

Mr. Ray A. Fields 


Mrs. Ellen H. Arnold, CFRE 
Dr. and Mrs. C.F Joseph Tom 


Mr. Leslie D. Wareham 

Scholarships and 
Other Funds 

Through the years, many 
alumni, faculty and other friends 
have established endowed and 
current scholarships to remem- 
ber or honor a special individual. 
These funds provide important 
resources to assist students now 
and in future generations. 
The following descriptions are 
abridged. Most of these scholar- 
ships are for students with 
financial need. Full information 
is available from the Financial 
Aid or Advancement offices. 

ACTEX Publications: To a rising senior 
actuarial science student. 

Alumni Association: To two students 
selected by a committee from the 
executive council of the Alumni 
Association, on recommendation of 
the college administration. 

Elmer R. and Helen H, Andrews 
Memorial: Preference given to those 
preparing for church-related 

Dorothy Jean Bachman: For current 

Lillian Merle Bachman: For current 

Louis Gary Bailey: Awarded to a 
psychology major. 

E. M. Baum: For current tuition. 

Arthur and Emma Beckley: Preference 
given to pre-ministerial students. 

Andrew Bender: To an outstanding 
senior majoring in chemistry. 

Ooyd C. and Mary Bender: Preference 
to physics majors. 

Ruth E. Bender: Awarded to a worthy 
music student. 

Elizabeth Bittinger: Awarded to a 
young man. 

Gideon L '12 and Edna Landis Blough: 
To one student in each class, 
preference given to pre-theological 

Mary A. Bixler: For current tuition. 

I. T, Buffington: For current tuition. 

Benjamin and Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Scholarship Fund: Established by 
Hannah Sachs Cantor for current 

D. Clark and Edna]. Carmean '59: To 
outstanding freshmen. Renewable 
each year if students continue to 

Carmean Strings: Four scholarships, 
to qualified performers on the violin, 
viola, cello and string bass. 

Datatel Scholars Foundation: For 
current tuition. 

Derickson Fund: Preference to biology 

Dow Chemical Company Foundation: To 
entering freshmen chemistry majors 
whose goals are to continue their 
education through the Ph.D. level. 

Dowland-Martin: To students 
involved in campus, community and/ 
or church activities. 

William £. Duff: For current tuition, 

Cloyd H. Ebersole: To a sophomore or 
junior pursuing teacher certification. 

Estella C. Ellenberger: For current 

Samuel F. and Agnes F Engle: 
Preference given to a member of First 
Methodist Church in Palmyra. 

Esther and Paul Ensminger: To a 
junior for the junior and senior 
years; individual must be active in 
church or campus and off-campus 
organizations with a minimum GPA 
of 3.0. Preference give to education 

Fred Erdman Endowed Scholarship 
Fund: Established by Marty's Music 
Store and friends of Fred Erdman for 
music majors with a specialty of 
trumpet or coronet. 

Oscar Fisher Memorial: To help 
worthy students develop musical 
talents, preference given to those 
who expect to serve in Christian 

Thomas G. Fox Memorial: To a junior 
chemistry major. 

Elizabeth M. Gejfen (History): To a 
junior or a senior with at least three 
history courses at Lebanon Valley, 
with a GPA of 3.2 in each and 3.0 
overall, who has contributed 
significantly to the development of 
the department. 

Christian C. Gingrich, Almeda G. and 
Harry M. Gruber: To student(s) 
demonstrating ability and character. 

Hazel W. and Martin L Gluntz 
Memorial: To a chemistry major who 
participates in a college athletic 

The Arthur and Frances Goldberg 
Scholarship: Established by Hannah 
Sachs Cantor in honor of Arthur and 
Frances Goldberg. 

Gossard, Plitt and Monteith: To a 
student from Annville with financial 
need or to a college athlete. 

Mary E. McCurdy Graham '30 Fund: 
To two high school seniors who plan 
to major in biology (or pre-health or 
forestry), with minimum 1150 on 
the SATs and in the top 10 percent of 
high school class. 

Margaret Verda Graybill Memorial: 
To a worthy female student, 
"not necessarily noted for brilliant 
scholarship but a thoroughly 
worthwhile girl." 

Peter Graybill: For current tuition. 

Jacob F Greasley: For current tuition. 

Grimm-Shirey: To a student with a 
good academic record, involved in 
campus activities and respected by 
students and faculty. 

Hilda Hafer: Preference given to a 
student preparing for the ministry 
or missionary work from the First 
United Methodist Church of 

Rebecca 5. Harvey: To senior(s) for 
current tuition. 

Alice M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

J. M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

Bertha Foos Heinz: For current tuition. 

Harvey E. Herr Memorial: For current 

June E. Herr '34: To student(s) from 
sophomore, junior or senior class 
intending to enter elementary 

Edwin M. Hershey: For current tuition. 

Hollenbaugh Biology Leadership: For 
biology major, Presidential 
Leadership Award. 

Hollenbaugh Chemistry Leadership: 
For chemistry major, Presidential 
Leadership Award. 

Merle M. Hoover '06: To students 
from Franklin County or foreign 

Dorothy Yeakel Horn '39: To junior 
music major. May be continued for 
senior year. 

Cora Appleton Huber: Based on 
character, personality and intellectual 
ability Preference given to history/ 
political science/pre-law majors. 


All-American point guard 
Mike Rhoades '95 completed 
a storied four-year career by 
becoming the college's 
all-time scoring {2,050 
points) and assist (668) 
leader. Rhoades led his team 
to Lebanon Valley's first 
national championship in 
1994; to Middle Atlantic 
Conference championships in 
1994 and 1995; and to NCAA 
playoff berths in 1993,1994 
and 1995. During his time, 
Rhoades was USA Today 
Player of the Year and a 
National Basketball Coaches 
Association first-team 
member. Rhoades never 
missed a start in 1 14 games 
for Lebanon Valley over the 
past four seasons. This past 
May, the college officially 
retired his jersey. No. 5. 

Judge 5. G Huber: Based on character, 
personality and intellectual ability 
Preference given to history/political 
science/pre-law majors. 

Henry S. Immel: To a worthy young 
man preparing for the United 
Methodist ministry or one who shall 
devote his life to the betterment of 

Henry J. and Anna S. Kaufman and 
Family: For current tuition. 

Dorothea Killinger: To young women 
from Lebanon County (or the State 
of Pennsylvania). 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 41 

Rev. and Mrs. J. E. and Rev. A. H. 
Kleffman: For current tuition. 

Aaron Shank Kreider Ministerial: To a 
student who intends to enter the 
United Methodist ministry; 
preference given to the Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference. 

The Professor D. Albert and Mrs. Anna 
Forney Kreider: Priority given to 
physics majors. 

W E. Kreider: For current tuition. 

Amy Snavely Kreiser: To a senior in 
good academic standing who has a 
high moral character. 

Krciser-Snavely-Pfeiffer: To a woman 
entering her senior year and 
majoring in chemistry, biology, 
physics or mathematics. 

Maud P. Laughlin: To a junior or 
senior majoring in social studies. 

Lebanon Area Personnel Association: To 
junior or senior management major. 

Lebanon Steel Foundry Foundation: To 
student(s) demonstrating ability and 
high character. Priority to manage- 
ment majors. 

Rev. Christian Risser Longenecker 
Memorial: To junior p re-ministerial 
student. Renewable for the senior 
year if the student qualifies. 

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Lorenz: For 
current tuition. 

Mrs. Edwin M. Loux (Sivilla Fritz 
Loux): For current tuition. 

Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz: To 
students from the Cocalico School 


Dr. George R. Marquette '48: For 
current tuition. 

William]. McGill, Sr.: For current 

F. Clint McKay Memorial: To provide 
aid to Black American students. 

Bizabeth H. Millard Memorial: To a 
pre -ministerial student. 

Margaret S. Millard Memorial: To a 

Harry E. Miller. For current tuition. 

Rev. Joseph H. Miller Memorial Sacred 
Music: To students studying organ. 

Leon W and M. Anna Miller; To pre- 
ministerial students. 

Wade S. and Jennie Shoop Miller; For 
current tuition. 

Bishop J. S. Mills: To a student 
preparing for work in the United 
Methodist Church. 

Germaine B. Monteux Memorial: To a 
music student or other student 
involved with the music department. 
Renewable for up to three years. 

J. Maxwell Moran: For students in need. 

Allan W Mund, Jr. Memorial: To a 
junior. May be continued for the 
senior year if the student qualifies. 

Laura Reider Muth 1892 Memorial: 
For current tuition. 

Neidig Scholarship for Chemistry: To a 
student majoring in chemistry or 
biochemistry. Renewable for up to 
four years. 

North Lebanon Scholarship: To a 
student from Northern Lebanon 
High School. Renewable for up to 
four years. 

Arthur L. Peterson Leadership: To the 
student who best exemplifies 
qualities of leadership, scholarship 
and caring concern for others. 

Rev. H. C. Phillips: To students pre- 
paring for the ministry in the United 
Methodist Church; preference given 
to those from the Philadelphia area. 

J. Allan Ranck Memorial: To a junior 
pre-ministerial student. 

Ruth Detweiler Rettew '1 1 and Donald 
Rettew '45 Memorial: To student(s) 
designated by the chairperson of the 
Department of English and the 
director of Financial Aid. 

Robert C and Ruth R. Riley '40: To an 
upperclass student who has completed 
Accounting 161/162 and Economics 
1 10 and 120 with a "B" or better. 

Emmett C. Roop '03: For current 

Mary Sachs Foundation: To a woman 
management major. 

Kathryn Witmer Sandel '34: Eligible 
candidates are to be of good 
character, good academic standing 
and must demonstrate financial need. 

Stephen Sanko Fund: To a junior pre- 
medical or biology major who is on 
the wrestling team. 

Jan Garber Schoch 72 Memorial: To a 
student who plans to make teaching 
a career. Preference given to a major 
in elementary education. 

Harvey L Seltzer: For current tuition. 

Bishop Paul E. V Shannon '18: 
Preference to a pre-ministerial student. 

Rev. Byron W Sheetz '28 Memorial 
Scholarship: Established by the 
former members of Trinity United 
Methodist Church, Reading, upon 
dissolution of the church. 

Alvin E. Shonk '16: For current tuition. 

Sierra Leone: To assist students from 
Sierra Leone. 

Snavely-Wheeler-Entwisle Scholarship 
Fund: For current tuition with 
preference to students entering 
missionary service. 

The Morton and Alyce Spector 
Scholarship: For students majoring in 
the humanities who have a special 
interest in the historical and ethical 
dimensions of religious diversity and 
ethnic tolerance. 

Mary Ann Ocker Spital: To assist male 
students whose intention it is to 
pursue religious or altruistic goals. 

Rev. and Mrs. Cowley H. Stine: To a 
student preparing for the Christian 
ministry or missionary service. 

Alfred D. '1 1 and Louise Kreider 
Strickler '08: To a pre-medical student. 

Martha Ross Swope '48 and John E 
Swope '42: To a student of Lebanon 
Valley College having financial need 
and who exhibits the characteristics 
of leadership, scholarship and good 

C. E Joseph Tom Fund For Economics: 
To promote and attract more 
students into the field of economics. 

Perry A. and Laura B. Tshop Memorial: 
For current tuition. 

Theresa Stefan Umberger '38 and 
Helene Siegrist Umberger '25: To an 
outstanding junior or senior with 
preference to students of French, 
German, mathematics or physics. 

Robert L. Unger '69 and Elizabeth 
Robinson Unger 72: To a junior on 
the basis of financial need and 
scholastic achievement. 

United Methodist Church-Ministerial 
Scholarship Trusts: To students 
who are members of the United 
Methodist Church. 

United Methodist Women, Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference: Awarded on 
the basis of financial need, church 
involvement, academic performance 
and potential. 

Scott A. Wallace Memorial: To a 
returning football player in satis- 
factory academic standing. 

Henry L Wilder '12: To students 
desiring to enter church service. 

Ruben 0. and Barbara P. Willman: To 
a student of business, management, 
economics or pre-ministerial studies. 

Henry T Wilt '26 Memorial: For 
current tuition. 

Gerald S. Wingenroth '58 Scholarship 
Fund: For current tuition. 

Jacob C Winter Memorial: Preference 
to a student from Red Lion, 

Edwin H. '17 and Jesse 0. '19 Zeigler: 
To a rising junior who is preparing 
for a teaching career. 


Bradford C Alban '60 Memorial Fund 

American Chemical Society Award: 
To an outstanding senior chemistry 

American Institute of Chemists Award: 
To an outstanding senior chemistry 

Baish Memorial History Award: Given 
on basis of merit to a senior 
majoring in history. 

Andrew Bender Memorial Chemistry 
Award; To an outstanding senior 
majoring in chemistry. 

B'nai B'rith Henry Levin Memorial 
Americanism Award: To the member 
of the senior class who best 
exemplifies the philosophies of our 
American democracy. 

Biological Scholarship Award: 
Annually, on basis of merit. 

Alice Evers Burtner Memorial Award: 
Awarded to an outstanding member 
of the junior class, 

Oliver P. Butterwick '12 Philosophy 
Award: For outstanding achievement 
in the study of philosophy. 

Childhood Education Club Award: To a 
student majoring in elementary 
education who has completed one 
semester of student teaching. 

Class of 1964 Award Fund- 
Quittapahilla: To outstanding 
yearbook staff members. 

Robert A. Clay Award in Sociology and 
Social Work: To a rising senior 
displaying academic promise in 
sociology or social work, as well as 
service to the community. 

Robert S. Davidon Award for Research 
in Psychology: To a student with the 
best research in psychology. 

Senator James J. Davis Award 

Mary A. Dodge Loan Fund 

Governor James H. Duff Award: To a 
senior who by participation in 
campus government demonstrates 
facility and interest in government 

Daniel Eberly Student Loan Fund 

Martha C Faust Award: To an 
outstanding senior woman. 

Howard Hoy Fawcett Chemistry Book 


Freshman Achievement Award in 

Pierce A. Getz '51 Award for Sacred 
Music: To the outstanding sacred 
music major. 

Glant-Gibson-Glunt Educational Loan 

Barbara June Kettering Award: To a 
music major. 

Florence WolfKnauss '07 and Edward 
E. Knauss '07 Memorial Award in 
Music: To an outstanding freshman 
music major. 

La Vie Collegjienne Award Fund: To a 
freshman on the staff of the 

Max F Lehman Memorial Mathematics 
Award: To the freshman who has 
attained the highest standing in 

The Esther and Frank Ligan Fund: 
Student loan fund. 

David E. Long '00 and Abram M. Long 
'1 7: To an outstanding student 
preparing for the ministry. 


Jean O. Love Award for Outstanding 
Achievement in Psychology: To the 
outstanding senior psychology major. 

Mathematics Achievement Award: To a 
sophomore for the best work in 
mathematics throughout the year. 

Medical Scholarship Award 

Elizabeth May Meyer Award: To a 
pianist with high academic standing. 

Harry K. Miller International Student 
Loan Fund: Recipient must be a 
student from a developing country 

Edith Frantz Mills Award in Music: To 
an outstanding senior music major 
with vocal excellence. 

Deborah Moore '76 Memorial Award in 
Music: To an outstanding junior 
music major whose area is a 
woodwind instrument. 

Robert A. Nichols, III '41 Memorial 
Scholarship Award: To an outstanding 

Dr. Agnes Boyle O'Donnell Literature 
Award: To an outstanding English 
major with a deep appreciation for 

Outstanding Achievement in Biblical 
Studies Award 

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science 
Award: To a senior in the Mathemati- 
cal Sciences for exceptional 

Outstanding Senior in Computer 
Science Award 

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics 

Pennsylvania Institute oj Certified 
Public Accountants Award: To an 
outstanding senior accounting major. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement 
Award in Economics: For outstanding 
scholarship in economics. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement 
Award in Management: In recognition 
of outstanding scholarship in 
accounting or management. 

Physical Chemistry Award: To a junior 
or senior with the best performance 
in physical chemistry courses. 

Physics Achievement Award 

Pickwell Memorial Music Award: To a 
junior music major with outstanding 
piano ability 

Pi Gamma Mu Scholarship Award: To 
an outstanding senior member of the 
Pennsylvania Nu Chapter. 

Psycholo^ Department Award for 
Science: To a senior psychology 
major for outstanding contribution 
to the field. 

Psychology Department Leadership 

Quittapahilla Audubon Society Award: 
To a biology major with financial 
need and dedication to nature and a 
healthy environment. 

William Rakow '39 Memorial Award in 
Management: To an outstanding 
upperclass management major. 

G. A. Richie Memorial Ministerial 
Scholarship Award: To a major in 
religion and philosophy 

M. Claude Rosenberry Memorial 
Award: To an outstanding senior in 
music education who is entering the 
teaching field. 

Reynaldo Rovers Memorial Award: To 
an outstanding voice major in the 
music department. 

Richard B. Salzer '83 Memorial Award: 
Formerly the Alpha Psi Omega Award 
for Service to the Dramatic Arts. 

Senior Prize in English 

Conrad M, Siegel Actuarial Examina- 
tion Prize: Awarded semi-annually to 
the student with the highest passing 
score on an exam beyond the first 

Sigma Alpha Iota Award: To the 
outstanding senior of Delta Alpha 

Sigma Alpha "College Honor" Award: 
Awarded to a member of Delta Alpha 
Chapter on the basis of scholarship, 
musicianship and fraternity. 

Sigma Alpha Iota-Delta Alpha Chapter 
Award: To an outstanding sophomore 
or junior woman majoring in music. 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate 
Award: To a senior music major with 
the highest scholastic average over 
the four years. 

Robert W. Smith '39 Award in Music: 
To the outstanding male freshman 
music major. 

Sophomore Achievement Award in 
Chemistry: To a sophomore in 
recognition of outstanding work in 

Frank Stachow Memorial Award: To 
the outstanding male woodwind 

Teutonia Vallis Award: To an 
outstanding senior majoring in 
German or international business 
with a concentration in German. 

Wall Street Journal Award: For 
distinguished work in the Depart- 
ment of Management. 

Francis H. Wilson Biology Award: To 
an outstanding senior biology major. 

Merle L Wise '53 Memorial Service 
Award: To a rising senior who has 
demonstrated outstanding leadership. 

Women's Club of Lebanon Award: To a 
full-time student from Lebanon 
County, awarded on the basis of 
financial need, scholarship and 

Book Fund 

Marion Snavely Ellenberger '42 
History Book Fund 

Howard Hoy Fawcett 
Chemistry Book Fund 

Edith Kreiser Probus *46 
Plant Science Book Fund 

Lottie J. Snavely 76 

English and Communications Book Fund 

Planned Giving 

The Honors Society 

The Honors Society of Lebanon 
Valley College was established 
on March 15, 1987, to recog- 
nize alumni and friends who 
have planned for the future by 
naming the college in their will 
as a beneficiary for $10,000 or 
more, or by purchasing a 
charitable gift annuity estab- 
lishing a charitable remainder 
trust or giving real estate or 
insurance policies to the 
college. This group has pledged 
over $5,000,000 for future 
buildings, scholarships and 
endowment to assure the well- 
being of Lebanon Valley College. 

John B. Allwein, DDS, '56 

Margaret Fake Anders '50 

Ellen H. Arnold 

Mary Albert Attick '40 

Sylvia Evelev Baker 36 

Ethel A. Beittel 

Louise E. Bishop 36 

Salvadore and Winona Shroff Botello 

Norman Campbell 
Hannah Sachs Cantor 
Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
Richard F Charles 
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Christman 
Samuel "Sammy" K. Clark '27 
Mary Blanche Cochran 30 
John C. Cousler 
Betty Rutherford Daiber '41 
Dr. Hilde M. Damus 
Nancy and James J. Davison 
Mary E. Dellinger 
Joseph B. Dietz '60 
Kenneth Cassel Donmoyer '54 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth 33 
Rachel Heindel Fink 24 
Eugene C. Fish 
James T. Frantz, Jr. 33 
Sara Ann Frantz 
Christopher A. K. Frye '90 
Eugene R. Geesey '56 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Gerard M. Gert'41 
Donald S. Gingrich '52 
Darwin G. Glick '58 
Elizabeth Speicher Glick '58 
Karen McHenry Gluntz '82 

Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 

The Rev. Dr. Thomas W 39 and 

Irene Guinivan 
Robert E. Harnish 
Anna Mary Herr 36 
June E. Herr 34 
Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
Ruth C. A Keene 39 
Johann L. Klick '45 
Dorotha Eldridge Kline 31 
June Lykens Lantz '57 
Wilbur Franklin Lantz '57 
Malcolm L. Lazin '65 
Cora Graby Limmroth 39 
William J. and Ellen McGill 
John A. McKenzie '53 
Dr. Carl S. and Lois J. Miller '42 
Mabel Jane Miller '41 
Virginia C. Miller 
James and Louise Mitchell '58 
Allan and Irma Mund 
Dr. Frederick W 32 and Helen L. Mund 
Dorothy H. Musser 
Mildred E. Myers 30 
Mrs. E. E. "Hook" Mylin 
Dr. H. Anthony '43 and Helen Neidig 
Mrs. Harry Newcomer 
Grant T. Nicholls '69 
John F. Onofrey '64 
Dr. Sara Elizabeth Piel 
Yvonne L. Raab '45 
George M. Reider, Jr. '63 
Thomas and Polly Reinhart '58, '57 
Bruce R. and Janet L. Rismiller '59, '59 
Charles W Salisbury '81 
Victoria L, Salisbury '82 
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P Sample '52 
John A. Schochjr. 72 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 35 
Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder '41 
Alfred E. Stevens '42 
John A. and Glenda Synodinos 
Evelyn Toser '52 
Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 33 
William Jay VanEtten, 111 '86 
John C. and Diane Vaszily '66, *69 
David Wallace '50 
Jeanette Sprecher Walter 
Judge John Walter '53 
Pat Lutz Walter '57 
Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger '44 
James A. Wilhelm '50 
Marion Geib Wilhelm '49 
Gerald S. Wingenroth *58 
Charles W Wolfe '44 
Suzanne H. Worrilow, M.D. 

Membership in the Honors 
Society shows a farsighted 
commitment to future genera- 
tions of Lebanon Valley College 
students. For details on how to 
become a member, contact Paul 
Brubaker, Director of Planned 
Giving, at (717) 867-6324. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1994-95 43 


Edward H. Arnold, B.A., L.H.D.; 
Chairman and Chief Executive 
Officer, Arnold Industries, Inc. 

Katherine J. Bishop, B.A., 
M.B.A.; President, Lebanon 
Chemical Corporation 

Patricia D. Brown, B.A., M.Div, 
D.A. in Education; Director of 
Spiritual Nurture, Central 
Pennsylvania Conference 
Council on Ministries, United 
Methodist Church; 

Donald M. Cooper; Chairman, 
Lancaster Health Alliance; 
Chairman and Chief Executive 
Officer of Hessian Co. Ltd. 

Wesley T. Dellinger, CRS, GRI, 
CSP, 75 B.S.; Realtor, The 
Prudential Gacono Real Estate 

Ross WFasick,'55B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Retired Business Executive, 
E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. 

Eugene R. Geesey, '56 B.S.; 
President, CIB Inc. 

Darwin G. Glick, '58 B.S.; 
President, Glick, Stanilla and 
Siegel, C.RA. 

Martin L. Gluntz, '53 B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Vice President, Technical 
Services, Hershey International 
Division, Hershey Foods 

Elaine G. Hackman, '52 B.A.; 
Retired Business Executive 

A. L. "Jim" Hanford, III, B.A.; 
Owner/Operator, Ladd Hanford 
Motors, Inc; President, Photo- 
graphic Rotary Screen Co. 

Bryan V. Hearsey, B.S., M,A., 
Ph.D.; Professor of Mathematical 
Sciences, Lebanon Valley College 

Wendie DiMatteo Holsinger, 
B.A., M. Ed.; Chief Executive 
Officer, ASK Foods, Inc. 

F. ObaiKabia,73B.S.,M.P.A.; 
Logistics Officer, Department 
of Peacekeeping Operations, 
United Nations 

Erich G. Linker, Jr., 70 B.S., 
M.B.A.; Marketing/Vice President, 
The New York Times 

Board of Trustees 

Lebanon Valley College 


Thomas C. Reinhart '58 Chairperson 

Edward H. Arnold Vice Chairperson 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 Vice Chairperson 

E.D. Williams, Jr Vice Chairperson 

Harry B. Yost '62 Secretary 

Andrea E Bromberg Assistant Secretary 

Deborah R. Fullam '81 Treasurer 

Harlan R. Wengert Assistant Treasurer 

Allan W. Mund Chairperson Emeritus 

F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 Chairperson Emeritus 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 Chairperson Emerita 

Alfred S. Maloney, B.S. M.A., 
M. Div; Clergy/Director, Office 
of Metro Ministries, E.RC. 

Brian R. Mund, B.S., M.B.A.; 
President, Surphratt Investments 

Thomas C. Reinhart, '58 B.S. ; 
President, T.C.R. Packaging, Inc. 

Stephen H. Roberts, '65 B.S., 
President, Echo Data Services, Inc. 

Benjamin K. Ruby *96; Student, 
Lebanon Valley College 

Gail A. Sanderson, B.A., M.B.A.; 
Assistant Professor of Account- 
ing, Lebanon Valley College 

Conrad M. Siegel, FSA, B.Com, 
M.S.; Consulting Actuary, 
Conrad M. Siegel, Inc. 

Morton Spector, Chairman of the 
Board and Treasurer, D & H 
Distributing Company 

John A. Synodinos, B.S., 
M.S.Ed.; President, Lebanon 
Valley College 

Susan E. Verhoek, B.A., M.A., 
Ph.D.; Professor of Biology, 
Lebanon Valley College 

John Walter, '53 B.S.J.D.; 
President Judge, Lebanon 
County Court of Common Pleas 

Albertine P. Washington, B.A.; 
Elementary Teacher, Lebanon 
School District 

Harlan R. Wengert, B.S., M.B.A. 
D.Sc; Chairman of the Board, 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 

E.D. Williams, Jr., L.H.D.; 
Private Investor 

J. Dennis Williams, B.A., M.Div, 
D.Min., D.D.; Senior Pastor, St. 
John's United Methodist Church 

Samuel A. Willman, '67 B.S., 
M.Com.; President, Delta 
Packaging, Inc. 

Harry B. Yost, Esq., '62 B.S.,LL.D., 
LL.M.; Partner, Appel & Yost 


William D. Boswell, Esq., LL.B., 
Ph.B.; Attorney, Boswell, Snyder, 
Tintner & Piccola 

Raymond H. Carr; 
Realtor/Commercial and 
Industrial Developer 

DeWitt M. Essick, 34 A.B., M.S.; 
Retired Executive, Armstrong 
World Industries 

Eugene C Fish, B.S.J.D., 
L.H.D.; Chairman and President, 
Peerless Industries, Inc.; 
Chairman of the Board, Eastern 
Foundry Company; Managing 
Partner, Romeika, Fish and 

Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq., B.A., 
J.D.; Attorney, Goldberg, 
Katzman & Shipman, PC. 

Thomas W Guinivan, '39 A.B., 
B.D..D.D.; Retired Pastor, 
United Methodist Church 

Paul E. Horn, '40 A.B., M.Div; 
Retired Pastor, United Methodist 

Gerald D. Kauffman, '44 A.B., 
B.D., D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church; Officer of the 
Courts, County of Cumberland 

Allan W Mund, LL.D., D.B.A.; 
Retired Chairman of the Board, 
Ellicott Machine Corporation 

HaroldS. Peiffer, '42 A.B., 
S.TM.,Th.M., D.D.; Retired 
Pastor, United Methodist Church 

Kenneth H. Plummer; Retired 
President, E.D. Plummer Sons, 

Jessie A. Pratt, B.S.; Retired 
Administrative Assistant, 
Sanctions Division, City of 

Ezra H. Ranck, A.B., B.D., D.D.; 
Retired Pastor, United Methodist 


Melvin S. Rife, Retired Executive, 
St. Regis Paper Company 

F, Allen Rutherford, Jr., '37 B.S., 
LL.D.; Retired Principal, Arthur 
Young and Company 

Daniel L. Shearer, 38 A.B., 
S.T.M..B.D..D.D.; Retired 
Pastor, United Methodist Church 

E. Peter Strickler, '47 B.S. ; 
President, Strickler Insurance 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger, '44 B.S., 
Ph.D., D. Sci.; Retired Chief of 
Carcinogen Metabolism and 
Toxicology Branch, National 
Cancer Institute 

Charles W.Wolfe, '44 B.A., 
M.Div; Vice President Emeritus, 
Bucknell University 


Felton E. May, B.A., D.D., 
M.Div; Resident Bishop of the 
Harrisburg Area, United 
Methodist Church 

Susan M. Morrison, B.A., M.Div, 
D.Min.; Resident Bishop of the 
Philadelphia Area, Eastern 
Pennsylvania and Peninsula- 
Delaware Conferences, United 
Methodist Church 

Anne B. Sweigart, B.S.; Chairman, 
President and Chief Executive 
Officer, Denver and Ephrata 
Telephone and Telegraph 

Company m 

Board members as of May 20, 1995